Apple Watch Review: Do NOT Buy

Apple Watch Review: Do NOT Buy April 25, 2015
Apple Watch: $349 to $17,000. Religious Freedom: Priceless. Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by Shinya Suzuki
Apple Watch: $349 to $17,000. Religious Freedom: Priceless. Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by Shinya Suzuki

I’m not buying an Apple Watch.

In fact, as Apple obsoletes the many Apple products I own, I plan to replace them with products from another company. When Apple obsoletes my Mac Pro, my sons and I are going to build a computer. I’ll probably do another post on that decision at another time.

Until Tim Cook took off after my First Amendment rights, I was a fanatic Apple fan girl. I’ve got a desktop, laptops, a phone and a tablet to replace over time. I assume Apple will help me with this with their new Tim Cook method of forcing Apple owners to buy new products by obsoleting the ones they have.

I already have an old Mac Pro and a Gen 1 iPad that ain’t doin’ nothin’ because Apple obsoleted them. I gave the iPad to one of my kids and he tells me it’s unusable because it will no longer run Safari. I also have an obsoleted iPhone out there, somewhere. I donated that, so I don’t know what’s happening with it.

So I know without doubt that every single Apple product I own will take a dirt bath due to Apple obsoleting it, and that will probably happen fairly soon. That alone is reason enough to look elsewhere for replacements. But I’ve been such a fan girl that I allowed the company to do this to me.

Until now. I’ll put up with them ripping me off by maliciously obsoleting my expensive tech stuff. I’ll tolerate Apple Maps, which still sends me on long trips to nowhere when all I want to do is cross the street. I’ve accepted the many different plugs necessary to charge my laptops, and I work around the inconvenience of no cd player on my Mackbook Air. I’ll even tolerate the bizarre and unfixed bug in their operating system that keeps telling me that my computer can’t sync with iCloud and inviting me to open iCloud preferences and fix this.

But using my money to go after my First Amendment rights is a bridge too far. Because you see, it is my money. And yours. All those billions Apple has? That market share that keeps growing? That bounding stock price?

Your money and mine filled those coffers and pushed that stock price.

If you want to spend your money to finance attacks on your First Amendment rights, then go for it. This is America. People can be as politically suicidal as they want. But me and my $$ are going elsewhere.

To begin with, I’m skipping the Apple Watch. If I decide I must have a smart watch, Pebble Watch is ready when I am. Actually, I think Pebble Watch is the cool buy, anyway. Pebble is the number one seller of smart watches. They are the innovators who created the entire smart watch market. They are, in many ways, what Apple once was; a cool, founder-run company innovating itself into our hearts.

If you want to be a herd-follower and donate your dollars to attacks on your First Amendment freedoms, buy the Apple Watch. But if you want to be uber cool, buy the Pebble Watch. Just go to Amazon, type in Pebble Watch, and you’ll see a long list of great choices, all for a lot less $$ than the Apple Watch.

When I first said that I was leaving Apple, a few commenters on other sites said that they “don’t do boycotts.” If that’s true, they’re safe.

This is not a boycott. What I am suggesting is that you make an individual decision as the individual that you are that you will not spend your money in ways that support those who attack religious freedom. That is exactly what I’m doing. This is my decision. It is about me and my $$ and my personal loyalty to the things I believe.

I am capable of taking a stand all by myself.

Are you?

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21 responses to “Apple Watch Review: Do NOT Buy”

  1. I was priced out of the Apple products long ago because of their planned obsolescence strategy. Since I basically surf the internet, watch a few videos and require only rudimentary word processing and a little bit of excel, all the extra bells and whistles are pretty much meaningless to me. But yup, this is another reason not to buy apple products.

  2. My own rMBP is probably good for a few years, so I don’t need to worry there yet.

    But I do need to worry about a replacement for an old tablet. Before this started my plan was to get an iPad. But now I am trying to find other options.

    My problem is I need something that has a good deal of storage space interiorly–my previous tablet (Android) is pretty limited on what it can put on the memory card, so a lot of it ended up filling an extremely limited amount of system storage.

    So, do you have any ideas on where I might look for something with these needs? On an iPad I was looking for 64gb memory.

    • My son says I should look at the Microsoft Surface. It’s bigger than the iPad, but much more capable for doing work. The key for me is that anything I get needs to run Scrivener.

      • I own a Surface Pro 3, best computer I’ve ever owned. I used to be an Apple gal, but those days are long gone. Apple’s elitism turns me off not to mention their pricing. I’m still rooting for Microsoft…and windows 10 especially.

    • They’ve been doing this for years. I only ever had a Nano, but when they deliberately and unnecessarily rendered my dock/speakers obsolete, I bailed.

