Pope Francis: A Church Without Nuns is Unthinkable

Pope Francis: A Church Without Nuns is Unthinkable February 8, 2014

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2 responses to “Pope Francis: A Church Without Nuns is Unthinkable”

  1. Yes, it is. But I find it interesting that carrying the message of Christ, seems to require a uniform of some sort. Clothes make the man. And the woman.

    It seems whenever I see a nun or a brother in plain clothes, they are teaching against the faith, just as when I see a lay person accept an invalid ordination, it is usually to teach against the faith.

  2. It is completely unimaginable. We have concentrated on the deminishing number of priests in recent years. We have made headway there, but now we have to concentrate on getting more women in religious life. We need more nuns! I want my son to have nuns as his teachers. No one beats the dedication and committment of Roman Catholic nuns. Just look back and count how many have been saints in the last hundred years.