Sex Change Surgery is the New Pre-Frontal Lobotomy, and a Trendy Form of Child Abuse

Sex Change Surgery is the New Pre-Frontal Lobotomy, and a Trendy Form of Child Abuse June 3, 2015

Original caption: "Dr. Walter Freeman, left, and Dr. James W. Watts study an X ray before a psychosurgical operation. Psychosurgery is cutting into the brain to form new patterns and rid a patient of delusions, obsessions, nervous tensions and the like." from Saturday Evening Post 1941, pages 18-19. Photo Source Wikimedia Commons. Public Domain.
Original caption: “Dr. Walter Freeman, left, and Dr. James W. Watts study an X ray before a psychosurgical operation. Psychosurgery is cutting into the brain to form new patterns and rid a patient of delusions, obsessions, nervous tensions and the like.” from Saturday Evening Post 1941, pages 18-19. Photo Source Wikimedia Commons. Public Domain.

What do prefrontal lobotomy and sex change surgery have in common from a scientific viewpoint?


How are prefrontal lobotomy and sex change surgery different?

Prefrontal lobotomy was never marketed as a “right” for mentally ill people.

Prefrontal lobotomy is one of the grand dragons from the stone knives and bear skin beds era of mental health care. Back in the bad old days, doctors had the habit of “treating” people with mental health problems (or sometimes, just behavioral problems) by sticking what was essentially an ice pick through the top of their eye socket and into their brains and swishing it around.

The result? “Difficult” patients were ever so much nicer now that a big part of the prefrontal lobes of their brains had been disconnected. So … bingo! … doctors had a “cure.”

Today’s prefrontal lobotomy is to “treat” physically normal, healthy people who suffer from a compulsion to mutilate themselves by cutting off their sex organs with surgery that acts out their compulsive illness and actually does remove their sex organs. The follow-up is to put a cosmetic surgery placebo version of the sex organs of their opposite sex on the wound. This plays into their mental illness rather than treats it. It also subjects them to life-long, massive doses of hormones and permanent mutilation.

The major difference between the two “treatments” is that sex change surgery is being promoted as a “human right” by people in the LGBT community and has been taken up as a cause by the brain-dead politically correct media. I am talking about the mutilation of physically healthy and normal people. I am not talking about treatments for people who are born with mixed genitalia. Whenever I write about this topic, I get a smattering of comments calling me a few names for having the temerity to say what is obvious to anyone with a shred of intellectual and moral honesty: This is medical malpractice.

People who suffer from this compulsion are not the beneficiaries of this new trendy. They are its victims. They need real treatment that is based on something approaching science, not politically-motivated mutilation.

I used this analogy in another post: If I went to a doctor and asked him/her to cut off my healthy legs and replace them with prosthesis, they would call for a psych evaluation.

Why then do we behave as if a compulsion to cut off one’s genitals is somehow a healthy impulse?

This tawdry business of faux science enabling the mutilation of healthy people has moved into a sinister new arena. As usual, the brain dead trendies in the politically correct press are hyping it as an advance for human rights.

The new politically correct is to mutilate children with sex change surgeries and massive doses of hormones. A shameful article in the Boston Globe, titled Led by the child who simply knew promoted this horrific form of child abuse for all it was worth. For instance, here’s the summary sell-line that tops the article:

The twin boys were identical in every way but one. Wyatt was a girl to the core, and now lives as one, with the help of a brave, loving family and a path-breaking doctor’s care.

There’s a photo of these twins below the sell line and the caption for the photo reads: “Nicole Maines, 14, her twin brother, Jonas, and their parents have traveled a long, trying road.”

The article itself adds:

… now a groundbreaking clinic at Children’s Hospital in Boston – one of the few of its kind in the world – helps families deal with the issues, both emotional and medical, that arise from having a transgender child – one who doesn’t identify with the gender he or she was born into.

The Children’s Hospital Gender Management Services Clinic can, using hormone therapies, halt puberty in transgender children, blocking the development of secondary sexual characteristics – a beard, say, or breasts – that can make the eventual transition to the other gender more difficult, painful, and costly.

Founded in 2007 by endocrinologist Norman Spack and urologist David Diamond, the clinic – known as GeMS and modeled on a Dutch program – is the first pediatric academic program in the Western Hemisphere that evaluates and treats pubescent transgenders. A handful of other pediatric centers in the United States are developing similar programs, some started by former staffers at GeMS.

It was in that clinic, under Spack’s care, that Nicole and her family finally began to have hope for her future. (Read the rest here.)