      Android isn’t perfect, but it is open source, which means there will never be conspiracies like Apples, and there will always be competition and innovation, even within the platform.

  3. Yep. I’m sick of the obsoleting, not fixing stuff they should, and fascist exclusivity. But, when they don’t respect me and just build their tech stuff, but shoot off their mouths with my money and act like tyrants, that’s enough. These people are the new Robber Barons, and, worse than the old ones, they are trying to take over the government and dictate our behavior. There are lots of stuff available for when my Apple stuff starts to die.

  4. “I gave the iPad to one of my kids and he tells me it’s unusable because it will no longer run Safari” You might want to explain that one….. any hardware will continue running the same software as it did before obsolescence…. you just may not be able to install new versions of the same software. Only software that communicates with a server will stop running….

    • Easy explanation: Safari now crashes whenever he tries to use it. Apple automatically downloads software, if you’re not careful. Ask me about what they recently did to Aperture. :-(. You can still watch movies with the iPad, but you have to download them through your computer. An iPad that won’t work with the internet is just a pad.

      • Safari crashes or the website crashes….. I know many websites crash on older iPads because of the lack of necessary ram, a hardware limitation. (I cannot test on my iPad 1 since it is long gone due to sticky fingers of an unknown type). Unfortunately I cannot compare to other tablets that year that I know of, but I would also not be surprised if Android tablets are not obsolete as well…. and you cannot install new versions of that. I know that older microsoft phones also are obsolete since they cannot run new versions of the operating system.

        As far as Mac Pro’s etc. I am currently responding to you on my Mac Pro (Early 2008) and it is old but still runs the latest OS (older than that they don’t because of 32 vs 64 bit chip vs operating system). Eventually it will not be able to be updated, and when that day comes…. I will decide whether to continue running an old version of the OS or install Linux and use it as a server…. I do have a 2009 mac mini that is still also running the latest operating system. Up until 2007 I ran windows, and most of the hardware was obsolete within 3 or 4 years and replaced…. this is the longest I have stuck on the same hardware…. (I could easily use the mac hardware for a decade at this rate). I can tell you the first PC that I had at home was an IBM PC with DOS 1.1 and it became obsolete fairly fast…. it tends to happen more rapidly the earlier on with technology (i.e. version 1,2 etc.) — then lengthen over time. So yes, if I were in the market for an iWatch (not for me) — it would not surprise me if it were obsolete in 2 or 3 years…. being an early adopter for the heck of it just does not pay off unless you make money off being an early adopter.

        Now if you are still one that likes to hang onto technology devices and expect to use them forever… and are still running a CRT monitor/TV or something…. always be aware that running old hardware may cost you more than replacing it. Last year I still saw an CRT TV here that you could still buy and use…. which was silly since yes, you could buy it for cheaper but then ….. the LCD which was more expensive….. cost less in electricity. I still remember my parents using my grandmothers old fridge in the basement — then eventually decommissioning it and that one fridge in a 4,000 square foot home….. made a noticeable difference in the electrical bill…. Sometimes things are obsolete and people refuse to accept it.

        The difference between Microsoft and Apple is that Apple is more upfront about the obsolescence…. they block new versions when the hardware will not support it. Microsoft allows you to install it even if it is unusable because the hardware is 4 times slower than newer hardware…. and even Microsoft eventually obsoletes stuff (i.e. Windows XP and soon Windows 7).

        • Fangirl that I am, I gave my 2008 Macbook to a family member when it went obsolete. Didn’t really bother me all that much, since it had been such good machine. As for the Mac Pro the obsoleted: I expected better.

          What I said, I meant. When they obsolete what I have, it is being replaced by something other than Apple for one reason: I value my First Amendment rights.

          Tim Cook the individual can think and say what he wants. Doesn’t bother me. But when he drags Apple’s corporate clout into it, and then goes at my First Amendment rights, Apple gets the gate around my house.

  5. Oh, Ms. H, prepare to be flamed. The iDrones are gonna crucify you for sure. You’ve offended their religious sensibilities worse than if you’d smashed up some little silver idols.

  6. Independently from the abominable political choices of Steve Jobs’ successors, the feeling about the Apple watch on the net seems to be bad. I have seen several articles inviting readers not to buy it for a whole variety of reasons. Me, of course, I have a simple one: I can’t afford to carry a status symbol on my wrist and I have no need for it.

    • You are right, there are some issues with some applications early on…. not really that much of a surprise…. I can actually remember when sports watches were this expensive (in today’s money), so yes it is expensive — but then it is still more functional than those old sports watches (and more stylish). For me…. meh! Maybe in 3 years….. but probably not.

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