Killing Grandma to Kiss the Zeitgeist.

Killing Grandma to Kiss the Zeitgeist. April 18, 2015
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by Miran Rijavec
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by Miran Rijavec

Poor Brittany Maynard.

Brittany Maynard was a young woman who had terminal brain cancer. She opted to kill herself. She used assisted suicide as her method. She did this in a highly-publicized way that made her the poster girl for assisted suicide advocates, everywhere.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, her actions have inspired a number of states and one municipality to jump on the assisted suicide bandwagon.

Poor Brittany Maynard.

She not only had to face God with her own murder on her soul, but she may very well end up being indirectly responsible for  the medical murders of countless other people.

Make no mistake about it. Assisted suicide is murder. In fact, it is murder done twice. The person murders themselves. And doctors who assist in this murder them, also.

I am aware that suicide is a difficult subject to discuss in these terms for the simple reason that much of the time, the person who commits suicide is basically out of their minds. Depression and despair can create a mental fog that makes clear thinking temporarily impossible. Does God give these people a pass? I don’t know.

I only know what I learned from a person close to me who almost committed suicide. This person was in the emotional depths of hopelessness and despair. What stopped them was that they heard a voice telling them to stop, that they could not face God having done this. Was it their guardian angel who spoke to them, or was it the Holy Spirit? I lean toward guardian angel, but, of course, I don’t know.

The important point for the purpose of this blog post is that it was made clear to my friend that suicide does not get a free pass on the other side. In fact, it was clear enough to stop them from killing themselves and take suicide as an option away from them forever.

Assisted suicide is much more deliberate than the action I’m describing. So far as the doctor who participates in it and the politicians who vote for it are concerned, it is  planned and considered cold blooded murder.

How does God judge all this? I don’t know. But after my friend’s experience, I am sufficiently certain that suicide is a grave matter to say without reservation, “Poor Brittany Maynard.”

I would add poor idiot politicians who vote for this, and poor indifferent judges who find for it. When you are in political office, sophisticated arguments in favor of every evil humans can devise come at you from all directions. You are flattered, cajoled, threatened and “reasoned” with on a continual basis.

People who get elected without having thought these things through on a deep, deep level are easy prey for these manipulations. For instance, one formerly pro life legislator I know can not even sit down and have dinner with me without going off in a rant over abortion.


He got “reasoned with” and had things “explained” to him until he got completely turned around on what he knows down in his heart is the right thing to do. He betrayed himself because he allowed these master confusers to confuse him. And I, even though I am now out of office, stand as a contradiction to all this. I bother him, big time, so he tries to start fights with me about abortion every time we’re together.

That happened a lot when I was in office. I had people yelling at me because they had to vote on pro life bills that made them miserable every single time one of those bills came up. They would cast their vote, then come back to my desk and say something ugly to me. It did not matter if I was the author of the bill or not.

I serve much the same purpose for a few bloggers and commenters here at Patheos. They try to take it out on me that they are doing all the wrong things, and down in their hearts they know it, but they are slaves to their public personas and public affiliations. They do what they know is wrong, and then they look for someone else to direct their moral indigestion onto.

That’s what a conflicted conscience does to people.

There is no more conflicted conscience than someone who is so enthralled with the zeitgeist that they commit dastardly deeds on its behalf.

And assisted suicide is a dastardly deed. It is murder.

It is medical murder.

It is perversion of the medical license to heal into a license to kill.

Assisted suicide, as well as abortion, is a Mengele factory in our medical community. The fact is, that some doctors enjoy doing this. They are true killers. Assisted suicide laws tear down the legal protections concerning human life and set these killers free to ply their trade at will.

Four states have legalized medical murder.

Montana’s assisted suicide law was legislated by a runaway court. In Montana, it is legal for doctors to kill people at all ages, right down to the tiniest baby. There is no requirement that victims be terminally ill.

Oregon and Washington passed voter referendums allowing medical murder in their state. They set the lower age for victims at 18 years. Vermont is the only state so far to pass an assisted suicide law through its legislature. It, too, sets the lower age limit at 18 years. All three states require that victims be certified as having less than six months to live.

These things sound as if some states at least tried to set limits on medical murder. But once you legalize murder, controlling it is a bit difficult.  In practice these protections have turned out to be political salve. People are killed in violation of the protections in these states.

Thanks to Obamacare, my mother is constantly harassed about end of life directives every time she enters a hospital. Not only that, but I’ve caught nurses trying to get her to sign an advanced directive stating that she wanted food and water withheld. They do this when I’m out of the room.

My mother actually had the pen in her hand, and was going to sign until I waylaid the whole thing.

If this trend toward legalizing medical murder continues, I have no doubt that the day will come when you and I will be harassed and confronted about signing to have ourselves and our loved ones murdered in exactly the same way.

It won’t be long before we’re hearing that every doctor must be trained in administering assisted suicide and that Catholic hospitals are being sued because they won’t perform assisted suicides. We’ll read stories about non-profit organizations faced with losing funding if they won’t refer for assisted suicides.

Then, there will be the big debates about how we can’t pass legislation for domestic violence and human trafficking because they don’t pay for assisted suicide and if we gave a care about these poor women we’d give them access to assisted suicide. I’m pretty sure that at some point, we’ll start hearing Martin Luther King, Jr quotes used to justify assisted suicide.

This will happen. Just hide and watch.

As I said, an increasing number of states are considering the option of dealing with Medicaid costs by legalizing medical murder. They do this under the guise of “compassion” for the dying.

That’s nonsense. If they had “compassion” for the dying, there are all sorts of things they could do that would help both them and their caregivers.

But killing grandma is easier and cheaper than taking care of grandma.

