Archbishop Coakley Calls for Prayer, Procession and Benediction in Response to Black Mass

Archbishop Coakley Calls for Prayer, Procession and Benediction in Response to Black Mass August 5, 2014


My religious leader, Archbishop Paul Coakley has called for a season of “prayer, procession and benediction” due to the scheduled black mass here in Oklahoma.

Self-identified satanists have held a black mass in the Oklahoma City Civic Center for the past several years in a row. Last year, no one — zero — turned out for their little show. Hopefully, Okies will continue with this no-response this year.

Archbishop Coakley has called for Oklahoma 250,000 Catholics to join together in prayer, processions and attendance at Eucharistic Adoration in response to this black mass.

I am sure that your local parish will have events. Archbishop Coakley invites all of us to join him for prayer and a holy hour on September 9, at 3pm at St Francis of Assisi Church at 1901 NW 18th. That is the day of the satanic mass.

For my part, I would encourage Okies to participate in all these events. I sincerely hope that St Francis overflows that day.

There are also a few things I would ask you not to do:

1. Don’t obsess over this. Satan is alive and well and walking our world on two feet. If you doubt that, just watch the news. A black mass is just him, taking off the clown face and coming out.

2. Don’t engage with the satanists. Don’t talk to them or go around them. Stay away.

3. Ditto for the black mass. This is not entertainment. It is evil. Stay away from it. Do not go down there.

4. Do not make it the center of your thoughts or your activities. Keep your thoughts Christ-focused.

5. Pray and trust Christ. You cannot fight Satan, so don’t try. Let God do your fighting for you.

One thing we need to remember: The reason everyone from, atheists to satanists, attacks the Catholic Church is simple. The Catholic Church teaches the whole truth of Christ. Trying to make a mockery of the mass is a back-handed acknowledgement that the mass is real, the Eucharist is the presence of Christ. Satan hates Jesus. He also hates us. Mocking the mass is just the venomous spite of the loser in the great cosmic war.

Here is Archbishop Coakley’s letter:


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7 responses to “Archbishop Coakley Calls for Prayer, Procession and Benediction in Response to Black Mass”

  1. I’m not in Oklahoma but I am certainly planning on a show of solidarity with you all. Boston responded with a Eucharistic Procession which was joined by thousands. You can count on me and mine to pray and fast.

  2. Good advice. I’m glad the Church is responding to this. Even though it calls attention to it, I think it would be far worse not to address this horrible attack on Christ and His Church. God willing, our protestant and evangelical brothers and sisters will also speak against it. May satan and his followers fail by bringing Christians closer together.

  3. Dear Bishop and fellow Christians of Oklahoma, I will join in prayer and fasting to stop this evil that is present in your city, I am also asking our parish and all my friends and email friends and face book to also join. I heard of a Novena that is suppose to start tomorrow asked by the Bishop where he asked all to join together starting tomorrow on the Feast of the Transfiguration to abstain from meat, pray once decade of the rosary and say the St. Michael prayer, however, my pastor would like a copy of this and I can’t find it so if anybody has it could you email it to me at I would also like to post I on our adoration Facebook and send emails to all I know to join us. What a blessing to start the Novena on the Feast of the Transfiguration let us ask Our Great and Gracious and Merciful God to transform all those involved in this evil asking Our Blessed Mother to intercede for us. Never underestimate the power of prayer….

  4. The divine mercy chap let is perfect for that hour. Please remind us again when it gets closer and I will join in. The St. Michael prayer is also powerful. Knew a lady who grew up with black mass with her family. She struggled during the Eucharistic prep at mass because of the awful mockery memories so we would sit with her at holy mass to help her through. Praying at 3 pm everyday and honoring Christ’s sacrifice is a powerful prayer time and experience.

  5. I’ll keep you informed. We should all pray the St Michael prayer these days. I know I do.

  6. The novena starting today was mentioned on Teresa Tomeo’s show Catholic Connection on radio this morning and she was interviewing the Archbishop of Ok city. Had to go in to work and missed it but you can probably google her show and find the information.

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