Pope Francis and the Pentecostals.

Pope Francis and the Pentecostals. February 21, 2014

You may have already seen this. My fellow Catholic Patheosi have posted it here, here and here that I know of.

I’m posting here to make sure you have a chance to see it. This video gives us the complete Pentecostal service in which they played the Holy Father’s message. If you have time, watch it all the way through and be blessed.

This is wonderful. The Holy Spirit can do so much when He gets His hands on someone who will do what’s asked of them.

At this time when Christianity is under attack it is so important for us to stand together. God bless our wonderful Pope Francis and our Pentecostal brothers and sister in Christ.

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5 responses to “Pope Francis and the Pentecostals.”

  1. Rebecca,
    Thanks for posting the link to the video.

    I watched the segment with Pope Francis (starts about 30 minutes in) and it was a great blessing. His beautiful and moving comments on unity to this Pentacostal conference could just as well be addressed to many other “separated” groups within the Catholic church or throughout out Christianity. His emphasis on what we have in common (the uncommon love of Jesus for his creation) is central to Francis’ approach to his ministry.

    Dale M. Coulter, writing on the First Things blog (http://www.firstthings.com/blogs/firstthoughts/2014/02/we-know-pope-francis) provides some interesting perspective on how the Pope’s video presentation was arranged. Coulter noted that the conference was held by the “prosperity-preaching Word of Faith branch of charismatic Christianity…” and that Pope Francis was speaking to the group of ministers as a brother and in a simple manner. His desire was that through the joy of proclaiming Jesus Christ as the Lord of history, a desire to embrace one another as family might grow.

    Coulter goes on to say “That the pope would say this to a group of charismatic ministers in the United States is significant, all the more so since a pope who identifies so much with Il Poverello, Francis of Assisi, was speaking to a branch of the charismatic movement that emphasizes prosperity. It seems to me that Francis models for us how dialogue can move forward. It must begin with a mutual embrace that refuses to give in to stereotypes about the other. Yes, there are clear doctrinal differences, which Francis does not deny. His greeting, however, suggests that the hard task of finding common ground begins with calling one another brother and sister. Francis did not rush to offer a theological critique of the prosperity gospel although he certainly could have. Instead, he presented the option of moving closer theologically by mutual recognition and embrace.”

  2. I’m beginning to think there is something wrong with our Pope. For him to do something like this on a whim seems irresponsible. Did he think this through? Who are these people he just indebted himself to? The more I experience Pope Francis, the more uncomfortable I get with him.

    • I think what he did was wonderful Manny — and absolutely essential. Go up to the posts I did on euthanasia and polygamy and read the comments there if you want to see how completely the people of this age have fallen into every evil under the sun. Christians need to stand together against this.

      The Holy Spirit has given us the pope we need.

      • I’m not against standing together with our brothers in Christ. In fact I’m 125% for it. I would love to see unification where we can. The Program Manager in me bristles at someone doing something off the cuff without forethought or understanding of consequences. It was an impulsive, whimsical act. That’s what scares me about this Pope. There needs to be a plan and coordination. Here we are a week later, and that meeting has apparantly turned out to be meaningless. But if something public relations element went wrong, there could have been huge down side results. does the President of the US do things off the cuff on a whim, especially in international relations? The Pope is the head of a 1.2 billion member organization with lots of people looking to embarress the church every moment they can. He cannot go around doing things on a whim.

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