Rotherham and the Cowardly Act of Offering Up Young Girls to the Dragon of Misogyny

Rotherham and the Cowardly Act of Offering Up Young Girls to the Dragon of Misogyny September 3, 2014


It’s an old myth, the story of villagers who sacrifice a virgin to the neighboring dragon in order to keep the dragon from annihilating them. Unfortunately, like most myths, it has its base in terrible fact.

British police, due to what we are told was a kind of politically correct paralysis, essentially collaborated over a long period of time with local Pakistani gangs who repeatedly gang-raped British girls as young as 12 or 13 and then used them as forced prostitutes in their home-grown sex-trafficking rings.

In the clear hallmark of discriminatory police everywhere, these British cops blamed the victims and refused them the police protection that was their right as human beings. Here in America, we would say that the Rotherham police denied an entire class of their citizens — the young girls of their city — their civil rights. By any standard of human rights on this planet, they also denied these young girls their human rights.

What the report of this massive, on-going, police-enforced gang rape and selling of young girls by local Pakistani men amounts to is a violation of the civil and human rights of the girls of Rotherham by the officials of that city.

We are being told that the local police and the rest of the community were so fearful of being called out by the forces of political correctness that they offered up their city’s young girls to avoid it. This echoes tales of heretofore mythical villagers, offering up their daughters to appease the dragon. Only this is real life.

Is anyone believing this? Were these cops so afraid of being called Islamaphobes that they allowed young girls to be repeatedly gang raped and sold to avoid doing their jobs?

Is that what Britain has devolved down to?

Frankly, my first thought was that the Rotherham police were probably getting paid off. I can’t imagine that the police — the police — were so cowed by the politically correct whatevers that are evidently running Britain that they not only allowed, but enabled this to go on for decades. So, I thought of corruption and bribery, and to be honest, I thought it almost hopefully.

Because if the Rotherham police were not being bribed to look the other way and the story really truly is that they allowed these young girls to be raped because they were afraid of violating some sicko idea of political correctness, then our good friends the British have gone insane and suicidal.

 Evidently, a woman who tried to blow the whistle on the rapes was sentenced to “sensitivity training” for doing it. Maybe the cops really were afraid of being denounced and sentenced to re-programming if they did their jobs. Whatever the reason, they are filthy misogynist rapist enablers and claims of cowardice in the face of politically correct sensitivity training don’t excuse them. That much is sure.

We’ve gone a long way down the road of politically correct bullying here in America and it’s getting worse. But I don’t think our cops — at least not Okie cops — would be afraid to prosecute crimes of this nature just because the perpetrators were Muslims. In fact, I’m sure they wouldn’t be.

I don’t know British law, but my first — entirely American, totally Okie — take is that the police in Rotherham ought to go to prison along with the rapists. The rapists should spend the rest of their lives in jail. When they leave prison, it should be in a box. The police who allowed this to happen should take a perp walk in front of television cameras so the whole world can see what useless cowards and traitors to their duty and their community look like.

Koran Graffiti Indiana

Meanwhile, on this side of the pond, Kathy Schiffer wrote a post yesterday about three churches in Columbus, IN that had been graffiti’d with a verse from the Koran threatening physical violence. The word “infidels” was spray painted alongside it. And I watched a video last night of another helpless American being beheaded by ISIS. That, added to Rotherham, seems like a lot.

The Anchoress looked at the rapes in Rotherham and saw the actions of conquest. I look at it and see patterns.

Bring back our girls

I’ve been reading for months about ISIS in Iraq and Syria and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, kidnapping Christian girls, and raping them and selling them into sex trafficking. Boko Haram kidnapped almost 300 school girls for the express purpose of selling them into sex slavery.

In other news, we have the Sidney gang rapes of Australian girls by Australian nationals of Lebanese Muslim descent, and the gang rapes in Holland by men of Turkish and Moroccan descent.

Does anybody see a pattern here?

The politically correct crowd can yak about “racism” and “Islamaphobia” all they want. What we are dealing with is violent and vile misogyny of almost mind-boggling proportions. And it’s not just the rapists who are misogynists. Whole countries — entire nations — are willing to sacrifice their girls to the dragon of politically-correct lies.

The Rotherham police can now join the cops of Juarez who allowed young women to be kidnapped, raped and tortured to death and would not lift a finger.

Their response was the same as the police in Rotherham. They made fun of the families who tried to get their help and said the girls were “prostitutes.”

Spineless and misogynist British cops who allow savage violence against young girls, and the gangs of Pakistani rapists/pimps in Rotherham who are supported and enabled by politically correct bullies, are certainly bad enough. But they’re just the little finger on the left hand of the whole truth.

We also have a pattern of one particular group of people — of whom the Rotherham rapists are a part — engaging in terror tactics against helpless civilians in a number of places around the world. Not only do they kidnap/rape/enslave and sell young girls, they burn, behead and annihilate whole populations.

