Voris Doesn’t Disrespect the Pope, Either

Voris Doesn’t Disrespect the Pope, Either March 25, 2014


I recently posted a statement that if you want to disrespect the Pope, you need to go to another blog. 

That post garnered quite a few complaints from would-be Pope dis-respecters, including attempts to get around it by use of innuendo and leading questions. It’s interesting how committed these people are to disrespecting the Holy Father.

Michael Voris of The Church Militant recently put up a YouTube video in which he addresses the same issue. It turns out that he doesn’t disrespect the Pope, either. I don’t agree with everything Mr Voris says, but he’s right-on about this.

Have a look.

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9 responses to “Voris Doesn’t Disrespect the Pope, Either”

  1. Nice video. I just had a coworker ask me why folks were criticizing the pope. She said “I really love him and for the first time am interested in religion and the catholic faith”. It’s been so much easier and engaging sharing the faith since God chose him. I don’t fully understand everything but I trust Christ when He said, “You are Peter and upon this rock I will build my Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail”.

  2. I don’t disrespect the Pope. I’m not sure I respect the Media-generated SuperPope.

    Which is weird because I grew up under a media generated super pope, who will become a Saint on Divine Mercy Sunday.

  3. Ken below mentions St. Catherine of Siena, my personal patron saint, who was not shy about telling the Pope where he was wrong. Where does the line cross between disagreement with the Pope and disrespect? I certainly don’t consider myself disrespectful. The only issue I can think of where I’ve disagreed with Pope Francis is on economics where i know the Pope’s understanding of economics is just flat out ignorant. Other than that I’ve pretty much agreed with him, though sometimes I’m left baffled as to his needing to correct himself repeatedly. Is that disrespectful?

    • I agree with you Manny about the economics. Rebecca is right though to advise and uphold speaking respectfully about Francis. It’s difficult but it calls for faith that the Holy Spirit is working through the Pope. I like to think that there is a message for me even in what he says about trickle down theories, etc and not worry too much about what other people take from it.

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