Obama to Meet Pope. Will the Holy Water Boil Dry?

Obama to Meet Pope. Will the Holy Water Boil Dry? January 21, 2014

I used to joke that the reason I never took holy water to my office at the Oklahoma House of Representatives is because I was afraid it would boil dry in the elevator on the way up.

I have much the same whimsical opinion about the news that our president is going to be visiting Pope Francis in March. When our Catholic-Church-attacking President steps foot on Vatican soil, will the Holy Water in the founts boil dry?

I don’t know of an American president who has been as aggressively anti-Catholic as President Obama. From his HHS Mandate, to the government’s many moves  to close down Catholic adoption agencies, ministries to trafficked women and on to closing the American Embassy at the Vatican, this president has been an all-in anti-Catholic politician.

The fact that he’s got a Catholic Vice President and a Catholic Secretary of State, cheering him on, only makes the plot sicken.

Catholics who appear to take their moral guidance from the Democratic Underground, Daily Kos and the Christian-baiting atheist blogosphere seem to occupy all the Catholic-faith-based podiums in this country. From the Governor of New York and his prejudicial anti-life rants, to mush-minded Vice President Joe Biden and his revolving moral understandings, the big public voice of big public Catholics is a veritable Greek Chorus for the Church-is-wrong-long-live-relativism viewpoint.

The question is, do they speak for more than themselves and their upper crust cronies? Do they speak for the priests in Catholic parishes, the presidents of Catholic universities, and, maybe even more to the point, do they speak for pew-sitting Catholic people?

Based, completely unscientifically, on the comments I see here on Public Catholic, I’m guessing that the answer to that question is mixed. For some, absolutely not. For others, sometimes yes; sometimes no. We have the occasional blip of a commenter who is all in for the secular culture, but they are, at least in the Public Catholic universe, pretty much standing alone.

Personally, I think President Obama’s visit to meet our Pope is a good time for us to pray for the man. Who knows? Maybe God will get through to him.

It is also a good time for us to take a look at ourselves, as Catholics.

The real question, and the only question that any of us can answer with authority, is: Who do you follow?

Do you follow the fallen Catholics in high places who appear to have a total and absolute contempt for the requirements of our faith? Or, do you follow the Church, which has, in spite of the many failings of its clergy and people, held true to the teachings of the Gospels for 2,000 years?

When you die, who will say to you, You belong to me?

Will it be Jesus?


Will it be someone else?

If you want it to be Jesus, you need to follow the Church.

It is really as simple as that.


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19 responses to “Obama to Meet Pope. Will the Holy Water Boil Dry?”

  1. “Holy water boiled dry,” hadn’t thought about that. Smoking hole, yes. I do pray for him every day to know God and do the right thing.

  2. I’ll pray for him the same way I prayed for President Bush going to meet Blessed (soon to be Saint) John Paul The Great. I hope for a better outcome, but I’m not holding my breath.

    I’m also praying for the Holy Father to have the courage to mention that lifelong monogamous heterosexuals and the unborn children of the poor seem to have little to no place in America today.

  3. I’m willing to bet Obama will use this visit for his political purposes. How come he’s going to meet a popular Pope and when an unpopular Pope was there before this year there wasn’t a word from Obama about meeting him? Obama has a history of using Catholics to his advantage and then lying to their faces and stabbing them in the back with laws that are bitter – BITTER – for us to accept. Obama has been the most anti Catholic president in American history and it’s awefully hard for me to pray for him. But I will force myself to.

  4. Is he traveling on the Ides of March?

    When he met Benedict, I prayed he would engage his mind and absorb the wisdom in the document Benedict gave him…

    It’s understandable that he wasn’t well formed theologically but there really is no excuse for the public Catholics in his circle of influence…he is sooo lucky to have such an experience!

  5. Blessed John XXIII met Nikita Khrushchev, one of the worst persecutors in history – under his rule, things became WORSE for Christians than they had been under Stalin. And the holy water did not boil then. It is often the duty of the Pope to have dealings with people most of us would cross the road to avoid.

    (Sometimes it can get downright hilarious. Bismarck thought he’d take advantage of the provisions of the First Vatican Council to start an anti-Catholic movement in Germany and break the power of the Catholic Church. It was a total PR disaster and one of the worst mistakes of his life. Bismarck, to his political credit, knew when to abandon a failed policy; he sacked the underling who had actually been credited with the anti-Catholic legislation, and started a long march towards peace with the Papacy. And when, more than a decade later, he invited Pope Leo XIII to arbitrate on a colonial dispute between Germany and Spain, Pope Leo made the former persecutor a Papal Knight. Leo XIII was supposed not to have much of a sense of humour, but I can’t help feeling he must have been sniggerng to himself as he signed this decree.)

  6. What drivel. I’m sorry but this is just too much. O’Bama the biggest
    anti Catholic president ever? I think Catholic Charities might disagree
    given the increase in government funding they have enjoyed under this
    president…..some of it most certainly used to provide an alternative
    to abortion.

  7. Well, I do think he’s anti-Catholic, which is not something I say lightly. I don’t know enough history to know if he’s the most anti-Catholic president ever, but certainly within my lifetime.

  8. My own hope is that the meeting will be handled in the exact same manner as when Pelosi met the Holy Father. As I recall, she – and her family – were taken to him in a room without other people around, and there were no photos taken at all. Resulting in no photo that could be used as by her or her campaign coordinators. Of course, President Obama makes no claim to be Catholic, but even so I’d like there to be no photo-op photos available for distribution.

  9. I doubt if it happens that way CathyLouise. President Obama is a head of state. Congresswoman Pelosi is not. There are rules of protocol about these things that apply when two heads of state meet (the Holy Father is a head of state, as well.)

  10. It looks as if the POTUS might have to hear more than he likes. This is from a report about the French President on today’s Daily Telegraph website:

    The Pope received Hollande, the first avowed atheist president of France, with notable coldness, in a formal Vatican reception room rather than in his much simpler personal apartments, but this was less due to the President’s complicated personal life than to his social reforms.

    In less than two years, France has instituted gay marriage, made abortion simpler and is pondering a bill on euthanasia; more than 120,000 French Catholics had just sent a petition to the Pope begging him to express their distress, which he shares, to Hollande. Their half-hour talk mostly centred on the attacks against Christians in the Levant (which France can’t do much about) and in Africa, where she actually plays an important part.

    Well done, Pope Francis.