At This Time Last Year: 45 Churches Burned in Egypt

At This Time Last Year: 45 Churches Burned in Egypt August 16, 2014


The story originally said 20 churches burned. Then, it was updated to 45 churches burned.

It’s an old story. Out of date. After all, it happened a year ago.

Which means, I suppose, that we should dust our hands of it and forget.

But it’s more than a year-old story. It’s part of an on-going, continuous pattern of blood violence that rises to a genocidal scale directed at Christians by various Muslim groups throughout a whole region of the world.

The question arises and keeps arising: Who is funding this? The Islamic Brotherhood, who participated in church burnings, kidnappings, forced conversions and murder of Christians in Egypt, is, so far as the people they murder, kidnap, rape, force from the homes, sell into slavery are concerned, the same as ISIS, is the same as Al Qaeda, is the same as Boko Haram, is the same as Hamas.

They may have all sorts of carefully defined definitions and distinctions among themselves, but they are all the same in their results. They slaughter innocents, and they destroy the societies in which they live.

Make no mistake about it: People who do this kind of thing enjoy doing it. If they kill all the Christians in that part of that world — and they very well might — then, they will kill someone else. In fact, they already kill other Muslims who do not fall within their narrow definitions of who has a right to life.

Let’s go back for a moment to the question I keep asking: Where are they getting their money? Armies run on money. Terrorism runs on money. They are probably making money from the spoils of war, including the buying and selling of abducted women and girls in the slave/human trafficking market. But someone is still supplying a lot of doh-re-me to be used to slaughter men, women and children and bring whole nations to the brink of a dark age. Who?

For now, I’m going to leave you with a few photos from that long time ago outrage of last year. Because these people deserve better from us than to be swept under the rug of political correctness and forgotten as if they had never lived.





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9 responses to “At This Time Last Year: 45 Churches Burned in Egypt”

  1. Amazing that was just a year ago. The frequency of middle east atrocity stories seems to give every one of them a half life shorter than a knat’s life.

  2. This weekend the UN sanctioned 6 donors of ISIS with asset freeze etc. There were lower donaters found in ISIS records…$20,000 here $50,000 there. But ISIS has made sizable income from the oil fields seized in Syria 2 years ago which apparently Assad doesn’t want to bomb which is greedily long sighted on his part when short sight would be more appropo. The world needs oil to become secondary to electric cars and battery cars and that will be the biggest defeat for radical Islam.
    The mideast then will have to manufacture clothing…having little education like Bangladesh and Pakistan and India. In short the earth has given jihadists a free ride in oil donators. If cars go the way of tesla and prius on a much larger scale…jihadhists will have to punch in at a factory making shirts for Nordstrom.
    The oil welfare culture….like our welfare culture of SOME in Ferguson looting….causes males to ego trip on being bad boys rather than hold a job that never makes the media spotlight.

  3. And it is still going on and spreading in other places. And there are still pundits bemoaning the defeat of the Muslim Brotherhood. Their founder came up with all this Jihad stuff over a century ago.

  4. Sorry are you saying that ISIS is selling oil from the fields that they captured 2 years ago?

    Have they actually taken over the production operation? And through which channels might they be selling this oil?

  5. Elijah Fan, these are excellent, informative links. If you don’t mind, it would help other commenters if, in the future, you put a few words with a link just telling people the main point of it. You don’t have to do this. It’s just an idea.

  6. I don’t mean say a lot. I just think that if you want people to read them, a word or two telling them what they are would help.