The Crusades, Christian Bashing and Our Two-Tier Educational System

The Crusades, Christian Bashing and Our Two-Tier Educational System May 1, 2015

NOTE: I noticed a couple of comments on other topics that reflect the popular ignorance about the Crusades. Since this ignorant and inaccurate mis-use of history has routinely been used for Christian bashing, I’m going to re-run the series on the history of the Crusades. I will probably run it many times. It’s just a bit of light, shining in the lies-about-history-Christian-bashing-propaganda darkness. 

Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by

Our two-tier educational system has become essentially a trade-school education for people who live in most of the zips codes of these United States. Among other things that kids in most of our schools aren’t taught are music, philosophy, the arts and history.

It is entirely possible to graduate from our public school system, go on to college and earn advanced degrees and never learn anything of these subjects at all except a smidgen of anthologized literature and a gloss of textbook history, along with the state-mandated history of the state in which the schools exists.

No one reads original sources in most of our educational system. Except for those who are being fed the royal jelly at our elite schools, students are taught almost entirely from hideously expensive textbooks. That means everything they learn is shallow, predigested, committee-approved and edited to conformity of thought.  The “curriculum” is homogenized multiple-choice-oriented trade school stuff designed to train hirable employees for lower level positions — ranging from middle management on down — at one of our corporate or government bureaucracies.

Our educational system actually works against creating thinkers and decision makers. It works toward developing shallow thinkers who can blast through a multiple choice test. The trouble with that, of course, is that multiple choice tests always give you the answer. There’s no thinking involved.

This universal ignorance leads to a population that is like the proverbial goose, born into a new world every day. It also makes We The People easy pickins for the propagandists who seek to destroy Christianity — along with much of the rest of our societal structure — by lies and obfuscations that a truly educated person would strip clean immediately.

Every day, I delete a steady drip of Christian-bashing comments that are based on the stuff and nonsense of propaganda lies. These comments are not only based on lies, they are usually rancorous, rageful and almost identical with one another. Any politician worth his or her salt would recognize that the commenters have been programmed by misinformation and are speaking from somebody else’s script.

The first question an elected official asks when they get a wave of comments like this is “Who” (meaning which special interest) “is behind this?” That’s survival 101 for elected officials.

It’s also a skill We the People need to learn. In this day of propagandized history that is used to bash Christians and Christianity, coupled with an almost universal ignorance of history, theology, philosophy and the arts, its survival 101 for all of us.

One area in which lies and distortions of fact are used against Christianity is the Crusades. The Crusades are actually a rather small part of the misinformation and distortion used against Christians and Christianity. But, given the blank ignorance about the entire history of the Crusades in the general population, it’s also low-hanging fruit for the Christian basher, including, sadly, our own president.

The Crusades are being used to convict Christians of the beheadings, rapes, kidnappings, immolations, and mass slavery that is occurring right now, today. In an irony that belies any concept of truth or fair play, the Crusades are being used to convict Christians of the sins which are being right now, today, committed against Christians. We are facing a Christian genocide in the Middle East. This is not being done just by ISIS. It is on-going, has been on-going for a long time.

Only a truly ignorant population would “buy” the notion that Christians are somehow guilty of their own genocide because of the Crusades. Not only does that defy logic, it is a misrepresentation of the causes of Crusades themselves.

Here, for those who are interested, is the beginning of a series of videos I’m going to post about the Crusades. The videos are themselves only a brief introduction to the actual history of the Crusades.

When I was in Spain, I was struck by the passion of the people who had fought the fight to repel Islamic invaders. Even today, all these hundreds of years later, the depth of their commitment was right in front of me when I looked at the fortifications they built using their toilet seats, pig troughs and whatever else came to hand. These people had fought a desperate fight for their freedom, and their faith animated that fight.

When I was in Turkey, I encountered the bitterness of the Christians there, much of it still aimed at the Roman Catholic Church. I also encountered the gloss that is applied to the bloody history of Christian persecution in that region. There is so much history that Americans do not know and will never learn so long as they confine their thinking to the gloss and the sham.

I picked up several books about both the Crusades and the Inquisition while I was in Spain. The books were dense, and it took me a while to read them, but they taught me a lot. I also went back and plowed through the papal encyclicals that I could read (some were in French, which I don’t read) of the past 1000 years.

Reading books and original sources is a good way to learn more. It’s important when reading about a subject like this, which is being used as a propaganda tool, to read books written from all viewpoints. That’s an education in itself. If you put on your political eyes, you can often, just by reading the distortions from the angles of opposing distorters, arrive at something that is close to the truth.

Please share these with other Christians and encourage them to learn more. We can’t stop the propagandists from lying. But we can at least inform ourselves.

History of the Crusades.


