Chinese Christians Form Human Shield to Protect Church from Government Destruction

Chinese Christians Form Human Shield to Protect Church from Government Destruction April 11, 2014

Officials in China’s Communist government are denying that they are engaging in a campaign of systematic destruction of Christian churches.

They make this claim despite the fact that they have ordered the destruction of approximately a dozen churches. Churches in the Zhejiang province are reportedly facing either destruction or government-ordered removal of their crosses.

Christians who live in the province have responded courageously. They have formed human chains around the churches to prevent their destruction.

Even though officials deny a demolition campaign, the Communist Party’s provincial official in charge of religious affairs said publicly that the growth of Christianity was “too excessive and too haphazard.”

The interesting thing to me is how completely these government officials misunderstand the mustard seed of faith that is Christianity. It’s not now and never has been about church buildings. Christ grows in people’s hearts, not buildings.

They can tear down every church, and it will only serve to spread the Gospel further and faster.

From The Telegraph:

Communist officials in China have denied waging a “demolition campaign” against churches in the country’s most Christian regions, after reportedly ordering a dozen to be destroyed.

The churches – in the eastern province of Zhejiang – are currently facing demolition or having their crosses removed, activists claim. Other churches are said to have been ordered to make themselves “less conspicuous” by turning their lights off at night.

Local preachers accuse Party officials in Zhejiang, a wealthy coastal province, of “gross interference” in Church affairs and have urged them to abandon what they believe is an orchestrated campaign.

Last week, Christians flocked to the Sanjiang church in Wenzhou – a rich port city known as the “Jerusalem of the East” because of its large Christian community – after its demolition was announced.

Officials denied launching a church demolition movement.

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5 responses to “Chinese Christians Form Human Shield to Protect Church from Government Destruction”

  1. Those are true heroes! Here in our country we have Bishops who throw a nun under the bus for teaching Catholicism and there they stand to block communist domination. We should ship our Bishops over there to show them what real courage is like. (Sorry for picking on our Bishops. I’m not in a great mood today.)

  2. Communism isn’t known for being in favor of religion. Does anyone think that China has gotten that tolerant?

  3. This sounds as though the clash were local rather than nationwide. I have a friend who knows a lot about China, and his view is that officials prefer to pretend that nothing is going on, so long as they are not made to “lose face” – a central consideration for a Chinese local leader – by what they find aggressive and excessive Christian activities. In this case, the very size and shape of that cathedral is a challenge. I think it is the local party bosses, rather than the national leadership, who have decided to show the Christians who gives the orders in Zhejiang. And in the short run, they are likely to have their way. In the long… I think things will be different.