Mozilla CEO Steps Down Over Donating $1,000 for Prop 8

Mozilla CEO Steps Down Over Donating $1,000 for Prop 8 April 3, 2014

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Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich resigned from his position with Mozilla. He also resigned from his position as board member of the corporate foundation.

The crime which forced his resignation? He donated $1,000 to the 2008 campaign to pass Proposition 8.

Can you imagine if the shoe was on the other foot?

What if, say, a Vice President at a Catholic school was asked to resign because he had “married” his male partner in direct violation of the contract he had signed with the school; a school he presumably knew was Catholic when he went to work there?

These “haters,” meaning the Catholic school, would be lambasted, excoriated, picketed, petitioned and, of course sued.

But a private citizen who is the CEO of a publicly held corporation who exercises his free right to participate in a public election by making a legal donation of what, for him, is the minuscule sum of $1,000?



Not having it.

As Mozilla put it in its pretentious little press release,

Mozilla prides itself on being held to a different standard and, this past week, we didn’t live up to it. We know why people are hurt and angry, and they are right: it’s because we haven’t stayed true to ourselves.

We didn’t act like you’d expect Mozilla to act. We didn’t move fast enough to engage with people once the controversy started. We’re sorry. We must do better.

Mozilla believes both in equality and freedom of speech. Equality is necessary for meaningful speech. And you need free speech to fight for equality. Figuring out how to stand for both at the same time can be hard.

Our organizational culture reflects diversity and inclusiveness. We welcome contributions from everyone regardless of age, culture, ethnicity, gender, gender-identity, language, race, sexual orientation, geographical location and religious views.

Mozilla supports equality for all.

Yeah Mozilla, you support inclusiveness. And the Titanic sails into New York Harbor tomorrow morning.

The Mozilla in question is Mozilla Firefox.

You know.

The web browser that can be replaced by a whole host of other browsers.

The web browser I’ve deleted from my computer in the name of free elections.

This isn’t about gay marriage, per se. The computer I’m typing on is made by Apple, and they came out against Prop 8 on their web site. I never considered switching to another computer because of it. I didn’t agree with them about Prop 8, but it was their right to disagree with me and I knew it.

The issue here is the First Amendment right of Americans to petition their government, including by means of making donations to causes and issues they believe in, without fear of organized reprisals from a bunch of — here comes the word folks — haters.

This whole thing is getting awfully close to pressuring, bullying and threatening people about how they vote in an election. In fact, I’m pretty sure that if it wasn’t for the secret ballot, that’s exactly what the “equality” for us, “inclusiveness” for us, but not for anyone else crowd would be doing right now.

I am making a donation to the National Organization for Marriage after I publish this post. It’s a matter of protest in one of the two ways that I can protest. I’ve already done the other by removing Firefox from my computer.

If you want to harass me about it, you can find me at this blog, or just look for my name at the Oklahoma House of Representatives. If you do decide to harass me, you won’t get much for your time. You see, I don’t care.

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84 responses to “Mozilla CEO Steps Down Over Donating $1,000 for Prop 8”

  1. A perfect example of the free market at work. The gays and their supporters let Mozilla know that they were unhappy with a corporate decision and Mozilla responded.

    Never cross a gay person. They have a long memory.

  2. Now I am a small businessman, meeting with the free market at the sharpest of sharp ends, and I can tell you that the real free market is nothing like this. Blacklists are written for people who don’t pay or who steal your work. But when I do work for a Chinese translation agency, they don’t ask me what I think of China’s government or people. It would be silly anyway; I don’t think much of Egypt as a country, but one of my best and longest term customers is Egyptian – a perfect client, insists on high standards but pays on the nail and with no issues. That, sir, is the free market.

    However, there is another area of business of which I have heard a lot but which I have luckily met only once or twice in my life. What you describe is the mafia to the life.

  3. I saw this last night and was really angered. They are pushing Christians to the brink. As soon as i find a replacement (is Chrome just as good?) I am removing FireFox as well. Screw them.

  4. Well, we’ll have to have that same long memory. There is nothing like religion to lock in perceptions of people and companies.

  5. And it is only “discrimination” when it is done against them.

    The religious right boycotting Disney for gay days? That’s “freedom” at work.