In the West, they respond to criticism just as the rapists of Rotherham have responded; by running to their politically correct protectors and claiming that they are the victims. In the Middle East, they respond by making videos of themselves as they murder helpless people to use to recruit more murderers from places like Rotherham and, presumably, Columbus.


If it raises your politically correct hackles for me to say that, I put before you the kidnapped, raped and sold girls in Nigeria; the kidnapped, raped and sold girls in Egypt, Iraq, Syria, et al; the raped and sold girls in Rotherham. Alongside the kidnappers/rapists/slavers, I put before you the police who colluded with the kidnappers and rapists. And alongside the police I put the political correctness enforcers who attack anyone who says the truth.

Then I turn your attention to the burned out churches and piles of beheaded bodies in the Middle East.

We have created a lethal brew of enforced helplessness and passivity in the face of violence and evil. We are binding this together with cords of misogyny that places the value of young girls at zero.

Political correctness voltaire

We justify it with self-righteous claims that anyone who speaks against it is a racist who hates Muslims. The obvious response to that is Who is the racist here? Who is raping whom?

I, for one, do not hate Muslims. I believe that there are a lot of Muslims who feel trapped between these rapists and the larger society. But we do those people no good by allowing the savages among them to run free and terrorize all of us, including them.

The perpetrators of these crimes — and I include the murderer of James Foley and Steven Sotloff — must be brought to justice. Their collaborators in government who deny citizens their human and civil rights by refusal to do their jobs need to be brought to justice alongside them. The purveyors of political correctness who enable rape/slavery/murder/genocide must — for our own survival, and common decency — be ignored and dismissed as the blithering fools they are.

Are we, on both sides of the Atlantic, going to stop being enthralled by lethal politically-correct lies and put down these atrocities and those who commit them in a way that stops them cold? Or, are we going to try to avoid a fight by giving our children to the dragon?

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86 responses to “Rotherham and the Cowardly Act of Offering Up Young Girls to the Dragon of Misogyny”

  1. We can surmise Rotherham was the result of politically correct cowardice, racism, misogyny, etc. What if it was simply dislike and distrust of a foreign religion and culture and a desire or willingness to let them destroy themselves from within? How many investigations were thwarted by the muslim community closing ranks against their own monsters? How many times does a policeman (or a dept) come up against that before he/she decides to give the monsters over to themselves?

  2. There is also the glaring issue of class. The poor white underclass were considered fair game for a reason. They are openly reviled and the only group that “society” currrently in power considers safe to demonize at will. Children are considered guilty by association and worthless because of their birth. Middle class apparatchiks considered them not worth saving and not worth their effort. They are as evil as the rapists.

  3. Some of the acts you mention, beheadings of US citizens are acts of war by international law. When someone commits acts of war against your country, like beheadings or killing your ambassador or other diplomats, you make war on them to stop them. You do not read them their rights.
    In the ’90’s there were predictions of a Muslim majority in some countries. Hillaire Belloc, among others, said they only needed a significant minority to begin to conquer a country civilly. I think that is what has happened. It is apparent that in the UK, Netherlands, Denmark and some other European countries the Muslim minority has begun to assert their local control, insisting on community rule, in some places even enforcing Shari’a. They hold themselves apart from the rest of the population and fiercely defend themselves. Listen to CAIR and you will hear the beginnings of the same actions here. That sounds like sedition. Only we’ve lost our fundamental moral foundation for our society. We deny objective right and wrong and create offenses of political correctness, as you said.
    I think this is deeply demonic and we are participating in it if we are not actively against it.
    In the UK the authorities have cooperated in this by allowing and encouraging kidnapping and rape of women and children. It is even worse in Pakistan, so that’s what they have to look forward to. Will we put up with it, too? I think there are places in the US where we will.

  4. I think those churches were in Columbus, Indiana. Not Columbus, OH. Great column. I first read about Rotheringham in the Wall Street Journal. The story called the men “Asian” and did not say that most of the girls were white. So a group of Muslim men rapes underage British girls (many of them poor) for years and the Wall Street Journal does not mention these facts. Could they be just as afraid of being politically incorrect? Do they really think we are so stupid or hateful or reactionary that we would think all Muslim men are (our would like to be) doing this? That said, it’s like the old college friend of mine who refused to admit that of all the religions in the world, only one is producing daily suicide bombings. The FACT that not all Muslims support or do suicide bombings (which of course I acknowledge!!!) does not negate the FACT that only Muslims are doing so. He refused, however, to acknowledge the latter fact, only the first one. “Religion” was to blame, he said.

  5. You really need to read this.
    No, it is not because of covert racism by the police. The practice of raping and assaulting women happens all over Pakistan, Egypt, Lebanon, PA, Syria, etc.
    in the ’90’s there was a prediction of a Muslim majority in Denmark or the Netherlands by now. What has happened is that there is a critical mass, still minority, but large enough to assert dominance in the community. They have even instituted Shari’a law and local control. I have no idea if the police and child “protection” authorities are being bribed but it would not surprise me. They are certainly being paid off politically with votes for Labour. Nobody seems to have any moral foundation to stand against them. Listen to CAIR and see how close we are to being in the same situation. There are some places, the Pacific Northwest, San Francisco, New York and Detroit among them. In Detroit there are areas where passing out Christian materials is forbidden and you will be arrested. Later you are released with no charges.
    Would not surprise me if this same situation of trafficked girls was going on as well.
    Btw, one 12 year old girl went to her GP and received the morning after pill repeatedly with no intervention.

