Catholic Church Growing in South Korea

Catholic Church Growing in South Korea August 14, 2014

The Church is growing in South Korea.

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3 responses to “Catholic Church Growing in South Korea”

  1. That is wonderful. I have a story. A number of years ago I noticed they were having mass at my church at a weird hour on a Sunday night. This was in my lapsed days and must have felt a pull so i decided to attend. I walked in and noticed everyone in the church, and the church was completed full, were asian. I thought this was weird. Then the mass was held in an east asian language, not English, and I assumed it was Vietnamese since that was the only ethnic group from east asia that I knew were Catholic. When I got a chance to ask, I asked the girl sitting next to me what language was being spoken, and she said Korean. I was astonished. My church can probably hold a couple hundred people and it was full. I found out later that my church was designated as the place to hold Korean mass for Staten Island. Not only did we have enough Koreans on Staten Island but we had enough Korean Catholics to fill a church. I learned later how Koreans are very passionate about Christianity and especially the Korean Catholics. It was wonderful. Since then they now have Korean service at a different church, perhaps a larger one.

  2. South Korea has become Asia’s second Christian-majority country, the Philipines being of course the first. However, a lot of the conversions are superficial and bound with the worst kind of evangelicalism and “prosperity gospel”. A bad clue is the extremely low birth rate and the virtually unchallenged presence of abortion. Still, however the word of God is preached, it is preached.

  3. You forgot about East Timor, who, while poorer than the Philippines ever was in either the War or during the Nineties, has refused to play to the NARAL bloc and has refused to do what Bangladesh did after throwing off the shackles of a genocidal regime.