Ebola: The 2014 Outbreak Explained

Ebola: The 2014 Outbreak Explained October 10, 2014


This video is a couple of weeks behind the curve, but it still contains information that we need to know.

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2 responses to “Ebola: The 2014 Outbreak Explained”

  1. Thanks for posting this. There is a lot of craziness floating around. This video is reasonable and informative, if a little optimistic. But, I’ve found that with infections the results are always worse than you would hope but better than expected.thank God. Lord, Have Mercy! Our Lady of Kibeho, Pray for our brothers and sisters and those in need in Africa.

  2. No need to panic, just prepare a little and rest well. It’s because some people are prepared, and others are not. If your immune system is working the way it is supposed to, then Ebola, HIV, Bird/Swine and the standard winter Flu will not have much of an effect on you. I make it a point to keep my immune system boosted by taking natural supplements, drinking alkaline water (disease can’t live in an elevated pH body very long.) I regularly take colloidal silver (a natural anti-bacterial and anti-viral agent) and natural zeolite.

    What I don’t take or do is vaccines. I’ve had my share over 30 years ago in the Marine Corps and got sick all the time, mostly right after the vaccination! I haven’t seen the inside of a hospital (as a patient) for over 35 years. I worked as a medic too and was exposed to lots of ill people, but rarely got more than a sniffle that lasted a couple days. I do workout and eat organic (non bug sprayed foods) as much as possible.

    You can discover more about how the Ebola virus affects your body and what to do to protect yourself proactively against that or even the common Flu virus that affects a thousand times more people each year, by checking out the following article: http://www.thehealingfrequency.com/ebola-virus-outbreak-can/