  6. Rebecca, beheading citizens of the US is not a crime. Neither is kidnapping and murder of a US Ambassador and other diplomats. That is an act of war according to international law. It requires making war on those people, not reading them their rights. The war has been brought to us and we have to respond.

  7. They were/are raping girls from outside the Muslim community. I don’t understand your point of “give the monsters over to themselves.” They were hurting and destroying the lives of girls OUTSIDE of their community. I don’t think that we’re surmising anything. They, (the police etc) admitted the political correctness etc.

  8. All involved in the police dept. who were allowing the girls to be tortured in all manner of ways should be jailed and never see the light of day. PC is the excuse? Excuse me, but there is NO excuse. As for the Pakistani gangs who did or may still be doing this? Send them back to Pakistan folks! If they are British citizens, send them to Pakistan any how. i do not hate Muslims either and I’m sure there are many who are very unhappy with the reputation those who commit these crimes bring to the faith.

  9. Having watched the UK House of Commons discussion on Rotherham, and read a press interview with Prof. Jay, the author of the inquiry report, I must say you minimize some important issues. Class in UK society is much more important than here in the states, particularly for poor whites. These girls often came from real poverty, and dysfunctional families. Not all, but many. That played a huge role, since the police wrote them off as “bad ones”. Misogyny, though you mention it, also was huge. Girls viewed as promiscuous in a highly secular society of modern Britain where our Christian sense of redemption and renewal is almost gone from public life. They were just written off as “bad seed” or lost and best forgotten.

    Politics influenced local government. It is a one party area, and the Muslim community had members on local government councils and more importantly were a dependable bloc vote. Care agencies and social workers were not supported by local politicians and I’d imagine the local South Yorkshire police unit was pressured not to be aggressive by the politicians. Was that a type of political correctness, or old style Tammany politics, British style? Yes, political correctness by the police was there and accounts for something no doubt. I know they are all excusing there own horrible incompetence and breach of duty because of it so it counts for something, and I agree they were not paid off.
    The UK’s Labor party, including your prize convert, Mr. Blair, has a lot to answer for as this happened on his watch in national government at Westminster, which has a big say in local UK government councils. But I’m sure sainted Tony will never have to answer for much in the RC blogs of Patheos.

  10. You’re right. Lots of people who covered this up need to go to jail. This is very disturbing story. It shows just how insensitive Islam is toward women. If anything is mysogynistic it’s Islam, with its stoning, honor killings, rapes, gang rapes, legalized beating of women. It’s atrocious. The more one learns of Islam the more one is reulsed by it.

  11. Ms. Hamilton

    Thank you for this article. You have been an outspoken defender of children abused by priests, so this is in no way a criticism of catholics.

    The situation in the US was and in some way still is similar. For decades, no newspaper would print a negative article about a priest or other religious leader. They said admiring religious leaders was good for the community, so any crimes committed by them would be hushed up. This also included fraud.

    With the scandals that have now come to light, the catholic church gets much less deference. But still few will publicly criticize televangelists and faith healers no matter how many mansions they own and how clearly fraudulent they are. Criticisms of spewers of anti-science are muted by “respect.”

    While these crimes and lies are on a different scale, no organization should be immune from criticism. Even honest criticism of those who claim to act in the name of Jesus must also be permitted.

  12. I remember my brother telling me a story about the Guatemalan military kidnapping women and raping them. He said when they were confronted with facts, they laughed it off and said “the women deserved it because of the way they were dressed.” Can you believe it?

    I wish I could find the documentary where they are quoted as saying that but the fact of the matter remains that rape is a power tool for many of these men and I am disgusted by them.

    They are not men, they are animals.

    No self respecting man, with any dignity, would ever commit such an act or am I stupid?

    And where are the feminists on this? Why are they silent? Why are they not taking to the streets demanding justice and protection for their less fortunate sisters? Or are they only interested in pushing their birth control/abortion agenda on the rest of us women?
    Hypocrites, the lot of them!

  13. All good points, but unfortunately your central thesis is correct: The villagers are more than willing to sacrifice virgins to pacify the dragon.

    I hate to say it but it seems most Europeans these days are passive cowards, unwilling or unable to stand up to the forces of Political Correctness. Those who resisted (like Enoch Powell) soon found themselves forced out of “polite society” and the rest were told “shut up, or you’re next.”

  14. “I, for one, do not hate Muslims. I believe that there are a lot of Muslims who feel trapped between these rapists and the larger society.”
    After all this awesome discourse on the evil of passivity precipitated by “political correctness” you say this? Alas, nothing is going to change.

