Christian Holocaust in Iraq. There are No Words.

Christian Holocaust in Iraq. There are No Words. August 7, 2014

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I can’t write about what’s happening to Christians in Iraq.

I have no words.

I can not forget that America contributed to this situation with our war on Iraq earlier in this century.

Again, I have no words.

Here are links from around the internet.


ISIS Burns Down Church

Report from Iraq: families throwing children from a mountaintop to keep them from terrorists.

ISIS has Conquered All Christian Villages Around Mosul

ISIS is Likely Receiving Funding from People Living in Countries Allied with US

State Dept: Syrian Christian Persecutuion Part of Largest Displacement of Reigious Communitiees in Recent Memory. 


Isis iraq war crimes si

Worldwide Christian Persecution is Increasing and is Largely Ignored. 

The Spreading Scourge of Christian Persecution

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7 responses to “Christian Holocaust in Iraq. There are No Words.”

  1. Words of prayer…words of supplication…words of intercession…may all of these prayers, from the bottom of ours hearts, come before the throne of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    May He take each and every one who has been martyred unto Himself and give us, who are keeping vigil, the grace to pray for the enemy.

    May our Lady, Holy Mother of God, wrap her children under her mantle and protect them and intercede with us to pray for peace and reconciliation for all who are suffering in this grave hour.

  2. I think we could have a pretty good argument about whether things in Iraq were better before the fall of Saddam Hussain, or after. I would like to hear a good argument about how things were better before his fall, for instance, for the Kurds, who Saddam gassed numerous times. But, as we have voluntarily given up some of our previous dominant role in international affairs, we are becoming much like the other nations of the world who can only stand by and watch, and help where we can, and pray.

  3. I’ve been praying at every mass and every day for conversion of the Muslims and for our persecuted brothers and sisters.
    We don’t know what might have happened, but, all the countries falling apart in the Arab Spring are pretty good evidence that this would have happened regardless of our actions. Saddam Hussein was not going to live or last forever. The fecklessness of the administration pulling out all troops with no SOFA is ridiculous and contributed greatly and that was on the current president’s watch.
    I was surprised the State Dept said anything about religious persecution. They did live up to my low expectations, though, by watering down what is happening talking about all persecuted everywhere for anything.
    They do not care about religious freedom or religious persecution and care about Christians as little as possible.

  4. Pulling our toops out of Iraq was one of th worst blundrers in American history. This dope we have in the White House is a FAILURE all around. He can’t do anythng right.