Woman Brags that She Aborted Her Baby Because He was a Boy

Woman Brags that She Aborted Her Baby Because He was a Boy February 9, 2015

Photo Source Flickr Creative Commons by Britt-knee https://www.flickr.com/photos/lsuchick142/
Beautiful, precious, baby boy. Photo Source Flickr Creative Commons by Britt-knee https://www.flickr.com/photos/lsuchick142/

The woman in question is Lana.

Lana wrote a post for a blog called Injustice Stories. I don’t know if Injustice Stories is a series of confabulations or not, but even if it is, it’s still horrifying. In one blog post she related how she murdered her baby boy with abortion just because he was a boy. As chilling as that is, the post is worse.

It’s a long explanation about how this woman killed her own child because she saw it as some sort of execution in the name of women’s rights. This was no “I thought it was a blob of tissue” abortion. It was a deliberate, considered murder of an innocent child because she “couldn’t bring another monster” into the world.

Her feeling is that a baby boy is a monster because all male human beings are monsters.

I don’t know what to say about this woman. I have no idea if it was horrific events that made her this way or if she’s just using her totally bogus version of feminism to glorify her own psychopathy.

I do know that, based on her own words, she murdered her baby. As I said, this was not a confusion. She was not in a terrible plight. She simply killed her baby because he was a boy and he would grow up to be a man and she hates men. She ends “if the curse returns, I will do exactly the same thing again.”

In a follow-up post she reacts to the things people have said in response to her story. “Do people really exist who want to see me dead because of what I chose to do with my own body,” she asks. “Those are the minds of mentally disturbed individuals.”

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8 responses to “Woman Brags that She Aborted Her Baby Because He was a Boy”

  1. She’s sick.

    Baby boys are precious. I remember when I had the joy of babysitting my precious nephews…loved them to bits with lots of smooches, hugs and tickles. Read them stories, fed them, bathed them, sang to them.^^

    They are all grown up now and I still love them to bits and they me. ^^

    How anyone could look at men and see only monsters is beyond me.

    Sadly, this sick woman has proven herself to be a monster too.

  2. That woman is a mental case, in need of much psychological help or perhaps in house mental help. Does she realize that without the males in the world there would be no females? Unfortunately she waited to find out the gender and IMO, that is too late, way past the 12 week limit I tend to support. She should have carried to term and put him up for adoption to be loved and raised. Obviously her hate didn’t allow her to do that. What a shame.

  3. The reason many in modern feminism view men to be monsters is they invented this idea of rape culture a long time ago and they teach one another that rape isn’t just a horrible crime committed by one person on another person but instead that there is this entire culture which somehow supports rape and considers it acceptable and they will reach for any threads they can find to support that belief. If you really strongly believe in rape culture, then it’s nearly impossible to not hate and distrust all men or nearly all men. Honestly their invention of rape culture in many ways has IMO made modern feminism a hate group in a lot of ways because it takes and creates a vehicle by which collective guilt for any rape that occurs can be (in the view of feminists) spread to any male in existence. This has caused many to hold the view that all their problems are because of men.

  4. Be careful with this discussion folks. This is a difficult issue precisely because our society does tolerate violence against women and children, including rape, and because much of our entertainment industry promotes it.

    I can tell you for a fact that trying to pass legislation that deals with violence against women and children in a male-dominated legislative body is quite difficult, precisely because of this.

    One reason why is that good men who would never think of doing such a thing fear being confused with bad men. But there is another reason, and it confounds me, good men often identify with rapists. If you bring this to their attention, they re-think it. It seems to be an unconcious thing.

    Both men and women operate from fear when it comes to this discussion, which leads to them misunderstanding one another.

    Let’s try to discuss it here in a way that gets past that and speaks to the question from a viewpoint of the common good for all, both men and women.