Update! Before We Go All Twittery Over the Muslim Denunciations of ISIS, a Couple of Questions

Update! Before We Go All Twittery Over the Muslim Denunciations of ISIS, a Couple of Questions August 14, 2014

I published a post yesterday listing various denunciations of ISIS barbarity from Muslim political leaders.

As I was assembling that list, I noticed that the denouncers were Shia. Based on what I’ve read, I believe that ISIS is Sunni.

I don’t have much knowledge of Shia vs Sunni, but I think, from what I’ve read, that this is a blood feud that is largely tribal and historic.

After I published that post, I could almost hear the massive sigh from readers. At last, a few of them said, the Muslims are joining us in combating the genocide.

I don’t want to put a pin in that balloon. Not yet. Because I’m not sure of anything.

But I do have these niggling questions that I think we need to consider before we go all twittery and weak-headed. It is critical to not allow ourselves to believe what we want to believe because we want to believe it. Let’s think a bit and chew on it a while first.

Here are the questions:

20140724 isis mod

1. How did ISIS get all that American heavy armor from the Iraqi army? Press reports have said variously that they “took it in battle,” or that it was “abandoned.” That is too simplistic and too facile to mean anything.

What an Okie would say, is “that don’t add up.” And this Okie agrees.

I find it a little hard to believe that those pristine armored vehicles were “lost in battle.” I also find it hard to believe that a military with those armaments would be so easily overpowered. Frankly, that equipment would give the Iraqi army quite an edge in a battle.

As for those things being “abandoned,” give me a break. I think that Sunni members of the Iraqi army gave that American armament to ISIS. I may be wrong. But that’s what I think.


2. Are we being played by the Shias to use us against the Sunnis? If the only Muslims speaking out against the genocide are Shias, and ISIS is Sunni, and these people are at war with one another, well then, that sounds like politics to me.

I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing for any Muslims to speak out against the genocide, for whatever motivations. I’m also not saying that we should not welcome their help. The point here is to stop the barbarity. I sincerely welcome anyone whose actions add to that fight.

But that doesn’t mean I trust them like they were blood kin and just blindly assume that their motivations are the same as mine and that their future actions will be what I would do.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. In this case the outraged American public is the unwitting enemy of the Sunnis, simply because the Sunnis are slaughtering innocents. That makes us the (temporary) friends of the Shias.

There’s a saying in Okieland — I don’t have a dog in that fight. We don’t have a dog in the Sunni-Shia fight. Our objective is to end the genocide.

Let’s remember that and not go all politically-correct gaga and attribute our motives to other people we know very little about.

These are my questions. These ideas of mine are conjecture. What do you think?

The videos below are a couple of months old. I don’t agree with everything said in either analysis, but they highlight a bit of how this situation developed and give us information about American arms falling in ISIS’ hands.


UPDATE: Hind Makki, of the Patheos Muslim Channel shared this information with me.  I am very glad to hear that both Sunnis and Shias have denounced the barbarity in Iraq.

Dear Rebecca Hamilton, the denunciations against ISIS have been given by 
both Sunni and Shia leadership and lay people. Looking at piece you 
wrote yesterday, I would like to share some information with you. I hope
you will update your piece reflecting this information: Ayatollah 
Sistani – Shia. Indonesian Ulema Council – comprises all Muslim groups 
in Indonesia, Sunni, Shia and everything else. Grand Mufti Shawqi Allam –
Sunni. Lebanese Muslim Association – Sunni. International Union of 
Muslim Scholars – comprises all Muslim groups in the world and one of 
it’s missions is to counter sectarianism. Yusuf Qaradawi – Sunni. 
Organization of Islamic Cooperation – non-religious political group of 
all countries with large Muslim populations. Iyad Ameen Madani – Sunni. 
Turkey’s Religious Affairs Directorate – Sunni. Where did you get the 
information that they are all Shia?


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5 responses to “Update! Before We Go All Twittery Over the Muslim Denunciations of ISIS, a Couple of Questions”

  1. It’s a bit deeper than that down the rabbit hole. ISIS are *Muwahiddun* Sunni. From their point of view, members of your local mosque who wear western style clothing and might make a pilgrimage to Mecca at some point in their lives if they can afford it, are not Islamic enough to be worthy of life. In fact, Muwahiddun Imams have actively promoted the destruction of the Kabba for the same reason ISIS destroyed the tomb of Jonah- because devotion to a holy site is too close to idolatry by their theology.

    Yes, Sunni may be holding back their condemnation because, for now, ISIS is fighting against the Shi’a dominated government in Baghdad, but that truce will be short lived, and in ISIS areas, any hint of western influence is already illegal.

  2. Just read the above note from Hind Makki. I was going to say that Indonesia, the largest Muslim country in the world, has condemned ISIS and outlawed it completely.
    Has anybody heard anything at all from the Gulf States?

  3. You have to wonder why muslim terrorists like ISIS and Al Quaeda aren’t found practicing their barbarity in places like Riyadh, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi where a western-style idolatry of wealth and luxury are on display and where muslims cater to the rich and famous of all stripes. Could it be that they are only despots who appeal to poor muslims that feel oppressed and islam is simply a tool of oppression? Seems to me that if this had anything to do with religious purity they’d be going after their own first.

  4. I believe the tank in the photo is a Russian T55. 1st built in !955, very dusty and wet inside with NO compartment seals..uses old style mechanical pull handles, even German tanks in WW2 had steering wheels and hydraulic servo values..The T55 is simple and easy to fix.
    The one on the photo seems to have a electronic aiming assist attached to the upper barrel.
    Also has a quick removal barrel
    ISIS also seems to have alot of Croatian built anti tank weapons…similar to the Gustav

  5. That is so typical. Blame the United States for the inhumanity and murder of others. You are no Christian. No authentic Catholic Christian would let their political ideology influence their thirst for mercy and safety for living souls against these evil men. No country made these monsters, Personified Evil fashioned them. Put blame where it belongs and stop being part of the problem.