Planned Parenthood, Teaching Sexual Fetishism and Other Perversions to Kids

Planned Parenthood, Teaching Sexual Fetishism and Other Perversions to Kids July 25, 2014


Watch the videos below and consider this: Our government puts $542 million into Planned Parenthood each year. And that’s just federal dollars. Many states add their own $$$ to the pile.

Also the Affordable Health Care Act, better known as Obamacare, has large amounts of monies for block grants for education. Planned Parenthood will probably end up with a lot of this money, as well.

The ignominious HHS Mandate was written by a committee that was overloaded with representatives from Planned Parenthood and organizations that have interlocking boards with it.

How much damage are we going to all Planned Parenthood to do in the name of birth control? The services which Planned Parenthood provides that people want — pap smears, contraception — can be provided by other agencies. Remember: Planned Parenthood not only gets huge amounts of federal dollars to “provide” these services, it charges its clients for them, as well.

This government money could be better used to provide the services that people want. The savings by eliminating the rest of it — including the “counseling” in these videos — would be enormous. There are no reasons except political payback to give this funding to Planned Parenthood.

I also want to mention that while I linked to Fox News’ outrage-filled coverage of these videos, Fox is the network that gives us Family Guy and American Dad. I haven’t watched Family Guy, but when I was researching this article, I read comments directing people to view it in order to learn about some of the activities described in the videos below.

I did watch part of an American Dad episode. I quit watching because the episode had two fathers, joking about having sex with their daughters. I’m not entertained by that. Here in Oklahoma City, American Dad runs in the early afternoon — primetime cartoon-viewing hours for young children.

The government is not using our tax dollars to pay for teaching perversion to kids on the Fox network. However, when you consider the damage done, that difference becomes a bit academic.

Teaching it to kids is … well … I have no words.


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5 responses to “Planned Parenthood, Teaching Sexual Fetishism and Other Perversions to Kids”

  1. I wish we had video where the patient isn’t asking about 50 Shades type sex. I find it hard to believe that PP personnel go into this type of dialogue without being asked about it first. In the videos, they were clearly asked about it.

    The real issue is that there are teenagers that can’t or won’t go to their parents with sexual issues instead of going to Planned Parenthood. The thought of my kids going there makes me scream. Not because it’s PP but because I’m not doing what I should be doing.

    Family Guy and American Dad are banned here. I didn’t watch either enough to see sex stuff but saw the obnoxiousness.

  2. I think the PP employee is leading the conversation, not just answering. And, how about telling her that she is too young to engage in any sexual relationship; that she is risking her long-term life and health; that she is engaging behavior that introduces too many variables and maybe she needs to get some counseling about relationship.
    This is disgusting, dangerous. How can PP claim to not being engaged in prostituting these girls?

  3. Talk about a war on woman…you won’t see this on msnbc. Disgusting…I had to stop before the first one was over. We must educate our children…talk to our kids male and female…my daughter and I just had a great talk about dignity and true feminism…she can’t believe how many teens her age buy into Miley Cyrus’ sleaze. We’re with Sinead on this one. PP is a major corrupter of young women and health. A relative who worked for them as a nurse was shown porn for training. She quit and came back to the church and now teaches NFP.

  4. PP promotes this garbage even when not explicitly asked about it. Google “planned parenthood laci green” to find one prominent example of their idea of “sex ed.” Anyhow, there are other, more mature and professional, ways out of that conversation even when it is brought up besides chattily shooting the breeze about different fetishes and sneaking into sex shops while underage.

  5. Not only what they teach but what they do when these kids are sexually abused. A new reoprt has just been released which contain actual criminal cases against men who used abortion to cover their crimes and they went to Planned Parenthood among other abortion clinics – read here

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