Georgetown University Students Hold “Choice Week” to Promote Abortion

Georgetown University Students Hold “Choice Week” to Promote Abortion March 28, 2014


Since we live in a world where the holy is us, and the moral is everybody doing whatever he or she wants, this makes a kind of sense.

Georgetown University, an ostensibly Catholic school, is playing host to its seventh annual “Choice Week.”

They planned to send a delegation to rally at the US Supreme Court in favor of the HHS Mandate. This year’s “Choice Week” theme has the catchy title “My Choice, My Choice. Events include “Queer Voices, Queer Voices.

The festivities will include a panel consisting of representatives from NARAL, the Religious Coalition for Choice and the Great American Condom Campaign.

H*yas for Choice, which is the group organizing this event, is not an officially recognized campus organization. It is partnering with other organizations that are officially recognized, such as GUPride. According to the H*yas for Choice Facebook page, the group hosted Catholics for Choice on the university campus proper.

I don’t know how others feel about it, but as a Catholic, I am ashamed of this school.

From Vox Populi:

Here’s a breakdown of Choice Week’s events:

Monday: HFC will be hosting Catholics for Choice, a pro-choice and dissenting Catholic organization, in ICC 116 at 7:30 p.m. “HFC co-sponsoring with religious organizations is a way for many of our members to reconcile their identity as a religious individual and as pro-choice,” Grace said. “We really want Choice Week to be an event for the Georgetown community at large. We recognize that there are many Catholic, pro-choice students at Georgetown, and we think that this event is a great way to bridge the divide between Georgetown as a religious institution and healthy dissent.”

Tuesday: HFC will be riding the Law Center shuttle at 7:55 a.m. to attend Planned Parenthood’srally at the Supreme Court while justices hear Hobby Lobby v. Sebelius, a case about whether employers can use religious beliefs to deny women birth control coverage. In the evening, HFC and GU Pride will host “Queer Voices, Queer Choices,” a panel on pro-choice and gay rights issues with representatives from NARAL, the Religious Coalition for Choice, and the Great American Condom Campaign. The panel will be held in Car Barn 204 at 8 p.m.

Wednesday: HFC will host a talk, “Democratic Women’s Political Voices,” in Walsh 392 at 7 p.m to examine the importance of women’s political voices in the pro-choice movement in light of new Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers laws across the country.

Thursday: Reproductive rights activist and Cornell MPA student Renee Bracey Sherman will host a workshop on how to talk about abortion to others and how to listen when others share their stories on abortion at Maguire 103 at 7:00 p.m.

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6 responses to “Georgetown University Students Hold “Choice Week” to Promote Abortion”

  1. The correct approach to stupid speech is counter speech. Someone should put up booths painfully rebutting, in great detail, every point the “choice” people try to make. And why is a gay thing “Queer Voices, Queer Voices” so intimately associated with the pro abortion position?

  2. It’s time for GU to be stripped of the Catholic label. I can’t imagine anyone at the university would care.

  3. There has got to be room for dissent in the Catholic Church since so many of its policies are controversial. The Pope and the Magesterium are made up of fallible men.

  4. Bill, as you well know, there is plenty of room for individual Catholics to exercise their individual thoughts. What you are wanting is for the Church to make “room” for mortal sins. This would be entirely irresponsible. The Church’s mission is to get people to heaven. Telling people that behavior that will send them to hell is ok because there are people who want to do these things and claim that they are ok, would be a massive injustice on the Church’s part.

  5. Wanna bet? There would be an earthquake. All the media would go hysterical – not just over there, in Europe too. You would have all the usual suspects and TV news items with pictures of medieval witch-burnings.

    But I agree. The Church ought not only to deprive Georgetown of the title Catholic, but to threaten with lawsuits for fraud and false advertising if they dare to use the word “Catholic” in any way of themselves. Enough is enough.

  6. With all the competition for students by private institutions of higher learning, ie colleges and universities, I feel that even those schools with religious affiliations need to offer or allow is perhaps a better word, these activities in order to help in getting students to fill their classrooms, since tuition etc. is NOT cheap in these schools. State schools are far less expensive. I imagine there are many non-Catholics attending this and other schools that are connected to the Church. I know the elementary school I taught in had many students that weren’t Catholic. One of my little ones was a Buddhist.