Meriam Ibrahim has Been Charged with a New Crime. Faces 7-Year Sentence.

Meriam Ibrahim has Been Charged with a New Crime. Faces 7-Year Sentence. June 26, 2014


Meriam Ibrahim has not been freed. The story I posted earlier was incorrect.

She was arrested once again while she and her family were at the airport, awaiting a flight to leave the country.

According to The Independent, the new charge is that she was using a passport obtained from South Sudan. Sudan does not recognize her as a South Sudanese citizen because it does not recognize her marriage to her Christian husband. Her husband has South-Sudan/American citizenship.

Mrs Ibrahim is being charged with forging her passport, a crime that is punishable by up to seven years in prison. She is being held in a Khartoum police station. Her family has refused to leave without her.

From The Independent:


The US and South Sudanese ambassadors have been summoned to Khartoum by Sudan over the rearrest of a Christian convert accused of apostasy trying to flee the country after being released from death row.
Mariam Yahya Ibrahim was freed on Monday after an appeals court cancelled the death sentence imposed for having converted from Islam to marry her Christian husband, after the government came under what it called unprecedented international pressure.
But she was detained again on Tuesday for trying to use documents issued by the embassy of South Sudan to fly out of Khartoum with her American-South Sudanese husband and their two children – deepening the diplomatic wrangle over her case.Sudan does not recognise her as a South Sudanese citizen because, despite lifting her sentence, it does not recognise her marriage to a Christian, something not allowed under the Islamic laws applied in Sudan, where most people are Sunni Muslims.South Sudan, with a majority Christian population, became independent from Sudan after a public vote in 2011 that ended years of civil war between the two states.
“The airport passport police arrested Abrar after she presented emergency travel documents issued by the South Sudanese embassy and carrying an American visa,” Sudan’s National Intelligence and Security Services’ media department said on Facebook, referring to Ibrahim by her Muslim name.
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12 responses to “Meriam Ibrahim has Been Charged with a New Crime. Faces 7-Year Sentence.”

    • Because they are. Our diplomatic corp is a joke. Or, run and backed by bad jokes. She should have been removed from that dung pile of a country the second she stepped out of the prison. 🙁

  1. This is more than just ‘a slap in the face of the U.S. embassy personnel (who were present with the family at the airport),’ it is a slap in the face of justice… and detaining Meriam Ibrahim for her faith was the beginning of this travesty. How insulting… an injustice and miscarriage of justice here!

  2. Christians of every grade need to wake up. Islamic fundamentalism is of the Devil. No matter how much spin the Vatican is trying to put on it with symbolic joint masses. It is on its way through the West and it will get ugly…..”You will be hated for My namesake…” saith The Lord.

    • I think quite a few Muslims would agree that Islamic fundamentalism that leads to terrorism and mass murder is over the devil.

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