  15. Excellent article, Rebecca. Since 9/11, we’ve bent over backwards to carve out a protected class for “moderate Islam”, and in the process rendered ourselves completely unable to identify the evil underpinnings of a religion that, really, has no mechanism to bring moral justice to those who are most subscribed to the paradigm of violence and conquest in the Koran. I am utterly gobsmacked that the family of Mr. Sotloff –God rest his soul — believes it can have a “debate” with the leader of ISIS on the “peaceful” parts of the Koran. It’s symptomatic of our willing blindness to what the most powerful proponents of Islam wish to inflict on humanity. Shorter: we’re whistling past the graveyard and we’re already dangerously close to drawing a yawn when the next beheading video is released.

  16. No. You’re not stupid. Men, real men, do not do these things.

    As for the feminists, there is no feminist movement. There is only an abortion movement.

  17. I don’t know…. The more conservative press in Britain and the U.S. is leaning hard on the “Political Correctness” line, as an explanation for extent to which this abuse flourished. But, there other factors at play. Socially disadvantaged girls from troubled homes, who often have troubles with authorities, schools and institutions, provide victims for rapists and traffickers wherever they are found.

    The historical and institutional biases against these children and young women are profound. Any remarks about “political correctness” dampening the pursuit of justice for these victims is largely nonsense. Justice is only rarely sought for such young people. And there are always people, (men, primarily) standing by to snap them up, to rape and abuse them. The ethnicities of those men have to do with the demographics of the context, the channels of access, and so on. In Rotheram, it appears to be, largely, a matter of who worked at night, driving cabs, staffing take-out shops, selling drugs, and so forth. Where I live, the ranks of abusers are largely Black. As are the ranks of their victims. There is no stimulating cross-cultural trafficking to speak of, and so nobody appears to care all that much. The victims are marginal, their rapists are marginal, and so it goes. Sketchy young people with tons of problems and no advantages are not granted much credibility, anywhere. They are not valued by society. They are tremendously vulnerable. I hazard the guess that virtually all the black men in this poverty-ridden section of Chicago who are preying on vulnerable girls are nominally Christian. It’s a safe guess. Church is a strong force and a ubiquitous presence here. But I would not suggest that the nominal religion of those men is any sort of causal factor in their crimes. And they don’t get away with their crimes because they are Christian, they get away with them because society doesn’t care about their victims. This was also true in the small town where I grew up, where almost everybody was of Northern European descent. The victims were disproportionately poor and troubled ( I was one of them) and the perpetrators were those men who came in contact with poor and troubled kids – largely (but not exclusively) men in service roles, and men at the margins of society. And we were all nominally Christian. And there you have it.

    The demographics in Rotheram are such that victims and perpetrators have different ethnic backgrounds. This provides an opportunity for sensationalistic reporting, but I worry that such reporting is ignoring the conditions that make children so vulnerable, so easy to exploit and abuse. Many of those who have defended the Catholic Church through its own sex abuse scandals have been quick to point these issues out, (and correct to do so) and they seem well worth mentioning here.

  18. She’s right though Luket. You think it’s tough to oppose the Mullahs and Islamic fundamentalism here due to political correctness? Try doing that when you are a Muslim critical of such practices. It doesn’t sound like the ‘good guys’ are willing to protect anyone against Muslim violence. Hence they are trapped just in a much worse more perilous way than WE are trapped by political correctness.

  19. When you say “English” girls are you referring to muslim girls born in England? Because it matters little where one was actually born if you’re talking about a muslim community which is organized around their religion and perhaps nationality as well.

    I was going off of earlier reports I’d read that only spoke about muslim youth. I haven’t read anything for a few days but what I read before that was exceedingly vague on actual circumstances and certainly didn’t give the impression it extended to the non-muslim community in any systematic way. If this was in fact something they did routinely to non-muslims then I retract what I said, but I’d be very surprised such a thing would be ignored.

  20. “No way a criticism of the Catholic Church”? Really? That is all this post is. Accusing the Church, which, btw, as a proper noun is capitalized, of doing what these Muslim communities have tolerated and encouraged is so far out of the realm of reality that I question your ability to reason. Criticize away, I decry and criticize all the abusers of children within the Catholic Church, but also outside. The public schools have numerous of serial abusers, but you don’t mention that.
    Lark63, you have no credibility. I guess you are just another anti-Catholic bigot, judging from your comment.

  21. Mainline P, just to correct one impression of yours, Tony Blair is not a lauded convert around here. He became Catholic then started telling us all how we needed to modernize, get with the program and accept behaviors the Church teaches are gravely sinful. So, no.

  22. It’s just the true face of liberals! They don’t care about the working man, women, ethic groups, children, gays, or any other group of people. They care about power even if it takes making a deal with the Devil. Liberals only fear those more powerful than themselves. They are dictators over those they rule. These “under privileged” groups are only supported to the point of gaining power, then come the gulags and re-education camps.
    It sounds like I’m being harsh, but history always repeats in one form or another.

  23. I’m a liberal Billiang. What we call “liberal” today has nothing to do with actual liberalism. I agree with your overall meaning though, what we call liberalism today is a form of totalitarianism.

