Boulder’s Court Clerk Issues Marriage Licenses to Gay Couples, Despite the Law

Boulder’s Court Clerk Issues Marriage Licenses to Gay Couples, Despite the Law June 28, 2014

But … it’s the law!

You must follow the law!

That’s the com box battle cry whenever the topic of Hobby Lobby or the baker who has no problems serving gay people, but just doesn’t want to bake a wedding cake for a gay wedding, due to his religious beliefs. This argument also gets trotted out whenever a high school senior mentions God in his or her graduation speech.

Now Boulder Colorado’s court clerk, Hillary Hall, is going renegade and issuing gay marriage licenses, even though Colorado’s ban on gay marriage is still intact and operative.

The shoe, at least for a while, is on the other foot.


From The Denver Post: 

BOULDER — Despite warnings from Colorado Attorney General John Suthers that the documents aren’t worth the paper they are printed on, same-sex couples lined up at the Boulder County Clerk’s office Thursday to get marriage licenses.Clerk and Recorder Hillary Hall began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples Wednesday after the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals struck down Utah’s ban on gay marriage.

But in a news release akin to a fraud advisory, Suthers made it clear that the licenses are not valid.

“That’s their opinion. We disagree with it,” Hall said Thursday morning. “We will be here issuing marriage licenses until a Colorado court or the Supreme Court tells us to desist.”

So far, no other Colorado counties are following suit.

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26 responses to “Boulder’s Court Clerk Issues Marriage Licenses to Gay Couples, Despite the Law”

  1. Note: I will allow one line of discussion comparing gay marriage to racial segregation. But I am not going to allow the same comments over and over and over and over until everyone goes numb with boredom.

      • Just because pro gay marriage people have decided – as a bullying tactic – to call people bigots does not mean people are bigots. When 36 states passed constitutional amendments in support of the “bigotry” as you call it, then it is good evidence that you are just calling normal people names to get your way. The fact that no one was even asking for gay marriage before a few years ago is evidence that you are just calling people names.

        After all NAMBLA would call the rest of us bigots, wouldn’t they?

        • Please, please continue to do this. Every time you say that gay people are morally equivalent to child abusers, you look that little bit more stupid and your side becomes that bit more laughable. And meanwhile, love continues to win.

          • I’m going to allow this, but get off the personal and carping at one another. I won’t allow any more of it.

          • If you want to sound like love, I suggest some more practice. At present, you sound like a hate-ridden troll. Sorry, Rebecca, but in this case style is evidence. This man speaks in a way that defines him to any person who has any ear for the use of English.

            • OK.. so comparing people to child abusers is fine. Laughing at people who do it is bad. I understand. Please continue to tone patrol while the rest of us rejoice as love wins.

  2. The couples know they are not valid when they come to get one. Perhaps SSM will be legal someday in Colorado, but then I would think the couples would have to get a valid one in order to proceed to legal marriage in the state. I’m a little surprised she hasn’t been reprimanded or let go for this. Is it OK for her to do this? No. She isn’t a private business serving the public—she represents/works for a state (or local?) venue.

    • She has the ruling of the tenth circuit court backing her up and doesn’t have to abide by an unconstitutional law. The only thing going against her though is that the ruling was stayed pending an appeal by Utah. She should have waited until the ruling took effect.

  3. Do people in Massachusetts have to stay 35 feet away from the entrance to an abortion facility because the law in Massachusetts is still in effect? No. It’s been ruled to be unconstitutional.

    Do state laws in the 10th District still apply after the court rules them to be unconstitutional? No. All state laws in that district have been ruled to be unconstitutional. They no longer apply.

    • The decision in Massachusetts was by the United States Supreme court. So of course it is the final authority.

      The 10th Circuit court of appeals IMMEDIATELY STAYED ITS DECISION – which means it has no effect until reviewed by the Supreme Court.

      The woman is just grandstanding, and hurting people in the process.

      • Yes. She should have waited to see if Utah is going to appeal. I think people who keep fighting these decisions and appealing them to higher and higher courts are the ones hurting people. They are just forestalling the inevitable.

  4. And how many children will be denied their right to be raised by their mother and father by this? Clue: 5-5=?

  5. At the end of day, even if it were law there, that paper would not make them anymore married than before. So, she gives out a piece of paper that isn’t valid, breaking the law? I wonder if she will lose her job. No? Why not?

  6. Rebecca, have you watched “Broken Heart Land”? It is a documentary about a gay teen from Oklahoma who committed suicide.

      • I saw it on PBS World. It was interesting to me to see how elected officials (city council) deal with controversial issues and their own feelings and beliefs.

    • The notion that gay teens are committing suicide all over the country because there is no gay marriage is yet another tactic being used by pro gay marriage forces. The gay teen suicide thing is yet another myth

      “The study concluded that “the assertion that sexual-minority youths as a class of individuals are at increased risk for suicide is not warranted.”

      There’s no doubt that many gay teens are harassed and bullied (a study published in the January 2010 issue of the Journal of Adolescent Health suggested gay and lesbian teens get bullied two to three times more than their heterosexual peers), and some of them may take their lives because of it. But there’s little evidence that gay teens have a dramatically higher rate of suicide than heterosexual teens.”

      • This study has different claims

        “Results. There is a strong link between adolescent sexual orientation and suicidal thoughts and behaviors. The strong effect of sexual orientation on suicidal thoughts is mediated by critical youth suicide risk factors, including depression, hopelessness, alcohol abuse, recent suicide attempts by a peer or a family member, and experiences of victimization.

        Conclusions. The findings provide strong evidence that sexual minority youths are more likely than their peers to think about and attempt suicide.”

  7. I used to work in Colorado. Boulder is widely known as “The People’s Republic of Boulder” Hippies, far leftism, etc. So, all we see here is another politician, pandering to her constituents

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