Let’s Show Solidarity with Iraqi Christians

Let’s Show Solidarity with Iraqi Christians July 26, 2014


This is my new photo for Facebook.

Patheos’ geek squad is still uber busy mopping up the big changes they made earlier this week. But I plan to change my photo as soon as they can do it for me.

ISIS is leaving this symbol on the bodies of the Iraqi Christians they murder. It is the the 14th letter of the Arabic alphabet and is pronounced “noon.” The symbol stands for Nasara or Nazarenes, which is supposed to be a pejorative Arabic word for Christians.

But I can tell you that when I die, there would be no higher honor than to have my body labeled with the word Nazarene. What these murdering brutes intend as a dishonor is in fact, the highest honor. They are publicly labeling these people with the name of Christ the Lord. It is as if they are putting a sign on their bodies saying that, without doubt, the person whose body bears it is in heaven right now.

Pity the poor murdering wretches who martyr these Christians. Without repentance, they are going to hell.

Show your solidarity with the Christians of Iraq. Put this symbol everywhere you can; on your Facebook page, on your tweets.

If I can find something to put on my car, it’s going there.

It is an honor to stand with Iraq’s persecuted Christians in the face of this genocide.


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18 responses to “Let’s Show Solidarity with Iraqi Christians”

  1. Will soon join my other Catholic themed tattoos. “Recusant”, “Christero”, and “Virgen de Guadalupe”.

  2. Hey, if I design and get these printed as car magnets for say, $5+s&h (that’s the deal I’m seeing right now), would anyone else be interested in having one? I might be able to get a bulk deal.

  3. Can we use it on our Facebook page? Already did, but will change it if you object or if it is meant to be exclusive to your blog.

  4. I’m using it, too. May The Lord Have Mercy on my brothers and sisters. Please pray for these Christians, St Sharbel and all you saints.

  5. The link for this column is ‘broken,’ as I was trying to see it on ‘Patheos’ and ‘New Advent.’ The Internet search sent me to a cached copy >only when trying to see it on Patheos.

  6. This is one enemy you mustn’t take pity on. The Bible tells us of Amalek, the irreconcilable enemy of the people of God, wicked and dangerous enough to accomplish the complete destruction of His kingdom on earth. Consumed with envy of our spiritual good, his aim is to wage war on Christians and Jews and to put us to genocide until the name of Israel is blotted out. And so, God’s provision is to wage war on Amalek from generation to generation and to command the Israelites in the Law of Moses under the leadership of the King to blot out all remembrance of him (Exodus 17; Deuteronomy 25; 1 Samuel 15). The reason for this law is to cover the one vulnerability in the Church which the presence and power of the Holy Spirit does not. The Church is proof against spiritual deception, but not against the designs of murderous men.

    The good news of Jesus Christ is that He, the Lord of Hosts, our Divine Saviour who keeps the Law of Moses in every detail, has ordained that Caliph Ibrahim and those who give him the bay’at of allegiance shall die by the sword. He calls all the nations to arms, and all nations must obey Him.

  7. Rebecca: when you write, “Pity the poor murdering wretches who martyr these Christians. Without repentance, they are going to hell.” it would be good to remember, these people are not Christians and that only God can judge.

  8. Nobody knows which humans are in hell. The Church has never declared any particular human person as being in hell. Regardless of how angry we feel, perhaps it would be an exercise in charity and prudence to avoid making absolute statements that we are unable to verify.

  9. Saw this on the Crisis Magazine website:

    “From Ian Hanchett on Brietbart today:

    Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of Hamas co-founder and leader Hassan Yousef spoke about his break with Hamas and the organization’s ultimate goals of a worldwide Islamic caliphate on Tuesday’s broadcast of the “Mark Levin Show.”

    Yousef said he left Hamas after he saw the viciousness of an organization that tortures and kills its own members that are suspected of collaborating with the Israelis, and couldn’t morally justify the fact that Hamas suicide bombers intentionally targeted “buses, schools, hospitals, [and] universities.”

    He later added that Hamas has “global, religious, ideological agendas” that are dangerous, not just to Israel, but the entire world. “Their goal is to conquer the globe and build an Islamic state on every inch of the globe” Yousef said. He also said that Hamas “is willing to sacrifice as many Palestinians as it takes” to achieve its goals, and they “don’t care about Palestine…all they care about [is] to conquer.” He reported that America itself “is a target for the Hamas movement.” And “Israel in the Middle East is fighting on behalf of the free world.”

    Much prayer and preparation is needed, will be needed.

    Holy Mary, Queen of Peace, pray for us!

  10. I have it on my Facebook page already but while it is tragic we need to keep in mind and remember that these Murderous Wretches as you are calling them are being supported by both the West as well as Israel itself. Israel supports ISIS. Don’t take my word for it, its on public record . The same Syrian rebels we helped last year are part of ISIS this year. The US Bishops asked for the Government to help them and they did not respond why should they when they are both supporting and arming these murderous Wretches as you call them.

  11. The mature and rational response to all religious fanatics is that a person’s religion is neither here nor there. What difference does it make and why are you killing people and destroying shrines of those whose religious beliefs differ from yours? ISIS, you are sad pathetic religious fanatic Islamic extremist losers. Religion should not be an issue between people trying to share a planet.

  12. Hi Rep. Hamilton,

    The U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Service (USCIS)
    defines refugees in part as persons who can demonstrate that they are
    persecuted or fear persecution due to race, religion, nationality, political
    opinion, or membership in a particular social group. The ISIS jihadist group in
    which is attempting to impose an extremist form of Islam on that country, has
    made the persecution of Christian and Shia Muslim communities a key tactic in
    their efforts to establish a caliphate state. Their actions, disavowed even by
    the likes of Al-Qaeda, would end 1,400 years of religious co-existence in the

    The National Committee of the American Solidarity Party
    calls upon the United States Government to pledge support for Iraqi Christians
    and other displaced persons in the region and to assist them in their
    application for refugee status in the United States and other countries.
    We encourage the governments of other nations to do the same.

    We further call for sanctions on nations and states in which
    the right to practice one’s religion (as defined in Article 18 of the Universal
    Declaration of Human Rights) is not respected.

    Finally, we call upon all Americans to join us in expressing
    solidarity with these “huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

    Please share this initiative with any persons or organizations you feel may share our common concerns.

  13. Are we now getting a glimpse of where the Beast will be coming from? Will the mark change from that of the symbol for Nazarene to the Beast’s own mark of 666? Soon every Christian, true followers of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, will be faced with the decision to accept the mark and reject our Savior. Or, face death. I am a Christian; I choose Christ!

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