  24. I have done some reading up on Rotherham this morning and I agree with you 100%. This isn’t about political correctness so much as it is the poor underclass being ignored. This is about troubled young working class girls getting sexually involved with predator young men who happen to be Pakistani (that’s another issue). The nationalities involved are secondary to the poverty and juvenile delinquency. Cops and social workers get tired of rescuing young girls, whose own parents can’t control them, who keep getting sexually involved with abusive men. Then the parents relinquish their responsibility to the ‘state’ who is clearly going to do a much worse job of it. This seems to me to be more of a finger-pointing at the cops and social workers so the rest of British society and politicians can sit comfortably back and ignore the larger problem.

    How can any society give minor girls the personal responsibility and freedom to choose contraception and abortion – tacitly telling them society accepts they are capable of deciding when to have sex – and then treating the same young women as minors incapable of making their own (bad) decisions to have sex with older men who end up abusing them AND then be surprised when it ends up with such crazyness. It doesn’t excuse what the men do, or the disinterest of authorities for self destructive young girls, but neither does it make every young girl an unwilling victim.

  25. One important point that is being missed by nearly all bloggers and comments is that the girls were groomed. The sub-human slime that perpetrated these crimes did not randomly abduct pre-teens girls at the mall. I have no particular insight to what happened in Rotherham, but our local community just went through a pedophile scandal involving a celebrity. He groomed his victims through his charity for “at risk” boys from “broken homes”. I know of two cases where the victim’s parents (unmarried of course) welcomed the pedophile involvement in their son’s life. He gave the child gifts, clothes, took him out for dinner and eventually sleep-overs. The general reaction of the parents during the grooming process was “more money for drugs”. Before the child met the monster he was emotionally abused and spiritually deprived and his change in behavior was to be quiet and withdrawn. The clueless parent’s reaction was “great, the kid has learned some manners”.
    After the fact it is easy to say everybody had to know and what a bunch of cowards, but in real time most people (including those in position of authority) dismiss rumors as fantasy and lawsuit seekers. It takes expensive training for social workers to know when to begin the inquiry. And when a prominent person (or group) is involved it takes courage for the workers and their superiors to perform the very hard and long investigation.
    Please do not take my comments as to absolve the rapists, or the community that covered up the crimes. They should suffer greatly in this life and if they do not accept Christ as their savior then will suffer for eternity. The various reasons that police, prosecutors, bureaucrats, and politicians looked the other way are complicated and specific to each person. But the solution is not more laws but the simple Catholic principle to treat every person you encounter with human dignity.
    “Amen I say to you, as long as you did it to one of these my least brethren, you did it to me.”

  26. “We are being told that the local police and the rest of the community
    were so fearful of being called out by the forces of political
    correctness that they offered up their city’s young girls to avoid it.
    This echoes tales of heretofore mythical villagers, offering up their
    daughters to appease the dragon.”

    Piercing insight – best on this horror so far, thank you. Even if as a commenter said it’s more nuanced than simply PC fears, it still stands – the girls were offered up for some worldly convenience or other.

  27. Be that as it may, (and I know there are complexities) NOTHING excuses these rapes. That’s bestial.

    Also, when people come to America (I’m not talking about the rest of the world, I mean AMERICA) they need to leave that crap where they came from and be Americans first, and only.

  28. I wasn’t trying to make excuses. What they’ve done is monstrous and unforgivable.
    I was mostly addressing the problem of extremism in the Muslim world. Is it what motivates these gangs? I don’t know, but i know that Wahhabism is spreading in the Muslim communities in the Europe and America and it must be stopped. This won’t happen when US and Britain and many other powerful countries are allies with the regimes that are supporting extremism.

  29. Thanks. I agree that there are differences between the two situations. The England situation is horrendous.

    Your final thought is somewhat what I was getting at. Those with authority didn’t act properly, and they were able to get away with it because they weren’t held accountable.

    Here in the US, we can’t impact what is happening in Britain. But I think we all have a responsibility here not to let labels, religion interfere with our
    *identification of right and wrong and defense of those who need defending.

    (Phone hiccuped & posted before I was done. Continued from *.)

  30. I don’t particularly care about labels Lark. I care about these girls. And all the other girls out there.

  31. I understand what you’re saying, and I thank you for saying it.

    My feeling is that if their loyalties are overseas and not America, then that’s where they need to be. If they come to this country and want to become Americans, they are welcome here. I have no problems with extraditing people who don’t get that.

    If they are American citizens and they become violent, we need laws and law enforcement that will deal with them, much as we dealt with the KKK in past generations. We perhaps should also rethink our immigration policies.