  6. Sweetheart–you want to donate to NOM?
    Have at it. Just realize you’re throwing good money after bad. The war is over. Your side lost.

  7. And are apparently incredibly vindictive. To force a man from his job because he believes in traditional marriage? There is no evidence at all that this man ever treated any gay person other than correctly. To equate support of traditional marriage with hatred or discrimination against gays? Ridiculous. But that is the point. The gay marriage movement has moved into its ridiculous phase, where no one may ever say anything about homosexuality without a heavy price being paid. Think about that for a while. No one may criticize homosexuality, which is a sexual behavior. This is not racism, this is not sexism. This is sexual behavior. No one may criticize any sexual behavior anymore? Truly bizarre.

  8. It’s pure free market and marketplace of ideas from one end to the other in this case. Eich put his money where his beliefs were. So did Mozilla’s customer community, and so is Rebecca in her response. They are all perfectly legitimate exercises of free speech. Everyone has the right to take a strong stand on something and to back it with public action like spending. We all have the right to be free from government interference in these expressions. There is no right for people to play nice with the message or even the messenger, so long as it doesn’t turn criminal ie threats etc.

  9. I just went back to Safari, which is the free Apple browser that comes with every Mac. It”s really quite good. I don’t know if there is a Windows version or not. You might look.

  10. Precious one, you’ve already lost and you don’t even know it. You may think you’ve won the battle, but we already know we have won the war.

  11. Which is why you are scared of signing your posts with your real name. We terrified, quivering losers are not..

  12. Chrome and Safari are both quite good. Chrome takes up a ton of space and inevitably tends to involve you with all the other Google brands, but in itself that’s not a bad thing. Internet Explorer is bad news. I haven’t used Oracle in a while, but I used to like it. And it’s always better to have more than one browser.

  13. Your memory is not just long, it’s inaccurate. Forcing a man from the job he has earned is not the same as refusing to buy a brand that has behaved badly. You are not ruining anyone, just giving the company leadership time to think on their behaviour. But as you love the idea of your opponents being forced out of work, I dare say you will go on finding excuses for this sort of behaviour.

  14. You tempt me to one of those assessment of personality that I am not supposed to deliver. What is obvious from your reply – if it is honest – is that you have no idea what the free market is or does. A boycott NEVER takes any effect in 24 hours; not even a letter-writing campaign does. This was the gay mafia working behind the scenes, pulling strings with Mozilla directors and shareholders. The mafia usually gets what it wants in a great hurry, but you should not call it free.

  15. fredx2, many people think the donations to prop 8 were less about supporting traditional marriage and more about opposing non traditional marriage. Those are 2 different things. Imagine if you had donated $1,000 to prevent Jews from accessing a civil right that has been traditionally reserved to Christians, claiming “hey, I;m not ant-jewish, I’m just pro-tradition.”

  16. I think there are people who have no idea what can happen if you annoy the militant gay minority. I did so once, without the least idea I was, when I wrote a fan fic (that is a story featuring a known character or fantasy universe) featuring Harry Potter as an adult homosexual. Someone wrote a poisonous review, misrepresenting the story (Draco Malfoy – Draco Malfoy, I ask you! – was shown fantasizing that they could have won the war if they had known Harry was gay – and this idiot ascribed the idiotic view of a murderous villain to the author!), and I found myself in the middle of the most incredible avalanche of hate and filth I have ever experienced. I tell you that until you have been through it you have no idea how bad it is. I am not exactly a stranger to rows and angry exchanges, but I swear that I never, never in my life, have felt anything like it> I met fanatical terrorist supporters, I met Nazis, I did military service together with a few crooks and thugs, but I never in my life felt an air so choking and foetid with hatred. And this, mind you, had been unleashed by a single idiotic review. There is an ever-boiling vat of vicious, brooding, fantasizing hatred out there, always ready to explode as soon as anyone points it in any direction; it wants to hate, it wants to threaten, it wants to demean and rape and tear down. This is the radical gay movement as I experienced it. It is an experience that makes you feel not only shaken, but dirty; something you don’t want to repeat, not because of fear, but because of disgust. Rebecca, I imagine, has to put up with it every day. But the dimwits who claim that this has anything to do with the free market have no experience of what the gay lobby does.

