Book Review: Rise of ISIS, a Threat We Cannot Ignore

Book Review: Rise of ISIS, a Threat We Cannot Ignore October 27, 2014

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Jay Sekulow has written a small, much-needed counter-point to the suicidal political correctness that infects almost all public discussion about the threat of ISIS and militant Islam. This political correctness has become a kind of censorship by means of name-calling and personal attacks that sink to the level of vendettas against anyone who dares step over the line to say that, yes America, we have a problem.

Mr Sekulow refuses to accede to this, and, in the process, puts forward his own viewpoint without weakening it with protective self censorship.

To put it bluntly, ISIS is a killing machine. Its brother violent jihadists, Hamas, are more specific in who they kill and how they conduct themselves, but, based on their own statements, there is little doubt that they would kill every Jew in Israel if it wasn’t for Israeli defenses. We are witnessing the rise of organizations bent on holocaust in a determined, multi-generational way. In a manner reminiscent the 1930s, these murderers have powerful apologists in the Western world.

These apologists launch personal attacks against anyone who steps outside their dogmatic assertions by labeling them bigots and trying to destroy them professionally. They have been absolutely successful in destroying civil discussion in our society and we are much the weaker for it.

The Rise of ISIS does not excoriate all Muslims. In fact, it makes clear that Islamic people who oppose these murderous villains are our allies in the fight against them. It also says something I think should have been acknowledged a long time ago: We do not need to shoe-horn American-style democracy into societies that are not ready for it in order to oppose these satanic killing machines.

ISIS is a living libel on the name of Islam. It disfigures the notion of faith and transmutes it into an ugly self-permission to murder, rape, steal, kidnap, enslave and torture the innocent. It seeks to deify the ungodly sin of genocide and to destroy whole civilizations. It is, at base, the claim of the right to enact soul-destroying, civilization-killing dictatorship, all dressed up in a phony guise of religious sanctity.

What ISIS really amounts to is putting one satanic man, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, and his satanic philosophy of death in control of wide swaths of the world. That this man claims he has the right to enslave populations of people under his “caliphate” because of his twisted ideas of religion does not alter the fact that this is a grab for absolute power by one man.

I recommend the Rise of ISIS, a Threat We Cannot Ignore. I do not see it as an end-point in learning about the threat civilization is facing because of violent Jihad. But it is a good beginning. The primary reason I say this is because it represents a viewpoint that is expressed without self-consorship to conform to politically correct dogma in order to avoid being personally attacked.

Honest discussion of issues of almost any sort has been obliterated in our society by the threat of personal attacks. I applaud Mr Sekulow for ignoring that threat and speaking out according to what he believes. More people need to do that.

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11 responses to “Book Review: Rise of ISIS, a Threat We Cannot Ignore”

  1. Radical Islam needs to be destroyed no matter what name they take up. I suspect you’re going to see a new version every five years somewhere in the world.

  2. Thank you for the notice of this book. I will look into it. Thank you also for periodically discussing this subject, a major crisis for our time. Your previous posts indicated that you were learning about Islam and asking whether it is a religion of peace or not. This should be discussed too in order to help all of us answer that question.

    But then you write: ‘ISIS is a living libel on the name of Islam.’ This seems to indicate that you have reached some conclusions about Islam which I would like you to share with us. As for me I think Mohammed, the founder of Islam, would feel very comfortable with ISIS and that the current self-designated Caliph reflects Mohammed’s goals and way of working. The Jews and Christians of Medina 1400 years ago who lost their property and lives because of Mohammed would I think agree with me.

  3. The moral case should be the start of debate, not its end point. Is there anything in the book about the realities of the region (consider for example why Turkey is so lukewarm about the fate of Kobane, on its very border), how the war would be conducted, how we would deal with the inevitable opposition to what would be seen as occupation (however benign our motives), what should happen afterwards if it succeeds, and what might, win or lose, go wrong? Or have the authors learnt nothing from Iraq 2003?

  4. What Jay Sekulow’s Rise of ISIS does very well is show how horrible these extremist Muslims are but it doesn’t offer any solutions other than kill off all the militants, with no regard for innocent civilians and no regard for the fact we are the ones perpetuating the problem. Mr. Sekulow loses on moral grounds. I’ve detailed some solutions that Christians should be promoting at

    • Interesting Article, Kirby. I would love it if you would raise some of these issues in future discussions about this here on Public Catholic. They should spark thoughtful and fruitful conversation.

      • Thank you Rebecca. I might want to do a guest post about how the offensive against ISIS does not qualify as just under Just War Theory and/or Catholic Just War Doctrine. Would that be best done through you or the Catholic Chanel?

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