ISIS and the Braggadocio of Serial Killers

ISIS and the Braggadocio of Serial Killers January 24, 2015
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons, by Aia Fernandez,
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons, by Aia Fernandez,

ISIS is organized murder’s answer to every lone serial killer who yearns for recognition.

Just like Ted Bundy who famously claimed that when he killed someone he “felt like God,” and John Wayne Gacy who denied wrongdoing by saying “I didn’t kill anybody, I just took out the trash,” ISIS is proud of what they do and will tell anybody that there’s nothing wrong with it.

ISIS connects its murderous behavior with Islam and makes the claim that ISIS is the sole arbiter of what is Islam. They are just as eager to kill other Muslims who don’t bend the knee to their satanic interpretation of faith as they are to kill Christians and members of other faiths.

ISIS is satanic. They are organized, well-funded serial killers, and like all serial killers, they style themselves as something much different from the measly little nothings that they really are. Also like most serial killers, they love the spotlight. They want to be recognized for the monsters they are. Like their master, they enjoy the terror, horror and rage they cause. That’s a big part of the pay-back for sending themselves to hell.

Not content with horrifying the West, ISIS has now released a tape of themselves, murdering a bound and helpless Japanese prisoner named Haruna Yukawa. As usual, they displayed another Japanese prisoner, Kenji Goto, who they say they will kill next. This is undoubtedly an attempt to extort money from the Japanese government to buy the remaining prisoner’s release.

I know that many Muslims are shamed and outraged by ISIS. I hope that all good people of every faith can unite in putting them down, hard. We need to end ISIS, and there should be no legal amnesty for those who have aligned themselves with them. I think we should hunt those who have supported ISIS with their money, and who have journeyed to join them in their killing, to the ground. If it takes decades, we should track them down, every one of them, and put them before the bar.

ISIS is serial killing on an international scale. The whole world needs to unite in ending it.

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3 responses to “ISIS and the Braggadocio of Serial Killers”

  1. I keep hoping that somewhere, somehow, one of the insiders involved with ISIS will blow the whistle on them and cause them havoc. I know we are to pray for our enemies but I find them to be last or not at all on my list…I will try to remember.

    To be honest though with so much going on in the world, every single day, I just want to stay in bed, under the covers, lost, and in a deep sleep.

    Let’s keep praying for each other.

  2. ISIS is actually slightly more Islamic than Al Qaida. At least ISIS jihad is organized under a caliph.

    That also makes them far easier to beat- because while they’re into murdering civilians right now, you can fight them like an army instead of like small independent terrorist cells. This is no different than defeating Hitler, and that’s the way we have to treat it.

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