  17. Forcing someone out of their job for this is evil. If you don’t realize it, you need to get a conscience. My opinion of the gay movement just went down another notch. I didn’t even realize there was another notch to go down.

  18. My two have been IE and Firefox. I can’t say I’ve been happy with IE but it works. I have Chrome on my computer but have never used it. So now I will delete Firefox and start using Chrome.

  19. The complaints (plural) came from the employee base who stated that his political statements cause them to wonder if he’s qualified to motivate the employees to act in a cohesive manner and from his Mozilla colleagues who feared how this bad press would impact their ability to draw talent and compete in the market..

    Rebecca, he’s not the CEO of a public company whose job it is to maximize profits for the shareholders who own the company. Mozilla is a private company and Eichs job is to keep the place together. He was failing at that and contributing to a public firestorm.

    Frankly, I would have fired him for investing his own money in an unconstitutional law just as I’d fire another fool for investing his own money in magic evil beans. Poor judgment at home means poor judgment in the office.

  20. This has been going on since the early 2000’s, and we only notice when it happens to a CEO?

    Reminds me of Pope Francis’s old person dying of exposure that nobody notices.

  21. I’m one who agrees- the war is over for now. A hundred years from now, the brown people from the south will recolonize what is left of America and Europe, and white people will be the slaves this time.

  22. I do have that same long memory, and I’m left wondering why a CEO is more important than a Knight of Columbus clerk at Costco. This has been going on for a long time now.

  23. Not the free market, kok, it’s fascism, controlling speech, opinions. What next? Re-education camps.

  24. Not the same. One, being Christian or Jewish is what you believe and who you are as is promoting traditional, 1 man, 1 woman marriage. And I think you know that. You cannot equate those things. More blurred lines.

  25. This is deeply troubling. I’m an advocate of traditional marriage and I’m heartbroken by this.

  26. You would fire someone for using their salary to purchase something you think is foolish????

    Re-think that, my friend. It reeks.

  27. No, I would not. In truth, my last paragraph was meant to be hyperbolic: that Prop 8 was doomed from the get-go and only a fool would have put money behind it.

  28. THAT is hardly better. |It is the morality of success: we are going to win, so you had better get behind us. It is the morality of Petain, Mussolini and Quisling, and of all the creatures who discovered a mighty Communist faith after 1944 or 1945. Who is going to win must, in the minds of honest persons, have nothing whatsoever to do with who you believe to be right. You are not a fool, Pesq87, but you can’t help exposing your party’s moral bankruptcy and cluelessness.

  29. I does not matter what people decide to hang on others as a motive. The people of this country have the right to petition their government by participating in the electoral process. Using blacklists to deprive someone of their livelihood by means of intimidation and mob action as punishment for them having done so interferes with this freedom in a chilling manner.

  30. There are 29 states where you can be fired for being gay.
    Nothing you did–just who you are.
    You want to explain your lack of outrage about that?

  31. Or perhaps it is because I live in a state where I can be fired for being gay.
    Ever thought of that? And where is your outrage about that?
    Nothing I said, nothing I did, just who I am.

  32. I would worry if you showed any sign of believing that what is wrong for the goose is wrong for the gander. However, what is evident from your rants is that you regard wrongs done to gays as ontologically different from wrongs done to those you regard as enemies. Besides, I suspect your data.

  33. But it will still be the free market, you know? Since someone will be paying for them.

  34. Many people think that the moon is made of green cheese. The author of Wallace and Gromit even made a very funny animation on it. But you speak like someone who took “A grand day out” for a documentary. And your specious and dishonest use of Jews as a comparison with the supposed wrong being made to homosexual ought to make you ashamed. The Jews suffered genocide. The poor, wretched, persecuted, abused, suffering, despised gays suffer… a refusal to accept a ridiculous demand. To compare the one to the other is to remove yourself from decency.

  35. And yet I don’t hear anyone on these sites, or the CC for that matter, pushing for ENDA.
    Why is that?

  36. I don’t know how many states are at-will employment states but in those states you can technically be fired for any reason or no reason at all, except certain categories SPECIFICALLY protected by anti-discrimination laws. Is that what you’re referring to? And we all know that any careful employer can fire (or not hire) for those protected reasons too, they just have to make sure not to mention them as a reason.