 This fine piece of objective journalism won the GLAD Award for Outstanding Newspaper Article for 2012. The GLAD award “honors outstanding media images of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community that inspire change.”

We have another article from the Mail Online describing how the lesbian parents of an 11-year-old boy are putting him through sex change mutilation. This poor little boy, who has started calling himself Tammy instead of Thomas, is undergoing hormone block treatment by means of a hormone suppressant that is implanted in his upper arm. The purpose of this “treatment” is “to stop him from going through puberty as a boy.”

Psychiatrists “diagnosed” this little boy with gender identity disorder when he was seven, after he had threatened gender mutilation on himself. I guess no one thought that this might be a mental health problem and that it might, possibly, be caused by his lesbian mothers. Nope. No child abuse here. This is obviously “gender identity disorder,” and the “treatment” is to mutilate this little boy’s body, as well as his psyche.

From the MailOnline:

The mothers say that one of the first things Thomas told them when he learned sign language aged three – because of a speech impediment – was, ‘I am a girl’.

At age seven, after threatening genital mutilation on himself, psychiatrists diagnosed Thomas with gender identity disorder. By the age of eight, he began transitioning.

This summer, he started taking hormone-blocking drugs, which will stop him from experiencing puberty.
Read more:
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The two mothers, who were “married” by a rabbi in 1990, insist that their sexuality has nothing to do with this. Which, I would guess, in today’s trendy, politically correct world, settles it.

When I was first elected for the very first time, back in the dark ages of 1980, a seasoned legislator remarked to me, “There are two groups of people that you will find you can do anything to in this place and no one will stop you: Prisoners and children.”

Thanks to court interventions, that is no longer as true of prisoners. However, in the case of children it has grown much, much worse. We kill children with impunity right up to the moment of their birth, and sometimes afterwards, as well. We have degraded the public schools into propaganda mills for sexually disturbed people to teach their view of life to the young. We push dangerous contraceptives on young girls. We destroy our children’s homes with divorce. We commodify their lives with designer babies and then harvest the bodies of young women for eggs to keep that cycle going.

And now, we are pushing the idea that we can submit young children to dangerous, mutilating “sex changes” because, hey, it’s politically correct and you’ll be called a few names if you object to it.

Ok. Let the name-calling start here.

Sex change surgery on healthy people is not treatment. It’s medical malpractice. 

Sex change on children is child abuse and child mutilation. Doctors who do it should lose their license to practice medicine and be sent to prison. Parents who push for it should lose custody of their children, and if they go forward with it, they also should be sent to prison.

No child should be mutilated for politically correctness. 

Call me all the names you want. I don’t care.

For further reading, check out Sex Reassignment Surgery for Children? Two Words … CHILD ABUSE


Note: I first published this post a couple of years ago. Since then, the push for this form of medical malpractice has only gotten worse.

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20 responses to “Sex Change Surgery is the New Pre-Frontal Lobotomy, and a Trendy Form of Child Abuse”

  1. Right. They should just throw out the DSM-5 at this point. It started with the deletion of homosexual attractions as a mental illness. Now, anything related to gender is not considered a mental illness. The question is: Why just gender? If someone is genuinely convinced that they are a kangaroo, or from the planet Omicron Persei 8, who are we to gainsay them? Surely we could do surgery to put in a pouch, improve jumping capability of legs, etc.

    I’m not trying to make fun of these people. Obviously they are very troubled and have some sort of serious medical/mental issue. The problem is that they’re not getting any help.

  2. And why not race? I spent a rather terrible few years of middle school wishing and deeply desiring to be black instead of white. I’d never in my life even met a black person, but there was a time when I fantasized about it quite frequently.
    I’m still white. I recognized the impossible, reconciled myself, and have, with time, recognized that the desire stemmed not from anything to do with skin color, but from a deep sense of being different from my peers and feeling like that needed to show on the outside, not the inside. There’s no big, out of the closet secret there, just a a very shy, awkward, nerdy-girl in a time before nerds were cool.

  3. Have you seen this piece from Canada’s National Post newspaper, Ms. Hamilton? Some doctors might not call for psych tests if you wished to remove a leg after all.

    As a physically disabled young woman, I am shocked. On top of the strangeness of it all, they’re not thinking everything through. How can you wish to cut off a limb without first considering the costs of adapting your house?

  4. I’ve seen it and spent a bit of time searching for support articles. It appears there is a group and that at least some big time media is taking it seriously. I’m debating whether and what to write about it.

