Do You Believe Jesus is Alive?

Do You Believe Jesus is Alive? December 15, 2013


Never forget that we are resurrection people.

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4 responses to “Do You Believe Jesus is Alive?”

  1. Foolishness. Utter foolishness.

    Like when Paul said that the cross is a stumbling block to the Jews and foolishness to the Greeks, we might as well say the entire non-Christian world.

    It is a foolish speech made by a foolish man.

  2. Bill you’re posting too many comments. I’m going to have to weed some of them out to keep the conversations from being overwhelmed. Take a breath, my friend.

  3. Is Jesus alive? Can anyone really answer that? His “life” is continued by those that believe that he is alive. It is, I guess, called “faith”. My problem is that i need concrete, and visual thus I have a hard time with the belief. Having said all that, if indeed what is taught by the Church is as taught, that is a good thing. (Rebecca, I corrected a mistype, so yes, this is the same comment, just bugged me that I found the mistype a couple of minutes ago—4 hours late! 🙂 )