Teacher Dismissed for Refusing to Allow Planned Parenthood in His Classroom

Teacher Dismissed for Refusing to Allow Planned Parenthood in His Classroom December 20, 2013

An Oregon teacher has been fired for refusing to allow Planned Parenthood in his classroom. It is important to remember that Planned Parenthood receives enormous amounts of government money for coming to schools to “educate” young people about their sexuality. Much of this money comes in the form of pass-through money from the Federal Government.

However, it is up to the state government to determine which contracts will be awarded.

Planned Parenthood also stands to receive huge financial benefits from Obamacare through block grants, again, for “education” in their ideas about sexuality.

This is indirect funding for abortion, since Planned Parenthood is the nation’s number one abortion provider.

From The Oregonian:

Bill Diss, the Benson High School teacher who had accused the district of retaliating against him for his pro-life views, was formally dismissed from the district.

The Portland School Board approved his firing by a 6-1 vote, with Steve Buel as the sole dissenter.

Buel said he did not agree with the process that led to the dismissal.

Liz McKanna, the attorney for Diss, said on Monday before the vote that they would “certainly” consider pursuing further legal action if he were fired.

Several supporters on Monday spoke up to defend Diss, attacking the board for pushing him out of the district. Others clutched “We Love Mr. Diss” signs.

Diss, who taught at the district for 11 years, had been placed on administrative leave in March. He had been suspended for “unprofessional, intimidating and/or harassing behavior,” according to documents from the district.

Diss challenged his dismissal Nov. 14 at a pre-termination hearing, where he insisted the district was unfairly targeting him. He also said they should have placed him on a plan of assistance before firing him.

Diss was reprimanded by the district in Sept. 2012 after he refused to allow employees of teenage pregnancy prevention initiative to speak to students because the employees were from Planned Parenthood.

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26 responses to “Teacher Dismissed for Refusing to Allow Planned Parenthood in His Classroom”

  1. In a letter from the district he provided to The Oregonian, officials say they suspended him in the past for multiple reasons, including “unprofessional, intimidating and/or harassing behavior.”

    I think he has to be aware of where he is and act professionally. We can’t hold others in a public school accountable to our religious beliefs. I doubt very much that he has a case.

  2. From the article:

    “Diss was reprimanded in September for stopping employees from giving a presentation about the program in his classroom, according to a letter he provided to The Oregonian. They eventually finished their presentation, but district officials said he interrupted them.

    In one of the suspension letters he provided, officials accuse him of trying to stop students from attending the program because of his religious beliefs, as well as telling students to “shut (their) mouths.”

    “(Students) also quoted you as saying, ‘they would end up on 82nd (Avenue) and that they kill over a million babies every three years,'” according to the letter, which was addressed from Principal Carol Campbell and Frank Scotto, human resources regional director.

    The letter included statements from another teacher in the classroom, who said Diss frequently yelled and confronted students.”


    I don’t know what I think about Planned Parenthood going into schools. Teenage pregnancy makes me hysterical. I’m very conflicted on the issue. It doesn’t seem like PP is doing anything to stop or limit teenage pregnancy as there are lots of teenage moms and lots of teenage abortions.

    Our schools have a sex ed program but nothing comes from PP. I have viewed the materials and think they are excellent. The materials stress over and over that you can get pregnant using birth control.

    I have a huge problem with a math teacher telling students they will end up killing babies no matter the context. I wish we had more details about how he interrupted PP’s presentation. It sounds like he exhibited inappropriate behavior.

    He’s a math, computer and study hall teacher. I don’t see any reason why he needs to discuss religion, sex or abortion in class. If a student starts it, shut them down. He needs to teach at a religious school if he can’t keep it to himself during school hours.

    I’d feel the same way about a teacher who said Catholics are nuts. There is no need for that in the public schools. If you want religion in school, then go to a religious school.

  3. “I have a huge problem with a math teacher telling students they will end up killing babies no matter the context.”
    I have a huge problem with PP entering schools and endorsing abortion. I and other Catholics pay taxes too and have rights. Many people can’t afford religious schools, so that comment at the end is rather insensitive. He may be a math teacher, but it seems to me he has moral virtue, and that is the principle thing I want my child to learn.

  4. I tend to agree with what you have said about his being a math, computer and study hall teacher, so why does he need to discuss religion, sex or abortion in his classes?

  5. My kids got the majority of their sex education at the church we attended—a UU congregation. PP had nothing to do with it, as we had several well qualified members who were willing to teach it in an environment of trust and openness. The parents were told exactly what would be discussed, etc. and of course, gave permission for their kids to attend. I honestly don’t remember if there was any of that taught in the Orlando public schools in the 1980’s. I know I never signed an OK for my kids to have PP come in to teach it or anyone else either, for that matter.

  6. Would it be okay if this teacher was one of the Catholics who is talking badly about the Pope? Would it be okay if the teacher was an atheist and said that all Catholics are bigots because of their views on gay marriage?

    You can’t have it both ways. There is no room in a public school for this kind of stuff.

    As far as being insensitive then I’m being insensitive to myself as there is no way my family can afford to send 5 kids through Catholic school and afford to eat.

  7. If he got good reviews for 11 years, and then the story about him suddenly changes now that there’s a public conflict, it seems more than likely that the changed stories are motivated by a desire to slander him in order to justify the behavior of those who fired him. It seems to me that 11 years would have been long enough for them to figure out that he was all these bad things.

    This is pretty much standard for what happens in these circumstances. The proof, in my opinion is in their written documents (reviews) rather than their gossipy attacks on his character now that it fits their agenda to make them.

  8. What are you trying to say in that first paragraph? How is that relevant to the argument at hand? Those issues have nothing to do with this.
    There is no room in any school for PP.

  9. Does PP talk about abortions? I don’t know. If a child asked about it, then they should be answered. I would hope that it would not be discussed as a method of birth control! If they are teaching the basics, “how babies are made etc.”, methods of birth control—pointing out that NOT having sex is the best method to avoid not only pregnancy but nasty diseases, I have no problem with it. If they were “pushing” abortions, yes I agree it should not happen. We are discussing high school kids, I think. Many already know the basics of how babies are made or think they do anyhow. Sex ed should be started way before high school. Middle school isn’t too soon these days, but actually, kids start learning almost from birth.

  10. The Catholic elementary school I taught in had a teacher teach sex education and it did include the use of condoms, if I remember correctly. This was to the older kids–7th and 8the graders. PP wouldn’t have been invited there for sure. :

  11. Sorry, I wasn’t clear. There isn’t any room in public schools for PP or teachers spouting their personal religious views.

  12. Not many folks could afford to send 5 children to any private school! I wouldn’t have been able to send 2 to a private school.

  13. Why would we need an organization as controversial as PP to discuss those things? I assume there are sex ed classes in the school. I had one in high school. For all I know they probably have sex ed in kindergaden these days. But PP clearly alienates a large segment (possibly half the country) of the population and should not be playing a role in education.

  14. No sex ed. in Kindergarten when I was teaching the little ones. Not part of the program. Why do we need an organization like PP to discuss those things? Guess there are some places/systems that do not wish to use one of their teachers for that purpose.

  15. Nah, they all have sex ed teachers. What are we paying teachers for? And even if true, then get someone who isn’t controversial as PP.

  16. The school didn’t handle it well, clearly, but being a PUBLIC school, receiving public money, they probably shouldn’t be doing a holiday choir just about christian god folk. Not smart.