Abortions for Valentine’s Day. Gotta Love It.

Abortions for Valentine’s Day. Gotta Love It. February 11, 2014

I know what my husband is going to get me for Valentine’s Day.

I know because I told him what to get.

I’m no fool. I know better than to just send him off to wander around in a store and come back with a slow cooker or a set of wrenches or maybe a case of the real man’s answer to every question in life: WD40.

I’m not going to share my request on this blog.That’s between me and my guy. But one thing I will say is that it is not on the list of things that Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood, says that women want for Valentine’s Day. According to her, women need “really radical stuff” like

  • Preventive care
  • Birth control
  • Cancer screenings
  • Safe and legal abortion
  • Well women visits
  • Preventive care
  • Maternity care
  • Or, in other words, women need Planned Parenthood.

Before I jump off on the obvious. I’d like to point out a couple of things. First, this itty-bitty list is all that Planned Parenthood says that it does to earn the 4-5 hundred million dollars in tax payer funding that it receives each year. Second, several of the items on this list are duplicated. “Cancer screenings” and “preventive care/well women visits,” are the same thing.

So, if you reduce it down to what she’s actually claiming, Planned Parenthood itself admits that it provides (1) abortions, (2) pap smears, (3) birth control and (4) maternity care. I don’t know what kind of maternity care they are talking about. Is she claiming that women receive obstetrical care for the full nine months of pregnancy, as well as delivery care (including c-sections, blood transfusions, etc, if needed) and follow-up care for a couple of months afterwards?

That is what “maternity care” means to me. If Planned Parenthood provides this level of care, I am unaware of it. I did notice that “mammograms” were nowhere on the list, probably because Planned Parenthood’s repeated lies about this service have been exposed.

So, what does Planned Parenthood provide for all that money? Their primary business is the supply of dangerous chemical birth control and abortions, and they charge for those. They are not free to their patrons.

And, oh yes, they do a fair amount of lobbying, (paid for out of separate funds) participate in committees such as the one that gave us the HHS Mandate and provide huge amounts of “sex education” to public school students.

So. If women need Planned Parenthood for Valentine’s Day, then what they need is to be indoctrinated in Planned Parenthood’s notion of sexuality, then doped up on expensive and dangerous chemical forms of birth control with an abortion chaser, all to the tune of around half a billion government dollars.

I’m not going to tell anyone what I asked my hubby to get me for Valentine’s Day. But I will share this: It won’t kill anybody, and it costs a lot less than Planned Parenthood.

To see the full tweet Ms Richards sent, go to TownHall.com.

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9 responses to “Abortions for Valentine’s Day. Gotta Love It.”

  1. It seems that I have lived through a period of incredible change that began immediately following the conclusion of World War II. In my early years, there seemed to be order and conformity. Everyone seemed to agree on certain values, whether those values were fair and equitable to all segments of society or not.

    From that point forward, over the last 50 years, there had to be more change than in any half century prior to it. Maybe that is not a correct perception but it seems to look that way from here.

    I see the Kennedy assassination, the Vietnam War and the sexual revolution as a sort of opening of a Pandora’s Box. Maybe we can put Vatican II and the Civil Rights Movement in that box as well.

    As a result of the opening of that box, we actually need Planned Parenthood as much as we need a standing army. If we were given one glance at what this country would be like without it, we would understand why we need it, despite what moralists think about it.

    • What we need is a greater focus on God and family. It’s the only antidote to the narcissistic, consumerist, celebrity-worshipping culture that is destroying us.

    • Are you seriously claiming that the lack of Planned Parenthood would be equal to having the US invaded by a foreign power? Seriously?

      And, by the way, is it objectively “true” that we “need” Planned Parenthood, or is it just your subjective opinion?

      • No. That’s just hyperbole. What I mean to say is that the increase in sexual freedom has made it more necessary to have contraceptives and abortions as provided by a PP.

        It’s a subjective opinion of mine. I don’t know if it is an objective truth. It might be.

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