  32. One thing that evidently went into the Devil’s brew of Rotherham is class prejudice. Those girls came from the wrong side of the tracks from parts of town where the police expect only trouble. Many of them were “in care”, taken away from their birth families because of family violence or incest. I know of cases of girls of seventeen left in council homes without parents; they had never had a father and the mother had just moved in with another man. What did those girls do? turn to prostitution, inevitably. It’s what is expected. They find their models in the newspaper they read when they read them, in the media, and around them. Cops in that kind of neighbourhood develop rhino-hide attitudes, because, they will tell you, those people will only take advantage. It’s a part of England whose spirit has not changed since the days of Dickens: “…all he saw of children was their being generated in great numbers for certain destruction. Put the case that he often saw children solemnly tried at a criminal bar, where they were held up to be seen; put the case that he habitually knew of their being imprisoned, whipped, transported, neglected, cast out, qualified in all ways for the hangman, and growing up to be hanged. Put the case that pretty nigh all the children he saw in his daily business life he had reason to look upon as so much spawn, to develop into the fish that were to come to his net,—to be prosecuted, defended, forsworn, made orphans, bedevilled somehow…” (Great Expectations, ch.51) Except that Dickens did not have an immigrant minority ready to fish in this horrible pond according to their hate-ridden view of English girls. Th fact is that Rotherham is hardly the only place where this is known to have gone on. For years now there have been rumours coming from all over north England and as far south as Oxford, where a large similar gang was convicted of similar crimes a year or two ago.

  33. Gearbox, mention of the disgraceful Enoch Powell shows what you really are about. Powell believed that the different skin colours were in themselves reason enough for violence, and had no interest in religion at all. Likely enough, like many evil romantics of his class and type (Wilfred Thesiger, St.John Philby, etc.), he had a romanticized macho image of it, and regarded it as manlier than etiolated, effeminate, urban .Western civilization (Thesiger used to brag that he had killed a man and cut off his head during his happy days of living with Muslim nomads in the Somali desert.) Sorry, we in Europe know Fascist scum, and we will not go offer our neck to Scylla only in the vain hope of dodging Charybdis.

  34. I wholeheartedly support this statement. The Tory Blur’s conversion was and remains a joke. He actually thinks he can remould the Catholic Church in his image, and has even set up the inevitable tame foundation for the purpose.

  35. They are second or third generation, as “Pakistani” as the population of New Jersey is “Italian”. Britain made them and Britain must deal with them.

  36. “Asian” is standard British hypocritese for “British-born Muslim of Indian subcontinent ancestry”. Anyone who knows Britain would have known exactly what that meant, I assure you.

  37. No, they were white. I have a British “Asian” Muslim’s word for it that there is a strong cachet in their community for someone who has a sexual relationship with a white girl, especially if blonde – and this is north England, Viking country, with a high percentage of tall blondes. My Muslim friend was speaking of his brother’s perfectly honourable dalliance with a school friend, but then these were not underclass Muslims and their behaviour was responsible and law-abiding. When you mix these attitudes with ignorance and low caste, you get a lethal brew.

  38. An excellent article. One reason for the silence of the powers that be in Rotherham is political. The Rotherham Council is dominated by the British Labour Party. In Rotherham, as elsewhere in the U.K, the Labour Party relies on block Muslim votes to stay in power.
    Michael Arch.

  39. ” we will not go offer our neck to Scylla only in the vain hope of dodging Charybdis.”

    No, you will submit yourself and your daughters to Charybdis immediately!

    Kneeling before muslims and sacrificing your daughters will not keep you safe from these people. Paying blackmail, in money or blood, only makes the blackmailer demand more. I pity you, and those like you, who think you are “doing good” by burning down the house your forefathers built. You’re throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

  40. What I want to know and what most of the news stories leave out is what changes are being made to follow up on these crimes and will the people who ignored these children be punished. if no punishment is forthcoming then the powers in England are fine with these criminals as long as they only abuse the lower classes.

  41. That’s a shame. One would have hoped that somewhere in the new generations that some of that horrible stuff would have been “bred ” out of them! Guess not. No improvement due to the land of their birth not being Pakistan.

  42. You don’t need a Dickensian heritage to act this way/ You just need to get so burned out trying to help those who refuse to be helped that you either leave the helping professions or you stay and develop a “rhino-hide”. We have the same problems here in the US with juvenile delinquents coming from generational poverty and parental neglect. I live in one of the most liberal regions in the US, and in our fairly well-to-do school district we have 1400 homeless teens out of a total of less than 40,000 students. And those are just the ones registered and trying to attend school.

  43. Gordis, Guatemala is a very violent society. A lot of the rapes and other crimes are racist and, now are also committed by indigenous against Ladinas. Peace Corps volunteers are frequent targets.
    The class divisions are similar to the British.
    It really is very similar, lack of a basic foundation of morals and lack of regard for a God and others.
    In Islam there is a religious duty to treat others this way. It is part of the culture, so there is a qualitative difference. Watch this.

  44. Fabio, I wanted to ask you a question. The situation in Rotherham seems to be similar to a lot of places, as you say. Is the UK going to have to resort to the Spanish solution?

  45. What do you call the Spanish solution? Sorry, I missed something. But this being Britain, you will get some mealy-mouthed compromise talk and some pretty harsh action behind the scenes.