  5. “…halt puberty in transgender children, blocking the development of secondary sexual characteristics – a beard, say, or breasts – that can make the eventual transition to the other gender more difficult, painful, and costly.”

    How can this be physically healthy? Our bodies are designed to go through puberty.

  6. Fr Longenecker blogged on this yesterday. He agrees with you and so do I.
    The first sexy angel surgery I saw was in 1979 and it really is mutilation. And, it does not change your gender, just your anatomy to a non-functional alternative. There are websites with photos of the surgery if you’re interested and not queasy.
    Fr Longenecker cited this article
    It is by the former head of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins, one of the first U.S. Hospitals to do the surgery. Dr McHugh did actual studies and follow-ups on patients. Because of those studies Hopkins no longer does this kind of surgery.
    Nobody needs or deserves this.
    There is a citation of surgeries done on children for medical reasons and the results are surprising.

  7. I personally don’t subscribe much (read: not at all) to the school of thought behind the whole transgender thing. I mean, how do you even determine that somebody doesn’t identify with their birth gender? What does that even mean?

    A lot of the gender traits and behaviors that we deem as innate are actually cultural, so this whole “gender identity” thing just seems to me as purely subjective. I can believe that they believe it, but beyond that its anybody’s guess or interpretation.

    I mentally tend to file this under: “live and let live; whatever floats your boat, as long as it makes you happy and you’re not hurting anyone”. Kind of like elective surgeries: I’d prefer it if the person in question could deal better with their body issues and accepted themselves as they are. But at the end of the day its their life. As long as they are aware of what they are getting into and are able to live with the results, I honestly don’t care.

    Which brings us to topic of the article.

    There is a reason why we restrict the access of minors to things like sex, alcohol, tobacco and even media content. Its because they are not sufficiently developed physically, mentally and emotionally to actually make informed decisions on certain matters.

    For a child, I don’t see this as any better than conversion therapy in the sense of trying to forcibly turn somebody into something they are not. If you are going to be intellectually honest and consistent, the argument applies to both cases.

  8. I do wonder, what is the best direction for parents to take if their child insists he is actually she, or that she doesn’t want to be she anymore? Obviously, the article is focused on showing that there was just nothing else to be done but what was done, but I wonder what other courses could have been taken. I don’t think it could just be ignored.

  9. The same steps one would take if one’s child had another delusion, or felt compelled to lie or steal or set fires or do any other abnormal thing.

  10. Not to mention our brains. So much mental maturation is triggered by that process…could this make essentially eunuchs who are stuck in a perpetual childlike mode of thinking?

    Anyhow the drug they use to halt puberty is the same one prescribed for men with prostate cancer (lupron) and the side effects even in adults are serious and horrific. It’s definitely not benign.

  11. People quickly judge others. If something about your body offends cast it away, change it and become the person you feel should exist. People may joke and say “I’m a dog and the world should recognize me as one” to mock the Trans-community, but would you rather live behind a mask or have the world recognize you as the person you feel. People know when you wear a mask, you appear awkward, alienated and untrustworthy. Unlike this family who accepts their children, my parents did not. Just like the girl in the article, I argued telling them I was the opposite as early as 2 years old. My dad screamed at me whenever my demeanor reflected the opposite gender growing up. Anything within the opposite stereotypical I was not allowed to do. Today I hate myself, made multiple suicide attempts and look forward to the day I die. I feel as though I will never fit in, but I continue to wear a mask, because I must hide who I am. I have learned only over time to hate the way I feel, because the way I feel is wrong. You may call this a mental disability, but how can you judge what exist inside when everyone feels and thinks differently?

  12. I don’t “judge” the people who are afflicted with this. I am arguing that we need to take them and their suffering seriously and not turn quack medical treatment into the cause du jour and further afflict and harm them

  13. May I ask, because I have a hard time understanding that level of feeling out of place in your own body (This must go beyond the more common dissatisfaction with one’s weight or height or proportions), is it highly influenced by the gender roles and norms within our society, or would the dissonance still be as strong in a culture where men and women wore the same clothes, same hair, etc. with no delineation between women’s work and men’s work, with the exception of those distinguished by biology (birth, breastfeeding)? I guess I’m wondering if some of it could be satisfied by allowing children to pursue interests free of any gender norms (some families are pretty good at this, others not so–a lot of families around here won’t let their little boys be in dance class, not even tap or hip-hop, because dance is “girly”).
    Biology is pretty cut and dried for most people, but the discussion of what is feminine and what is masculine is more philosophical. I grew up hunting and fishing, and I knew girls who worked cattle and sheep, and here, that is quite normal. It didn’t make a girl a tomboy, though many people in many places would call all those things masculine. I guess I wonder, would allowing you to wear what you chose, pursue the interests you wished without regards to gender norms, yet still affirming, “You are a boy. You are a boy who likes different things from many boys, but you are a boy, because what makes a boy a boy isn’t the clothes or the skills or the interests,” have been enough? Is hormone therapy and surgery the only option?