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14 responses to “The Crusades, Christian Bashing and Our Two-Tier Educational System”

  1. Christians in the Middle East are in danger and in danger of disappearing by emigration. You are absolutely right. Those vile dictators, Sadam Hussein and Hafaz Al Assad protected Christian minorities to use them against other groups. Earlier, Christians were run out of Iran. In fact Irani Christians were extended asylum in the US automatically. Now, Christians are being exterminated from Iraq, beginning with the corrupt Shia regime of Nouri Al-Maliki who the U.S. allowed to establish a Shia regime, thanks, State Department.
    What you said about the dumbed down, sound-bite education is exactly right. I am constantly amazed at how little history or geography people know. They know even less outside of sound bites about what’s happening in the world. It’s amazing that Americans are asleep and so readily engage in anti-Christian crap!

  2. One more thing. I don’t know where this 2 tier education system is. I know plenty of people who went to elite schools who don’t know anything about history, have no idea who fought in WWII, don’t know who the VP is and don’t care, but will tell me that religion is a waste of time. And my son, who went to overseas and Catholic schools before the Citadel and the Marine Corps,is the only person I know who is not an expert that can tell you what happened in the Battle of Lepanto and the siege of Vienna and why they are important.

  3. We live in the age of stupidity. Most kids learn the only history they know from movies and the Daily Show. The universities put out a warped version of history, consonant with their new goal of pushing certain ideologies rather than simply teaching the truth. We are in a lot of trouble right now, because kids are in essence taught the opposite of the truth. Every Easter, TV presents anti-Christian shows presented as “revealing the real truth about….”

    We are a declining culture. We lie to ourselves for entertainment, because the truth is not fun enough anymore.

    We even have a President that tells false versions of history because it makes him feel moral.

  4. As a non-American I can’t comment in any depth about the US educational system but I have one piece of evidence to offer. (How typical it is I cannot say.) I was researching Galileo and came across an American school’s treatment of the subject. The teacher had taught his class about Galileo and then asked them to provide comments on his Condemnation by the Inquisition. You can read them here:

    It is fairly obvious that the pupils have all been fed a particular view and they react by regurgitating it. There is no sign, whatsoever, of any evidence that these pupils have been taught the skills of critical thinking.

  5. Yes, but you produce public schools through voting for your local trustees. And you vote for evil by not voting at all. Examine your conscience before blaming others.

  6. As a retired history teacher it scalds me how history is shortchanged and when taught there is so much bias it makes one gag.
    Take, for example all the news coverage of the Crusades lately: Christians are always portrayed as the invaders and attackers. How about the battle of Tours in which Moslem armies swept across Spain and was only stopped from taking all of Western Europe by the Christian victory at Tours in France.
    Then many centuries later the Moslem Turks were knocking at Vienna’s door.
    And people ignore Moslem warnings that they intend to wipe out all the Jews in Israel. Rubbish!!! the willfully blind say. But no mention of the Holocaust of Armenian Christians by the Moslem Turks as background is ever made.

  7. All true Deacon. It’s called discrimination, prejudice and propaganda. Also lying. I tend to just call it Christian bashing.

  8. And I forgot the Battle of Lepanto that if the Christians had lost the Mediterranean world would be a totally Islamic world including places like Italy.

  9. NOTE: I noticed a couple of comments on other topics that reflect the popular ignorance about the Crusades. Since this ignorant and inaccurate mis-use of history has routinely been used for Christian bashing, I’m going to re-run the series on the history of the Crusades. I will probably run it many times. It’s just a bit of light, shining in the history-as-Christian-bashing propaganda darkness.

  10. I follow the events in the mideast and Africa and I’ve always said that one day the Christians will fight back and win… and then they will be blamed for genocide. That’s changing a bit. There are still a lot of people bashing Christians freely out of ignorance. But I think people are atarting to slowly realize that history was twisted against Christians. Yes the Crusades happened but why? I believe we’re seeing why. Some thing just dont change. We’re getting thrust back to medieval times (head choppings, stonings, burnings, slavery, etc.) and I’m hearing cries for another crusade. Some things do change… the Pope wont be leading the next “crusade”.

  11. The San Francisco school district attempted to eliminate the traditional two-tier school system and failed miserably. Students continue to wind up in these tiers, but without preparation for vocational training.

    The trades are not nearly as degrading as academics consider them to be. There are plumbers who charge more per hour than lawyers. Yes, it would be nice if trades people had the sensibilities of a Benjamin Franklin or a Thomas Paine, but people like that are not the products of formal education. They are products of history.

  12. I am not opposed to the trades. My own father was a mechanic, and a good one. I am opposed to is using taxpayer money to shunt kids to second class lives by the employment of substandard education based on what neighborhood or zip code they live in.

  13. That is the rationale employed by advocates of vouchers. Unfortunately, vouchers are likely to exacerbate the problems of educational inequality.