  37. There was a reply to this which seems to have been deleted, and if it was, I wish it had not been. Basically it charged me with paranoia for imagining that there is such a thing as a gay mafia. Well, that homosexuals tend to form gangs, “rope teams” and underground alliances is not even news; even back in the nineteen-fifties, everyone who knew anything about the intellectual and upper classes had sniggered at Isaiah Berlin’s elegant pun on “the Homintern”. But in the last few decades, these relatively harmless artistic and political cliques have undergone a violent change, grown fangs and claws, developed a vicious thirst not only for power but for totalitarian control. I think we all know what I am talking about. That they can destroy a major CEO in a few days or even hours is not even news; google “Giulio Barilla”.

  38. I have just remembered something that happened to me in the late nineteen-eighties. I was completing a degree course at the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies, where I did not fit in very well – the place was as PC as anywhere in an already very PC country. I privately expressed some unorthodox views on homosexuality, to do with my anthropology studies, to a professor whom I naively believed to be open to my views, just because he had taken the leadership of the local Christian group. He suggested, quite strongly, that I should write a paper along those lines, but I had already had a taste of the overall mentality in the place, and I had already had all the trouble I wanted, so I said a firm no.

    A few months later I found out that this very “Christian” fellow was up to his eyeballs in the attempt to get me expelled from SOAS any old how. Which failed abysmally; but my remaining months at SOAS were Hell.

  39. Boycott Modzilla Firefox .
    Try Ice Dragon .
    All the Firefox perks without the BS.
    No self resetting search engines to google , No slowing down .No viruses for posting your real opinions. Built in Privacy guards. is happy to use StartPage as your main search engine.
    Hell it even uses you favorite modzilla add-ons.
    Just back up your bookmarks and reinstall them in Ice Dragon , I was up and running in 10 min’s ready to surf just like before.
    The Free Market is about being able to tell someone to shag off for bad service . Someone will provide the same or better.

  40. You are frightened – or claim to be – that one day, perhaps, 29 states might turn on you in particular and do something terrible to you. Riiiiiiight. I, on the other hand, have paid in person for my opinions, and paid plenty. However, I prefer to be responsible for what I say – yes, including the stuff I end up regretting – and act like a human being. Narrow is the gate…

  41. Truth doesn’t lose, it is suppressed.

    The truth is a marriage is and can only be between a man and a woman. Whether the country acknowledges that truth doesn’t make it any less true or go away. There was a popular saying that Mother Nature always has the last word.

  42. I’d like to see a homosexual, just for once, use the legal defense in such a state that they aren’t inherently homosexual and thus the bigotry doesn’t apply to them.

  43. Yes, it was so doomed that 52% of the very liberal California electorate voted for it, and it took a judge with a conflict of interest to overturn it.

  44. then take my analogy and switch the placement of the Christians and Jews in the sentence if you believe the suffering of the Jews is sacrosanct.

  45. He had a coi because he’s gay? That’s ridiculous. Every straight judge would also have the same coi, just on the other side of the coin. I don’t think you understand what a COI is. It was as doomed from the get go. As doomed as denying women the vote.

  46. Suuurrrrrre. Only people who disagree with you belong to parties. People who agree with you are just ordinary commonsensical fellows. Well, then, you can’t help exposing the moral bankruptcy and cluelessness of your idea of ordinary commonsensical people.

  47. Your ignorance of history and current affairs is necessary to your obstinacy, and therefore you will neither trouble to find out facts nor accept them if they are put to you. If you had any idea what you just said, you would be so ashamed of yourself you would spit in your own mirror, but you will kick and sream all the way before being forced to face it.

  48. If these are the at-will employment states that Oregon Nurse speaks of, I am not surprised that you distort it into being a threat to you alone when in fact anyone may be sacked for anything. As I said, you regard threats to you and yours as being different in kind and not just in degree to threats to anyone you don’t care for.