  14. I ve seen so many confused, emotional effected kids by their environment, and plus the mental illness they struggle with , make statements and take stands that 5 years later looking back that child was prevented from doing anything physical that would do harm permanently. Good balanced parent without agendas acted like “the parents” . Parents that act as parents take a strong posture in protecting their child harm or placing them into harms way. Surgeries that put a child in jepordy of infection, complications and failures and mishaps that happen every day. Child need good parents who keep their child as mentally healthy as possible, and not feed into childhood confusion and mental illness. Their are adults that claim to have had these issues as children, and I offer you this and in most if not all there were mental health issues back then and some sort if abuse, or rejection or parent dominance, to cause a child to remove its denial of identity. It makes sense if it hurt too much you pull away. This happens to normal, healthy people, but with identifying the problem, and not the child thing can, and do improve. This group if doctors are criminals.

  15. I believe that there is something happening. People are reporting the same kinds of symptoms and the same desires. I don’t know what it’s about — when it’s persistent, it’s a mental disorder. Gentle treatment, live-and-let-live, tolerance of eccentricity … not sure surgery, though. There is a man in our parish who really struggles with this and he creeps me out, but it’s clear that he is struggling but is also crazy, talking to himself and saying crazy stuff …

    Making these people heroes, that ain’t right.

    I watched the Diane Sawyer/Jenner interview. He came across to me as a man, and that his thinking was characteristically male, but that he clearly was struggling with some kind of persistent fantasy and/or identity disorder, probably on the level of a sexual fetish. Just a very deep disorder and a shame. He is welcome to his fantasies.

  16. “He came across to me as a man, and that his thinking was characteristically male.”

    That’s because Bruce IS a man! Putting a dress on a man does not change him into a woman. HE never went through female puberty, had periods, or was in fear of sexual assault.

  17. I believe gender roles do play part with most. People want what they can’t have. If parents and society were more open to blurring the binary instead of judging those who cross, insecurities would be easier to deal with. Many women are insecure about their weight because the front cover of every magazine tells them they must lose weight fast. Plastic surgeons want every woman to believe she has a deformed vagina instead of the gateway to life between her legs and if your not at least a C- cup you’ll die an old maid. Our society feels too much like a man’s world. A woman can easily transition into men’s territory without a single man blinking an eye, but as soon as they know what you were born, they label you a freak. Women aren’t allowed to walk topless in most of the places in which guys sport their chest freely. This feels like one side has more freedom than the other and makes a girl think if I was a man I could cut the grass topless and not have police officers hassling me for indecent exposure. Sadly the only reason women’s breast appear forbidden in western culture to encourage magazine profits. Surgery should not be a necessity, but when we live in a society that builds profits on our insecurities, where boys are told you can’t dance because dancing is for girls like you mentioned earlier, this most likely seeds a brief idea in a boy’s mind, if I was a girl I would be able to dance and the boy builds on this initial desire by noticing other things only girls are allowed to do, the same way it does with a girl, and this roots the desire to later transition.

  18. How many members of the transgender community need to come forward before you’ll consider that maybe, just maybe, transitioning helps most of them more than it hurts?

    I know it’s really easy to excuse the overwhelming population of satisfied trans people relative to a few who would detransition, but such a gesture is eased when many would discourage an actual census measuring their numbers, just by virtue of being a minority group. This would promote more research actually being done, with even more reproducible figures, and not just niche data from studies of small sample size. More people could appreciate the fact studies today already find unprecedented levels of satisfaction post-op, standing out as better reception than non-trans people (cis people) report following comparable reconstructive surgeries.

    “After sex reassignment surgery, transsexuals (people who underwent
    cross-sex hormone therapy and sex reassignment surgery) tend to be less gender dysphoric.
    They also normally function well both socially and psychologically.
    Anxiety, depression and hostility levels were lower after sex
    reassignment surgery”

    Smith, Y. L.
    S.; Van Goozen, S. H. M.; Cohen-Kettenis, P. T. (2001). “Adolescents
    with gender identity disorder who were accepted or rejected for sex
    reassignment surgery: a prospective follow-up study”. Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. 40 (4): 472–481.

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