And that, not compassion, is the bottom line with medical murder.


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16 responses to “Killing Grandma to Kiss the Zeitgeist.”

  1. It is murder. Chilling that they would try to get your impaired mother to sign away your life. This is horrible.
    To me it is very weird when these death promoters call us bigots.

    • Anne, if you know anyone who is elderly and who you may have some say about their health care, be prepared to fight for their lives. Every hospital or rehab facility I have taken my elderly parents to, even Catholic ones, are not there to do what they can to prolong the person’s life. These elderly people are just a list of illness and disabilities to them, and the older they are and longer the list, the more they are determined to be “suffering” and “have no quality of life.”

      My mom had paralysis from a stroke, incontinence of the bladder and the bowel, dysphasia (swallow problems), cognitive impairment (from the stroke) that eventually went to dementia (but she still knew who we were and knew our names), congestive heart failure (well controlled with low dosage of water pill), and atrial fibrillation (controlled by a pacemaker). To the doctors, we were monsters that prolonged her suffering. But she wanted to live, even as she was. She told us so. And we wanted her to live, even with the intense amount of work to keep her going each day.

      Be prepared, that even when death is coming, doctors will want to hasten it with morphine. Everyone MUST inform themselves about what is going on in hospitals and hospices with the elderly. They overdose them to hasten death. They use the Catholic teaching as a loophole that it is “okay if you only intend to alleviate the suffering, even if it causes death.” But they overdose them. You may not intend to cause death, but they know it will, and do it even when it is not necessary.

      • I know exactly what you are talking about. I’ve seen it happen. I’m a nurse and worked in the OR for years. Fortunately nobody wants anybody to die in the OR. I can’t tell you how many arguments I’ve had with people about helping them out of their suffering. As I’ve gotten old, I realize that what I thought was suffering when I was 25 is nothing now.
        We do need to be vigilant. It is very hard to convince relatives who have been brainwashed that each human being has intrinsic value regardless of level of pain.

  2. “…my mother is constantly harassed about end of life directives every time she enters a hospital.”
    My mom had a stroke after an operation when she was 82. We took care of her at home. (I held the Health Care Power of Attorney.) She lived to be 98. Every time, EVERY TIME she went into the hospital in those intervening 15 1/2 years for one thing or another (about 5 times) we were pressured to sign a DNR, and the last time, to sign a POLST. It wasn’t just asking us and accepting our answer of “no.” It was various professionals (doctors, nurses, social workers…) coming in to take a crack at us, every time. I was convinced that to sign a DNR was to say, well, don’t give it everything you’ve got to get her well again.
    I told my mom, DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING. Tell them to talk to me. She never signed. And neither did I.
    God rest her beautiful soul.

  3. This is an interesting discussion. I take issue with your pithy headline, though. No one wants to be part of the ‘zeitgeist.’ And who is a ‘death promoter (per other commenter)?’ There is clearly a problem with addressing end-of-life care and there may be lots of options for solving issues prior to reaching the point of assisted suicide. And there are many people who are very ill and dying who are pushed into inappropriate attempts to preserve the body because of fear of death (on the parts of those around them). Life does end, and sometimes it ends painfully. A really comprehensive improvement in access to palliative care would eliminate most of your concerns.

    • K, go into any hospital with several “problem”, medical speak for diseases of aging. They constantly try to get you to sign advanced directives, DNR orders, and they medicate older people and children with Downs, for example to unconsciousness. They always excuse it saying, well, I wouldn’t want to live like that. Well, it isn’t up to them.
      All human beings have intrinsic value.
      These people are taught to the point of brainwashing and, yes, they participate in the spirit of the age.
      Btw, if you still don’t believe it, see Ezekiel Emmanuel. He believes we should withhold medical care from those over 75 because quality of life.

  4. The most important thing all of us can do is to pray for the conversion of this country. God has never allowed a country to continue down the road of knocking off their innocent citizens for an extended period of time without some kind of intervention. We need to change our ways.

  5. The only war that has ever been waged is the one between mans will and Gods Will. When you look closely at the individual conflicts (battles) we find those who live in an obstinate state of grievous mortal sin are all agents of Satan. Thus they have access to his super human mind with all its lies and prompts. Assisted suicide proponents say they are mercifully putting the victim out of misery yet no one has ever been able to ask the person how they feel after their dead. I asked a Hemlock society member if this fact had any bearing on his accepting of such a grave permanent decision. His response was purely satanic and is the same response we all hear when we fall into sin. DON’T WORRY! YOU’RE OKAY!.

  6. It is wrong to be ask people about end-of-life directives who have dementia and similar diagnoses. They cannot make an informed decision.

    There is nothing wrong with asking people who are in their right mind what they want at the end of their life and following their wishes. That has nothing to do with assisted suicide.

    Everyone needs to face the fact that their days are numbered. No one lives forever. It’s better to really think about decisions like this when you aren’t facing a medical crisis. Not pleasant, but absolutely necessary.

    • I’ve no problem with making end of life directives available as an option. But nagging people about it constantly — which is what has been my experience — becomes bullying. That applies even when the patient is capable of deciding for themselves.

        • Sus, with all due respect, have you dealt with someone with dementia? What you’re suggesting is not feasible. These people cannot defend themselves, and when medical staff go behind their family’s backs, it becomes outrageous.

          • I took care of my husband’s grandmother for 6 years. 2 of those were after she was very ill. That experience and my own serious illness that I have taught me that everyone should have end-of-life directives when they are in their right mind.

            Maybe it’s different where I live. I’ve never seen anyone trying to kill anyone off with the end-of-life directives. I see the opposite – talking people into medical treatment when it harms instead of helps because they have Medicare and private insurance.

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