Newborn Baby Does Not Want to Leave Her Mother

Newborn Baby Does Not Want to Leave Her Mother March 10, 2014


My babies seemed to know me after they were born.

Right from the beginning, they preferred to be snuggled against me over any other place. I felt the same way.

This video records this beautiful phenomena.

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3 responses to “Newborn Baby Does Not Want to Leave Her Mother”

  1. My son clung to me for the first 18 months of his life. He cried if anyone, including his father, held him. I was a stay at home mom. With an older child (3) I had things to do with her also, so he had to be taken care of by others occasionally. He had been known to cry for 2 hours until I came back. At 18 months he finally realized other folks loved him too etc. He is now a very well adjusted man. No one has been able to explain his behavior. My daughter was just the opposite. She was happy with anyone holding her etc.