Vatican and Nuns Reach Agreement

Vatican and Nuns Reach Agreement April 18, 2015

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons.
Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons.

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3 responses to “Vatican and Nuns Reach Agreement”

  1. I am really thrilled about this. No schism, no thrown out of the church. Our women religious are so important to our Catholic institutions. I welcome them back with a loving heart. I don’t care that they are left wing, and you know how conservative I am. As long as they stay within the church Magisterium (as i try to, despite some my differences) then I don’t care that they advocate in opposition to me. God bless them. They are our sisters in Christ.

  2. If the greetings in the video were accurate they did not in any way express the usual affection and respect usually reserved for the Holy Father.
    Guess I should not be surprised, considering those involved.

  3. Am glad they are no longer at odds. The 2 nuns I had the privilege of teaching with for 10 years were caring, loving women and a credit to the Church. The older Sister had lived through WWII while getting her “training” . She was an American but the Order’s headquarters (if you will) were in Belgium. She joined the Order right out of high school. The Church needs these women. IMO, the men need to allow a bit of disagreement occasionally.