  49. Dave’s basically saying that a gay judge has a conflict of interest (COI) in this case and that his professional judgement was unduly influenced by the fact that he’s gay. Dave should know that judges are regulated in this country and are bound by COI rules and there are people paid to see that COI rules aren’t violated and when they are violated, the judge is subject to a variety of sanctions, including disbarment. Moreover, the higher courts could then set aside the judgment if a disabling COI existed. None of that happened here and the case was important enough with enough eyes on it that it’s really irresponsible to suggest there was a COI. It’s also a funny statement because by Dave’s reasoning, every straight judge would also have skin in the game causing the same COI, because those straight judges’ traditional marriage laws would be at stake.

  50. You are right – if THAT is not a conflict of interest, then I have no idea what a conflict of interest is.

    By the way, a straight person is not necessarily against homosexual acts or marriage. If that were the case, there would be no such thing as gay marriage.

  51. Maybe you should stop replying to my posts if it upsets you so. Talking with you is no fun for me. But please know that I am determined to post countervailing facts on this blog, when what I read here sounds like baloney.

  52. AnneG: I stand by the analogy. You’re just not seeing it b/c you’re focusing on the kind of example I used and not the logic behind it. Try this one; it’s not perfect, but it gets us to the same place:

    If he gave $1,000 to repeal the 19th Amendment would you say he’s merely “supporting traditional” voting rights or would you say that he’s actively trying to change law and take away a right from a minority of the population?

  53. That is a pathetic answer. I will answer things I disagree with – you are the one who is sounding upset. And as for answering my points, why don’t you do so, eh? I said that making success a deciding factor in moral choices is the morality of the coward and the collaborationist. What have you said to answer that, instead of making snarky remarks about “what party” when you are the first to admit that you come here in opposition and partisan rejection?

  54. Your absurd insistence that “ay marriage”, a claim that does not exist anywhere in the world, never has existed, and cannot exist beyond the fad of a day, is the equivalent of natural rights, shows your ignorance. The very nature of marriage is sexual and progenitive, and it inevitably involves two sexes. Sex in a homosexual relationship is not and cannot be progenitive. Therefore all the reasons to have anything called marriage fall away – all except the bare claim, howled as if in an immense void, that no matter what, no matter how, we will have “equality” on what cannot and will not have equality. Take just one feature of marriage, the gigantic feasts held in nearly every culture when a man and a woman marry. Why are wedding feasts so inevitably huge? Because they involve two families both as lineages and as social groups, and therefore change the status of every person involved in the lineage and the social group of both families. By marriage, these families become joined; but they only become joined because of the expectation of children that will share the blood and identiy of both. To invite three or four hundred people to celebrate the fact that two men or two women will henceforth share a bed is nothing but an arrogant display of pointless spending; such a “marriage” does not more join two families than a piece of string unites an ivy branch to a steel spar. And no, sorry, to pay a woman to have a child and then have it named after you by notary deed is not the same as bearing one.

  55. That’s actually quite funny, but it does nothing to answer the point. To purchase a baby from a woman and give him your name by notarized deed is not the same as to bear it. Or to put it another way, if a man who pays for a woman’s body is a John, then a man who purchases another human being for money must be an Elton, since a man who does both is an Elton John.

  56. Lots of words, but in essence you’re just reducing marriage to sexual intercourse. Baloney! That’s not marriage. That’s sexual intercourse.

  57. Hi Ken, Yes, I know…the intent of my statement was to say that if it isn’t a conflict of interest for the California gay judge with a partner to rule on overturning the will of the people of California on gay marriage, then I do not know what a conflict of interest is.

  58. Everybody can see that it’s a conflict of interest. It’s as obvious as the nose on my face. Sure there are people looking after COI’s, but I’m sure, like the judge, that they see what they want to see.

  59. Wiggle, wiggle. Statement one: ” please know that I am determined to post countervailing facts on this blog, ” Statement two: “I come here to learn.” Well, if you know in advance what is baloney and what is not, what do you have to learn? And you still have done NOTHING to answer my original charge.

  60. No. You refuse to read what is on the page. Marriage is about children. Do you know what “progenitive” means?

  61. I think you two are just going round and round. Why don’t you stop this one and argue about something else.

  62. I’ve switched to Pale Moon, which is based off the Firefox open source. Same GUI, but with a lot of extraneous functions stripped out so it runs faster, and is just different enough the trackers don’t count it as Firefox usage.