  46. There is an implicit problem in what you say: the expectation that the social worker, the policeman, and for that matter the priest and the pastor, should intend to “solve” the problems of society in those areas. That amounts to an Utopian expectation that human effort can get rid of ghettos and of the attitudes that shape them. People then get all disappointed when human nature turns out to be harder to reforrm than they thought. If the opposite principle were consciously adopted and taught – that is, that you are going into a sea of human failure to rescue anyone you can rescue – there might possibly be even more success, and certainly less disappointment and less hardening.

  47. No cop is ever punished even for murder. A few social workers may be sacked, since it is always the low man on the totem pole who pays for all. However, the perps themselves can certainly look forward to several years as guests of Her Majesty. There have already been several trials resulting in dozens of convictions, even though I suspect that much more could and should be done.

  48. We’re talking about Rotherham and what led to the problems there. Not changing society as we know it. I’m just pointing out that Rotherham may have some unique circumstances but the underlying problem isn’t unique even to Britain. I think the muslim angle and pointing fingers at the police and social workers makes for a sensational story and is a way for the larger society to distance itself from responsibility.

  49. Rebecca, this is a link to the Enoch Powell speech that this person wants to have rehabilitated. I suggest that you read it from your own perspective as a politician with great experience of certain things, and then you tell us what Powell was trying to say and what effect, in your view, he intended to have. And then you can tell me whether I am wrong or right in calling this person a shill for racism and fascism.

  50. I glanced at it and will read it in depth later Fabio. Years of holding public office has led me to believe that a just and stable government is always the greater good. Citizens must feel safe and that must in fact be safe to move about the country and live their lives. Providing for the public safety is a core function of government. I’ll read it later and get back to you Monday.

  51. Rebecca, it’s hard for me to see how we got from Pakistani peophilia to the incipient rise of fascism, but if you want to read something in reference to Enoch Powell’s speech I recommend Christopher Caldwell’s excellent 2009 book “Reflections on the Revolution in Europe: Immigration, Islam and the West” which covers this ground from a more modern perspective. Powell was speaking in 1968 about the future, Caldwell writes in detail about the past (and starts with Powell’s speech) to show how Europe got where it is.

    A sample quote (p343): There is a generation of people born between 1930 and 1960 who drew not only economic benefit from immigration but moral prestige as well. Immigration allowed them to present themselves as people of high principle. That generation now shares power with a later one, which will pay for both the economic attainments and the moral pretensions of its predecessors.

    I don’t think there’s anything “fascist” or “racist” about asking whether the “moral pretensions” of people like Fabio come at too high a cost.

  52. “no interest in religion at all?

    You mean the Enoch Powell who was for many years churchwarden of St Margaret’s Westminster, who published two collections of his writings on religion (these included many sermons delivered as a lay preacher at various Anglican parishes) and who translated Matthew’s Gospel for Yale University Press?

  53. “If Muslim radicals hate the UK so much, why do they stay?”

    Free benefits, huge support from the PC Multicultural community and the police are too scared to touch them. Not too hard to figure out.

  54. “what changes are being made to follow up on these crimes”

    None. No one’s been fired, no one will go to prison, probably not even the perpetrators themselves. The officials that looked the other way have all been shuffled around but no one will lose their jobs.

  55. I was referring to the Reconquista. Took 781 years in Spain. Mealy Mouth, haha. How did the British establish a world wide empire?

  56. I’ve re-read my post, and don’t see how you are seeing criticism of the catholic church. My point was that we all need to keep our eyes open, and not let respect for an organization blind us.

    I criticized the press for dishonesty. I criticized televangelists who slap on a jesus label to defraud. I criticized anti science, a la Ken Ham. How does any of that criticize catholics? The official position of the catholic church affirms evolution.

  57. Evil men always find a way to blame the way women are dressed. Some Muslims make their women cover up all traces of their femininity, but I suppose if a patch of skin accidentally becomes visible, it would be their fault if they get raped.

  58. Gearbox, this is a strong statement. Can you give links? I’m not challenging you. I really want to know.

  59. Hello –

    I posted a couple of these direct from the Disqus page, but they never showed up anywhere – sorry if this is a duplicate, but I wanted to make sure this was addressed.

    “Chief Superintendent Jason Harwin, police district commander for Rotherham, said no officers had faced disciplinary action… ” Source:

    “Managers who failed to protect 1,400 children from sexual abuse in Rotherham are now working in senior posts at other councils after escaping disciplinary action.” Source:

    “It has emerged that no council employees would face disciplinary action, as the authority’s chief executive Martin Kimber said there was not enough evidence to prosecute.” Source:

    Hope this helps.

  60. Anne, I am a historian and I actually have an answer to that, but it would take too long. So, for the time being, let’s just ask whether a mealy-mouthed front and iron fist behind the scenes do not amount to quite a promising formula.

