President Obama’s Statement Regarding the Murder of James Foley

President Obama’s Statement Regarding the Murder of James Foley August 20, 2014


This is the strongest statement I can remember from President Obama.

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16 responses to “President Obama’s Statement Regarding the Murder of James Foley”

  1. One of his better messages.
    I like the fact that he was specific about the ISA/ISIS being against all of humanity, though I wish he had been more specific about his identifying “the ancient people”. He could be talking about Kurds, Israelis, Chaldeans etc.

  2. I didn’t hear anything I would call “strong.” In calling the murder outrageous, he merely stated the obvious. He mentioned the muslim victims of a civil war before the innocent Christians and Yazidis who were in no way involved — a classic Obama “tell.” He said IS doesn’t represent islam when even a casual reading of history reveals islam has always been spread this way and an equally casual survey of IS messaging shows they model themselves after mohammed and his followers. He called on countries in the region (all of which are muslim and presumably have an interest in defending the honor of “true islam” if what we are seeing is not it ) to denounce IS — not actively oppose, fight, or destroy it — while he appears to be doing nothing to form and lead the necessary coalition. And he said such movements always fail — as if by magic. By such logic we could have simply waited for the Nazis and Imperial Japan to fail. No, this was a statement intended to appear strong by a man who is anything but and who refuses to see islam for what it is: evil.

  3. Personally I find this weak. He talked awith a stern tone, but he proposed nothing. Nothing. All he did was utter motherhood and apple pie. I don’t find this a strong statement at all. He even mumbled the “we’ll do whatever we can…” at the end. How weak was that? What do you mean whatever we can? We need to do EVERYTHING. We need troops to fight these savages.

  4. Loved it especially since it openly stated that a just God was against them. He may have been the first world leader to say such. The UN though should have a leader so angry that he raises a real not token coalition wherein the US recedes and others send large forces for the inevitable ground fighting. India and China have a stake in this and they each have a billion people.
    That’s a wish. “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride”….my mom.

  5. Admittedly I don’t know what he should have said but wasn’t impressed. I think it’s disgraceful that he is still vacationing. I know that there is never a good time for our President to take vacation but right now especially isn’t a good time. He should be back in the White House as our leader. I feel scared about it along with being embarrassed that he is failing us as badly as he is.

  6. “He may have been the first world leader to say such. ”

    Pope Benedict XVI, University of Regensburg lecture on the difference between the God of Rational Religion and the God of Irrational Religion.

    Of course, the response to THAT was liberal condemnation and the taking of the lives of clergy throughout Africa and Asia.

    But then again the Pope doesn’t have nukes.

  7. The UN is good for only one thing, as a place to talk to people we don’t talk to. The US has to lead because there are bad men in the chaos of the world whose goal is to kill anyone they can. It has always been thus. Please read some of Victor Davis Hanson’s analyses from a historical perspective of this threat. It is not going away easily and is an existential threat to us.

  8. Not only that, there are pictures of him laughing, high fiving, and teeing off within a half hour of that speech. It’s disgraceful. He should have said we Americans (not just the international community) will personally not rest until we either bring you to justice or bring justice to you. All he really said there was that their acts were an outrage to the world (essentially the obvious) and that the world will not stand for it. Big deal. That’s hollow and almost saying nothing. I am really ashmaed of this presidency.

  9. Rebecca, really, what did he say? It was just, “this is a terrible tragedy.”
    For the family, it is a tragedy. For us it is sickening and barbaric, for our country, it was yet another declaration of war against the US, the west and all people who disagree with IS. I think he tried to give a comforting statement but really, when he talks about justice and how uncivilized these people are, is he talking about crimes? It bothers me when they talk about “investigating” after something like this.

    That said, I’m glad we are doing air strikes and sending munitions. I know some people take this seriously, but I don’t think he comes across internationally as all that strong.

  10. I don’t know Anne. It seemed to me that the things he said about ISIS were, coming for a head of state with the power to smash them into dust, very strong. But if you don’t see it that way, that’s ok. That was just my reaction.

  11. I haven’t seen their statements Anne. I’d like to read them. Do you have a link? If not, no bother. I’ll try to find it later.

    That is 2 weeks old. He also said it was important to deal with ISIS. France caused some of this problem, but knows whom they are dealing with.
    Here is one link to Cameron’s from 2 days ago. Was in the Telegraph, but I couldn’t find it quickly.

    Both commented on vacations. I’m not making a big deal out of that but they did and Europeans do not give up their vacations.