Canada: Hit and Run that Killed Soldier is Called Terrorist Attack

Canada: Hit and Run that Killed Soldier is Called Terrorist Attack October 22, 2014

Canadian authorities are doing something that American authorities appear to be incapable of doing: They are telling the truth.

They have named a recent hit and run in which Martin Rouleou-Couture used his automobile to murder one soldier and injure another at a strip mall as terrorism. The attack ended with the police shooting and killing Mr Rouleau.

Mr. Rouleau, who was Muslim, had been monitored by Canadian anti-terrorism forces since June.

According to police, he sat in his car outside a building housing military offices for around two hours before running over the soldiers. Mr Rouleau’s Facebook page evidently made statements supporting ISIS, and bashing Jews and Christians.

What is different about this and the beheading here in Oklahoma, as well as the murders at Fort Hood by Major Nidal Malik Hasan is that the Canadian government has not aggressively labeled it “workplace violence” or a “random nut” or some other mis-applied designation to avoid telling the truth.

I don’t know if Canadian talk show hosts have gone on air mocking and degrading everyone who dares to depart from the party lie that this is workplace violence, as they did after the beheading here in Oklahoma. I do know that if this was America, the national media would ignore the story if possible, and then, if forced to report it, would label it the action of a “lone nut.”

They would then follow up with “round-table discussions” engaging in sophomoric attacks calling anyone who raises any other possibility than the party lie a racist, bigot, lying fool.

After the tawdry display over the beheading which happened here in Oklahoma, I no longer look to my government or most of the media for anything resembling truth about these things. They are engaged in propaganda. Nothing more.

Will the Canadian Prime Minister ignore the victims of this terrorism while sending high-placed government officials thousands of miles to read a greeting at the mosque where this terrorist worshipped?

Will both the government and the press diss the victims in this tragedy the way that the American president and much of the American media dissed both the victims and the people of Oklahoma when the beheading occurred here? I hope not.

Given that Canadian authorities are actually being honest with their people instead of attempting to propagandize and control them, maybe things will play out differently there. It would be way past good if it did.

America’s elected officials and media could both use a few lessons in honesty from somebody.

From The New York Times:

OTTAWA — A hit-and-run car crash that killed one soldier and injured another this week was a terrorist attack, Canadian politicians, police and military commanders all suggested Tuesday, saying it had resulted from another Canadian’s turn to radical Islam.

But little had emerged about why the man driving the car, Martin Rouleau-Couture, became radicalized last year or ran over the two soldiers at a strip mall in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, on Monday.

The attack, which ended with the police fatally shooting Mr. Rouleau, as he was known, came at a time when Prime Minister Stephen Harper, like most of his Western counterparts, has been vigorously denouncing the Islamic State movement and warning of possible domestic terrorist attacks. Mr. Harper’s government has indicated that it is about to introduce new antiterrorism legislation, a move that troubles some civil liberties lawyers.

But the death of Patrice Vincent, 53, a warrant officer, and the wounding of an unidentified soldier underscored the difficulty the police and intelligence agencies face when dealing with radicalized citizens.

Superintendent Martine Fontaine of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said at a televised news conference that a special antiterrorism force had begun monitoring Mr. Rouleau in June and arrested him a month later when he was about to fly to Turkey. He was released for lack of evidence that he intended to join a terrorist group. Meetings between the Mounted Police and Mr. Rouleau, 25, continued until Oct. 9.

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11 responses to “Canada: Hit and Run that Killed Soldier is Called Terrorist Attack”

  1. I’m going to bet that Stephan Harper, the Prime Minister of Canada, is not going to wus out and call this something inane like work place violence. Unlike our fearless leader, Stephan Harper is going to call it Islamic terrorism.

  2. I would imagine that if the Oklahoma beheader had attacked Congress instead of two unarmed Oklahoma women, his acts would also have been named terrorism. I think the problem here is that these women were considered acceptable collateral damage, not even worthy of an official statement of regret for what they suffered.

