Vatican: Archbishop Kicked Out for Sex with Minors

Vatican: Archbishop Kicked Out for Sex with Minors June 27, 2014


It’s about time.

The Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of he Faith has ordered Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski to be stripped of the priesthood. This order came after a canonical trial.

According to an article from Reuters, the Holy See has indicated that “criminal proceedings by Vatican judicial authorities would begin once the sentence was confirmed. If found guilty in a criminal trial, Mr Wesolowski could risk extradition to the Dominican Republic.”

Mr Wesolowski is the former Vatican nuncio to the Dominican Republic. He is accused of child sexual abuse. This alleged abuse includes buying sex from minors while he was in the Dominican Republic and an unspecified connection with a Polish priest accused of sexually assaulting at least 14 underage boys.

He has two months to appeal this decision. Authorities in the Dominican Republic are investigating Mr Wesolowski, but have not filed charges against him.

According to Polskie Radio, “accusations against Mr Wesolowski went public when television footage appeared in which the nuncio was seen visiting areas in the capital known for child prostitution.”

It is interesting that child prostitution is so widespread and acknowledged in the Dominican Republic that local television knows where to go to photograph it in action. But it’s not a surprise. I would imagine that they could do the same thing here in Oklahoma City.

The Dominican Republic is well known as a sex tourism destination, as is New York. This is not something that is hidden. It is big, highly-publicized business. Dominican authorities only recently started to crack down on the practice. Gay sex tourism, including tourism aimed at sex with children, is rife throughout the area, including further south in Brazil.

I have personal knowledge of a woman who was kidnapped from her apartment in the Dominican Republic, brought to the United States and sold by sex traffickers. Her pimps used the threat that they would go back and kidnap, rape and sell her young daughter if she did not cooperate with them. This brave lady testified in court against her pimps, who are now in prison.

The thought that a Vatican Nuncio is participating in this human rights violation is, sad to say, not surprising. I’ve thought for a long time that the scandal the Church has endured because of the behavior of her prelates as regards child sex abuse was necessary. This behavior had to stop. It was as if the Holy Spirit said Enough!

The Church must be cleansed of this evil. It. Has. To. Stop.

I, for one, am glad that the Vatican has finally taken this action against a pedophile prelate.

I do not want to see innocent men persecuted because of false charges. That is why due process is so necessary. But when the charges are proven true, these men must be laicized and turned over to the authorities.

I want a priesthood of genuine Christians who wear that collar because they have given their lives to Christ. I want a priesthood I can be proud of.

That cannot happen in an institution that tolerates sexual depravity among its members.

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17 responses to “Vatican: Archbishop Kicked Out for Sex with Minors”

  1. This news makes me very happy. I hope the DR actually takes action against him also. He has probably gotten away with this horrible behavior for years and years. Now if the Church will just continue —-this will take years I expect but it has to just keep moving along.

  2. Unfortunately, this man is walking around Rome. He is not under custody. He should be in the Vatican Jail.
    The criminal process should have been timed so that as soon as the laicization decision came down, criminal charges should have been pressed, and he should have been immediately arrested.
    I suppose he could have posted bail of some sort. Still, this looks as if they are giving him soft treatment

  3. I’m waiting for the day that bishops and cardinals who transferred and hid the abusers are stripped of their priesthood or at the very least removed from any position of authority or public ministry. Until then, we can’t be sure things will be different.

  4. I can sorta see the lack of understanding in the ’80’s and before. I know people did not understand the destructive behavior or what to do about it. They should have known it was a grievous sin, however. I’m glad he was laicized and he should at least stand trial. I doubt he’ll go to jail in the DR because he probably has “friends” there.
    In the ’90’s there was a ring of well-connected, wealthy European businessmen and bureaucrats that paid for young girls to be kidnapped in Western Europe. There were 5 or so countries involved. I think maybe 4 or 5 people actually were prosecuted and went to jail. Whispers were it went very high up and the investigations were quashed. They only got a few of the kids back. This is reprehensible.

  5. This is a great development. I just hope it doesn’t reinforce the impression among the more ignorant among the religion-hating crowd that all Catholic clergy are gay pedophiles!

  6. There is no justification for pedophilia. Children have a right to be children, and what the archbishop did in Dominican Republic is as reprehensible as what the Jesuits in the Oregon diocese did to underage girls in Alaska, and priest in California and Chicago did to underage girls. Priests, bishops, archbishops and cardinals who commit these crimes must be removed from the priesthood and be turned over to secular authorities.

  7. If we get it cleaned out, it will heal itself, including in the public mind. In the meantime, the Church has to do its public penance. No way out of it.

  8. Being kicked out of the vatican is and means nothing. He should be behind bars with the other rapists

  9. What I would like to know is, how on earth did these paedophiles ever gain admission into the seminaries in the first place. This is where the investigations should start.

  10. And just because he’s been laicized does not mean that he won’t go back as a lay person. He needs to spend some time behind bars.

  11. The good “dr” is a Fraud, on the CNSnews site re: the SF Archbishop he stated he was a former Priest who said Mass, then 2 days later denied making the first post. He has said that he converted to the Catholic Church, became a Priest and left the Faith and never either said or wrote that he believed in Jesus Christ. Going through Confirmation or RCIA and Holy Orders and never stating that he believes in Jesus Christ, one if not the Key Beliefs of the Church, said mass including either the Nicene Creed or Apostles Creed stating that I/We Believe in Jesus Christ. Lying? a hypocrite and a Fraud

    his bio is available on the Gay Star News website

  12. there is no justification for Fraud, for former Priests who say that they never either said or wrote that they believe in Jesus Christ.

    No justification for Frauds, hypocrites, or liars

  13. Thank you for making the effort to inform Public Catholic readers.

    I don’t allow attacks on commenters. I’m allowing this comment to make that clear. I did check your assertions and was able to verify that Dr Ide appears to devote an enormous amount of energy to attacking the Church and also Our Lord.

    He can comment here if he follows the rules.