Pope John Paul II Died Nine Years Ago Today

Pope John Paul II Died Nine Years Ago Today April 2, 2014



Today is the Ninth anniversary of the death of Blessed Pope John Paul II.

April 2, 2005

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5 responses to “Pope John Paul II Died Nine Years Ago Today”

  1. I wish I had something brilliant to say, but all that comes to mind is that he did much good, and when Benedict was chosen to follow him, I was glad for the church, because he also seemed (and still seems) an equally godly man. So much has changed in these nine years. But the church does not play to the times, and that is a great comfort.

    • “he did much good,” and then he taught how to die a good death. During his final vigil, I got a phone call from a Calvinist, missionary friend who said I must be really sad. I told him that I could not think of a better way to go to meet our Lord than to have people keeping vigil, singing, praying and interceding for me as I entered eternity. What a blessing he is.

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