  3. > “I think the problem here is that these women were considered acceptable
    collateral damage, not even worthy of an official statement of regret
    for what they suffered.”

    This sentence sums up pretty much everything wrong in America.

  4. Listen Manny and listen closely, I certainly don’t want to start a panic here in Canada but I did leave a comment on your blog before seeing this post and after reading “IT”… please remember that this is not news to me and I’ve invited “The Holy Spirit” to also keep tap on “IT” all… Just a few who know that I’m not really dangerous in any way and I forgive our municipality government for having taken my twenty two rifle away from me in the early nineties for five years… In all fairness I was sent a letter in 1995 that if I brought in an F.A.C. and it must be Canadian…;) Anyway!… There was no problem physicall doing so but mentally speaking, sinner vic said that he’ll do that when Hell freezes over… long story short… sinner vic says that they best gift wrap “IT” and send “IT” personally with an apology and he’ll start believing in The Holy Spirit…lol

    I hear YA Manny! Let’s keep praying cause “IT” sounds like sinner vic might be thinking that a special anti terrorism force may have begun monitoring him also…lol

    Really? Go Figure!

    The Lord sure does work in mysterious ways. LOL 🙂

    God Bless Peace

  5. All I know is that Stephan Harper has down a superb job up in Canada. Your economy is kicking our butt, even though you experience the same down turn back in 2008. The difference is that Harper did not believe in government stimulus and held firm on spending. And look at the difference! Is there any way we could import Harper to be our President over here? 😉

  6. ((( All I know is that Stephan Harper has done a superb job up in Canada.)))

    Trust me Manny, no body wants sinner vic to start telling any human cells how he indirectly in a dream elected our last three Canadian Prime Ministers…

    All kidding aside Manny! I don’t want to get into trouble again cause I really got hell by one of our educated… let me just say blood line for having told the truth and it was miss understood… I wrote about it on a few occasions… I use to be a fanatic parliament watcher before Mr Harper got elected… long story short… at the time The Conservative were the only opposition to SSM… and as far as I knew, Mr. Harper was not even a Catholic… anyway at the time, his party believed that marriage was only between a man and a woman… and I had always been a Liberal and even wrote a few letters to The Right Honourable Pierre E. Trudeau when he was in office… As I was about to say, and longer story shorter… after same-sex marriage law was passed in our Canadian parliament by only one vote… a man who was dying of Can…NEVER MINE… i wrote Mr. Harper a letter telling him that if there really was a GOD in heaven then he would be our next ‘Canadian Prime Minister’… what a co-incident… at the time he was about 38% down in the poles and he wrote back thanking me for my trust in him…

    Manny… YA certainly don’t want sinner vic also telling you that some of his spiritual cells spoke to a few soul cells of the former finance minister Jim Flaherty who died at an early age of 64, God Bless his soul… anyway… these spiritual cells apparently told him that he would be leaving his friends The Conservatives a Seven comes…. I mean Eleven Billion dollar tax wind….fall…NEVER MINE…

    Manny be careful who YA talk to on some blogs… don’t YA know that we only serve cold water here…

    The words of the day is ‘INKWheelding warm water’…

    I hear you Rebecca! What are you talking about Victor?

    Go Figure! LOL 😉

    God Bless Peace

  7. ((( Is there any way we could import Harper to be our President over here? 😉 )))

    Hey Manny! “I” don’t think that your President is really that bad… well nothing that a good friendly game of golf couldn’t solve with a few angels… Really! the last time I played golf with a couple of angels… after I finished and took store of the game of golf with them… long story short, it brought my handy cap so low that on our Pine Wood tournament, they let Jay Aspin… son of Jim Aspin win first place and the angels let me win a trophy for most improved handy cap… by the way the angels also gave Jay Aspin a post as an MP with our Federal Conservative…

    Until next time

    God Bless Peace