Lock Up Your Babies and Little Old Ladies. It’s Killing Time in New Mexico.

Lock Up Your Babies and Little Old Ladies. It’s Killing Time in New Mexico. January 25, 2014




You know those magazine articles and internet blogs detailing the best places in America to retire?

You can take New Mexico off the list.

Judge Nan Nash, a family court judge from the New Mexico second judicial district, has decided it’s time to let New Mexico doctors legally kill their patients. Anyone with half a brain knows that, despite the judge’s contentions, that means primarily and mostly our old people.

You can read her findings here. If you do, you’ll notice that she makes quite a few unsupported assumptions to get to her conclusion, which is that doctors in New Mexico can now kill their patients.

You can dress it up all you want, but that’s what euthanasia is: A license to kill.

You can call it “mercy” and “compassion” and whatever nonsensical appellation you can dream up to hang on it. But it’s killing people who have become a “burden.”

I hesitate to reference Hitler, especially after my explication here, but sometimes, only a reference to one of the masters of Godless killing of the 20th Century fits the “progressive” things we are doing to ourselves in America today. Euthanasia of the sick and the elderly is just Hitler’s “solution” for what he called “useless eaters” one step removed.

Proponents of euthanasia describe a fantasyland world where we can give people the legal right to kill other people and it won’t ever be abused. They live in a world where euthanasia is palliative care to ease people out of the inhuman suffering that the same medical profession we are giving the right to kill them inflicted on them in the first place. They erect all sorts of pretty little fences around their medical killing fields, and then pretend that those fences actually serve to keep the killers out.

But the truth of the matter is that human beings will kill with impunity if you allow them to kill at all. The line between a doctor and a killer is the law. Doctors have the power to kill their patents in a thousand unseen ways. They do it by accident all the time. They always, from the time you submit yourself to their care, have the power to kill you.

But when we blur the lines around how they can use that power to allow them to deliberately and willfully kill their patients in one little “extreme” instance and another instance and another one over there, we have opened the door to the idea that it is permissible for doctors to kill their patients.

All the pretty little legal fences in the world cannot undo the bedrock change in philosophy and attitude that comes riding in on that permission. After you break down the barrier between healing and killing of patients, everything else is fine print.

I say this as someone who is “burdened” as the world sees it with an elderly parent: You don’t have to kill people. All you have to do is love them and take care of them. Life is worth living, even at its twilight. People are precious, even when they can’t do anything for us anymore and we have to do for them.

Every human being is made in the image and likeness of God Almighty and, with the single exception of self defense, you may not kill them. 

Human life belongs to God. It is His to give, and His to take. It is ours to live.

What a bunch of inhuman monsters we have become that our society allows this.

I could go off into long-winded explanations as to why euthanasia is wrong and unnecessary and (dare I say it) a mortal sin that can get you sent to flaming hell for eternity. I’ve done it before. And I imagine I’ll do it again.

But for today, I’m doing to repeat one statement that I think says it all:

What a bunch of inhuman monsters we have become.

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20 responses to “Lock Up Your Babies and Little Old Ladies. It’s Killing Time in New Mexico.”

  1. I don’t see how this judge even has jurisdiction to rule on this suit, because the plaintiff is requesting the right to euthanasia IF her cancer recurs AND it is diagnosed as terminal. In other words, the judge is ruling on a question that doesn’t currently exist and may never exist. Which would mean that this decision can’t be enforced and won’t stand up to a legal challenge. (Which raises the question of what the judge expects to achieve with this ruling.)

    • virtually everyone has the means at hand to take their own life, especially those on hospice who have almost unlimited access to the drugs to carry it out. The fact that they want society to give them a legal blessing in no way justifies a law to help them achieve their goals.

      The plaintiffs in this case say it all. I’m sure they found a way to insure the right judge heard the case as well since they are too smart to waste their money and further chances on an unacceptable outcome. Our legal system has become corrupt.

      • I agree, one can choose to end their own life nearly any time they wish, in all but the most extreme circumstances, and those already terminal have some of the easiest options already in their power to utilize. No, it doesn’t take a law to make it possible for someone with a supply of morphine/opiate/opiods to take it ALL at once and suppress their cardiovascular system and thus stop their own life. So, really, I think it comes down to two things: wanting to convince themselves they are making an honorable/okay decision to kill themselves (and mistaking legal acceptability with moral acceptability); and they personally lack the mental/emotional strength of conviction (possibly in part due to suspicion that this ISN’T a good choice!) to take the steps themselves TO kill themselves and so they need to have a “trigger man” who can do The Deed for them. 🙁

  2. Part of our Prolife pilgrimage to DC featured tours of the Holocaust Museum. It’s very clear that many of the Third Reich arguments then mirror secular ones now regarding abortion and euthanasia. My daughter had epilepsy for awhile as a child. She would have been put in a camp and regarded as useless. She is a beautiful, smart and creative young woman. My mother has dementia and shines with Christ. One day while walking down the hall with her, she stopped in a frail elderly lady’s room and sweetly said , “let me hold your hand”… So beautiful! There’s more grace and value than we can ever fully comprehend.

  3. You are right, Rebecca. Just one thing. Standing between a doctor becoming a killer is not the law. Doctors disregard the law all the time, just like others. What stands between doctors and murderers is a moral basis and foundation, a basic respect for life, right and wrong, and even God. Moral and ethical formation is a foundation for everything.

  4. I just can’t understand this country any more. Am I living in the United States of America? What has happened? It’s like all these snooty radicals I used to debate have gotten their way: legalization of drugs, euthanasia, infanticide, gay marriage, legalized prostitution, and soon, just wait, polygamy. Sodom and Gamorrah is here and now.

  5. “Human life belongs to God. It is His to give, and His to take. It is ours to live.”

    That is an ideology. It is the person’s life, not that of an imaginary deity. If a cancer patient wants the right to control when and how she wishes to die, that is her call. Any good judge can see that.

    • Every single one of us has the power to kill ourselves Bill, It’s not a question of legal right. We have the power. What this decision did was give doctors the “right” to legally kill their patients. There’s a whole whale of a difference there.

      • People don’t need to be given the right to kill themselves but they do need their doctor to be given the right to assist them without being prosecuted for murder. I think it is a sound ruling and one that will be made elsewhere as well. It would be better to have laws regulating the practice as in Oregon and Washington. As it stands in New Mexico, there no safeguards under any law.

        • Very few doctors want anything to do with assisted suicide. They end up marginalized by their peers just like the ones who do abortions and the ones who write medical marijuana prescriptions for all and sundry problems. They soon find their practices limited to little else and they become pariahs. Thank God.

          • The Oregon Health Plan must meet the requirements of the affordable care act. I’m sure it covers more than what you claim it does.

            • The Oregon Health Plan falls under the Wyden Amendment, which says that any state that can cover more people is exempt from the requirements of the affordable care act.

              There have been numerous main stream media stories on the lack of coverage for potentially terminal illnesses since 2009.

  6. “Judge Nan Nash, a family court judge from the New Mexico second judicial district, has decided it’s time to let New Mexico doctors legally kill their patients.”

    I read the decision and I think it is well written and makes perfect sense. What is there about the decision that does not respect the plaintiff’s right to a dignified death should her cancer return and should she choose not to suffer unnecessarily or put her family through undue hardships?

  7. The Oregon Health Plan now only offers Euthanasia as a 2nd chance treatment for cancer. That’s right- if your doctor didn’t guess right and you spent all your money on a chemotherapy or radiation therapy that didn’t work, your only option left that the public is willing to pay for is 9 grams of rat poison.

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