Trading on the Female Body

Trading on the Female Body November 16, 2013


What do you call doctors who run ads in college newspapers, on Facebook, etc, enticing young women to risk their health for money?

What do you call doctors who do this to sell these women’s eggs on the internet to the highest bidder to use in embryonic stem cell research or to create designer babies which they then sell for thousands of dollars?

This is not infertility treatment because the women in question are not infertile. It is a misuse of fertility drugs to hyper-stimulate a young woman’s ovaries far beyond what any fertility doctor would do. It is medicine without conscience, for profit and built on lies. The first lie is that young women can trust these doctors.

We’ve lived in a world where doctors use their powers to make people well rather than sick for so long that we just instinctively trust the white coat. But egg harvesting and surrogacy are breaches in that trust big enough to drive unnecessary deaths for the physician’s profit through.

What do you call doctors who deliberately make well people sick in order to rake in profits for themselves?

I think we should call them Mr, Ms or Mrs, as in someone who is no longer licensed to practice medicine.

Aside from the obvious misogyny of this practice, it does raise the question of whether or not anyone can trust their doctor if doctors start making well people sick to make profit.

The medical profession protects these parasitical doctors. The gay rights movement defends them by calling those who oppose them names (you should see my delete box.) Wealthy buyers of women’s bodies create television shows normalizing what is nothing more than a new form of prostitution and dehumanization of women. The feminist movement sold out women for abortion a long time ago. Elected officials bow down to the $$$ from the medical associations, the gay rights movement and the wealthy exploiters.

All the talk is about “families.”

But what about your family? What about your daughter?

In this, as so much else, you are going to have to protect your daughter alone, without the support of the powers that be, because the powers that be are busy elsewhere, raking in the cash that comes from farming your daughter’s body, compromising her health and fertility and endangering her life.

If you love your daughter, keep her away from this.

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11 responses to “Trading on the Female Body”

  1. After 21 a woman can chose to either participate or not in this activity. Personally I couldn’t do it, but unfortunately for some, the lure of the money (in some situations) makes it attractive. However I would think that after doing it once, with the preparation needed to “harvest” would make it something that one would not want to repeat!

  2. Pagansister, you are overlooking a couple of issues. I’ll just address one for now. It is — or it should be — medical malpractice for doctors to do this.
    It is misogyny that rises to the level of a human rights violation, but I will save that line of thought for another post.

    For now, I’ll say that egg harvesting, surrogacy and selling designer babies to the highest bidder is wholesale buying and selling of human beings.

    It is deliberately endangering patient’s lives and welfare, making well people sick, in order to rake in the profits for the doctors. These doctors lie and obfuscate about the risks. They flat-out, bald-faced lied to the legislature and the press about the risks here in Oklahoma. When they were confronted with facts from the medical literature, they just repeated the lies.

    I say lie and not mistake because that’s exactly what it was. They also lied about their own number of complications with these procedures. I know they lied, because I know women who suffered complications from these doctors who were claiming their patients had never had a complication.

    They were lying about risks of medical procedures and using advertising to recruit gullible young women to allow them to put them through entirely unnecessary and dangerous medical procedures to enrich themselves.

    As I said in the post, how can we trust our doctors if we allow them to deliberately make well people sick in order to increase their profits? If a doctor tells you that you need surgery, you need to believe that they are telling you the truth as they know it, not lying to you so that you’ll consent to dangerous, perhaps fatal, surgery that is totally unnecessary in order to make money for themselves.

    What I would like to do is simply treat this like similar medical procedures such as organ donation and take the money out of it. Stop paying women to donate eggs. Stop advertising in school magazines for young girls to allow you to harvest their bodies, regardless of the harm you do to them.

    Then, if you can talk them into it (while still telling them the risks and providing full concern for their safety including some serious follow-up and medical liability for their subsequent health problems and mortality) go ahead.

    Stop treating these girls like commodities. Treat them like patients. Which, of course, means you don’t farm their bodies for money and without regard for their welfare.

    There are other issues, but I’ll stop here for now.

  3. One other comment I would like to make is that the young girl who allows her body to be harvested in this way may well end up paying for it with a lifetime of medical problems, including infertility. That’s not talking about the vast amount of money it will cost her if she has serious immediate complications.

    Who pays for that? Right now, it’s not the people who use her eggs and it’s not the doctors. She does. I know for a fact that the doctors here in Oklahoma have obfuscated and lied about these risks, both to the girls and to the press and public as well.

    One simple way to dry this up (in addition to stopping the practice of paying women to harvest their bodies) might simply be to require long-term liability for the girl’s subsequent health problems for both the doctors and those who either buy the children that come from her eggs or the laboratories who use them for experimentation and embryonic stem cell research. Create a cause of action, and make it stick.

  4. You have much more background information on this than I do, Rebecca. I certainly appreciate you giving me the info. I agree that IF doctors wish to pursue this, they should give, up front, ALL the risks—and be honest. Sounds like, from your information, the “good doctor(s) lied to your government. However, I suspect that there will still be women who chose to do it. To be continued.

  5. You take the money out of it and the enticement will go away. All we have to do is make it illegal to pay women to undergo egg harvesting. I also think we need a strong cause of action. Those two things, and this pernicious exploitation of young women will stop. What’s missing are politicians with the guts to defy the $$$.

  6. Just a speculative question. Do you think that the practice would go “underground” if offering money were made illegal? Would it still be legal for a woman to have her eggs harvested for future use by herself and presumably a mate? No money except the fee to the doctor for removal and storing the eggs and then the future use which would be reinserting them after they were fertilized with hopefully the husband’s sperm . When abortions were totally illegal, one went “underground” if you will.

  7. I saw a documentary about people who need kidneys getting them from poor people in third world countries. It is illegal in the United States. It puzzles me that harvesting eggs isn’t considered the same thing.

  8. It wouldn’t affect what women decide to do with their eggs for infertility purposes. What I’m saying is not to make it illegal, but to make paying women to allow their bodies to be harvested illegal. That would stop the exploitation. Obviously, it would not apply to ivf and things of that ilk. Doctors don’t pay people to go through ivf. However, we do need to address the abuses in ivf where doctors use drugs to produce more eggs than is good for the patient or needed for her treatment and then sells the eggs.

    These docs who exploit their patients need to be shut down. At the very least they should not be allowed to continue to practice medicine. However, they are often regarded as community leaders.

    Of course, it has always been thus. Violators of whole groups of people’s human rights are often community pillars. Just look back in history.

    Frankly, the idea that we need to not make something this egregious illegal because it might go underground is counter-intuitive. You could apply that argument to any terrible thing people do to other people, from murder to human trafficking, to child sexual abuse to slavery.

  9. I tend to agree with you on this. Thank you for your patience. Honestly, I had not really put much thought to this. I think it is coming to the surface more as I think I saw a news spot recently on this subject—interviews etc. with a couple of women who have done this, with how much money they made. One woman said once was enough, the other? Was going to do it again. Both women young.

  10. What’s missing are politicians with the guts to defy the $$$.
    That’s a description of our whole age.