  61. Gearbox, Rebecca and most people in this group know who I am and what my views are. You do not. And you could have found out by making the elementary effort of reading my posts and comments, but you preferred to just discharge the unpleasant but hilariously inaccurate and ineffective results of your unfocussed hatred. You are not even a valid target for invective. And given that you do not read and do not check, it is possible that you don’t know that the Powell speech was rooted in wholly biological racist notions. He had nothing to say about culture; as far as he was concerned, what would trigger the civil war THAT HAS NOT HAPPENED in the fifty years since he predicted it – was that the hated blacks were physically different, “of another kind”. But then, if you happen to know Latin poetry, the speech bears the mark of having been written to deceive. The quotation about “the river Tiber foaming with much blood” (Aeneid 6.87) is actually a prophecy of disaster against the rioters, led to rebellion against their rightful King Latinus by the mendacious, Powell-like demagogue Turnus – intending to expel from the country by force some Troyan immigrants. IN the poem, it is the attempt to drive the immigrants out that is wrong, unhallowed, disobedient both against the King and against the Gods. There is no way that Powell, the classics don, did not know that; there is no way that any undergraduate turning in a reading like that would have escaped a torrent of red pencil and a very scathing note at the bottom. Powell knew that he was abusing and misrepresenting the greatest of all works of Latin literature, and he had so much contempt for the rabble whom he meant to rouse, and for the journalists whose publicity he was counting on, that he expected to get away with it. And God forgive us, he has. And by this you may judge his sincerity and honour. A man who does not respect even the work (teaching the classics) that made him famous is a man with no notion of honour.

  62. It’s unfortunate that we seem destined to not get along. I did read some of your other comments on this thread and couldn’t make heads or tails of them – you seem at once a creature of the hard Right and the hard Left, someone who disagrees simply to be disagreeable. That’s as much investigating as I felt like doing. Having said that, I’ll take my leave, and since you enjoy literature so very much, let me leave you with Henry V: “Thou never shalt hear herald any more.”

  63. He has managed to be even more offensive after doing what he should have done first and read some of my stuff. And honestly, Rebecca. how would you react if some creature whom you did not know from Adam, except for the appalling fact that he is presenting the most notorious racist rabble rouser in English history as an example of moral uprightness, charged you with wanting to sell your daughters to the jihadis out of cowardice? I very much doubt whether we would hear a lot about being easy because the lout did not know you. He has done more than enough to BE known.

  64. I feel that it’s better to be called. Racist (yes it’s bad). But being a child rapist enabler which these authority folk are technically is disgraceful. Where were the decent folk hiding I see nothing. Sad really.

  65. Sad isn’t it. Child sex abuse by whoever in church outside church and no one gets punished. Why we must. Protest loud and clear all good folk unite. Otherwise it will never stop

  66. And also in all other countries they settle in even if they are n the British commonwealth they need to be deported and stripped of citizenship each country had enough of it’s own criminals don’t need more. In days gone by those girls would be sent to Australia. We now have enough. And governments should not kow tow to the lowest common denominator. Bad behaviour is bad behaviour. If you behaved that way n Muslim countries. You know the penalty

  67. Not terribly enamoured of your comment re single parent of course. And you a good catholic should not be casting g the first stone there are married families in strife too and catholic ones.

  68. I think you may have hit the nail on the head here.

    In most of the former colonies, white women have a certain cachet due to European idolization of that ethnic type. This is true among Muslim and Christian alike. Now this is ceteris paribus benign.

    But the problem is that these men in the article are members of the underclass. Now this could be restrained if there were actual working communities in these sorts of places. But Western society has since the 1960s essentially removed the sorts of restraints that would induce these men to be law-abiding, such as functioning communities. For profit, mostly (like with your Margaret Thatcher, for example).

    Basically this is a problem of foisting young men into a community in name only, and being horrified when what develops is a criminal underclass.

  69. Something like this has sort of happened in the United States. The Fort Hood shooter is a Muslim that gave off a lot of warning signs during his career with the Army but it was all ignored because the people in authority didn’t want to be called racists/bigots by the progressives.

  70. Sir,

    If in the UK one drives slightly over the speed limit, one is fined, yet the gutless police and the
    coward local officials kept quiet. Others run away to shirk responsibilities.
    The issue here is not racialism, but about the ruining of the lives of many
    innocent young girls, which has to be stopped NOW. Britain has to re-introduce
    capital punishment to mete out justice these criminals deserve.. There should be
    insistence on it by every decent person around the world, even human rights
    activists. Do you need someone to pull the rope? There would be millions of
    volunteers. All those involved must be repatriated with all their families..

    It is time that the Brits got off their backsides
    and stood up for themselves, instead of allowing cowardly PC politicians to
    destroy their country by mass intake of bodies without human decency.

    The whistle suckers should also be tried and
    severely dealt with. This is an issue about the safety of today’s and future’s
    generations, about which the citizens of the country and not pussyfooting
    politicians have to decide. If they do not, a referendum has to be organised.

    What happened to the Brits, a one time brave and honorable nation. The PC era has to go. The duty of every father is to protect his daughter. Where were you to prevent the destruction of the life of your daughters by these rodents? We Hungarians would never allow
    such atrocities to go on.

    Yours faithfully: