Rand Paul’s Math is the Same as Mine. Do You Know Anything that Would Change It?

Rand Paul’s Math is the Same as Mine. Do You Know Anything that Would Change It? July 31, 2015


Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by Gage Skidmore
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by Gage Skidmore

Senator Rand Paul says pro life Democrats are “the key” to defunding Planned Parenthood.

Turns out his math on the vote is the same as mine. The vote in question is a vote on cloture, which would limit debate and stop a filibuster against the bill. Cloture requires 60 votes.

According to Senator Paul, 52 of the 54 Rs will vote for cloture. I’ve read that Republican Senator Collins of Maine, and Senator Kirk of Illinois plan to vote against defunding Planned Parenthood.  What that means is that the Ds are going to have to cough up 8 pro life votes to pass cloture and allow the bill to come to a vote of the full Senate.

How many pro life Ds are there in the United States Senate? By my count, we have 4 who have mixed pro life records. They vote pro life a lot of time, but not on every, single vote. Perhaps the most prominent of these is Senator Casey of Pennsylvania, who has said that he will not vote to defund Planned Parenthood. This is consistent with his previous votes on the issue.

I’ve been over the numbers several times, and I can’t get to 60. If the Rs can change both their “nos,” and pro life Ds can pull 6 votes out of their hat, then we’re home.

Public Catholic readers are often active in the pro life movements in their local communities. Do any of you have better intel on how this vote is like to come down? Have you talked to your senators’ offices and gotten information that there’s a D or two out there who might switch and vote with us?

If you do, please share the info here.

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7 responses to “Rand Paul’s Math is the Same as Mine. Do You Know Anything that Would Change It?”

  1. Why am I not surprised that there are only two sensible Republican senators?

  2. Obama has already said he will veto it. We will need 67 to over turn the veto. Sounds like you’re now seeing the wisdom of electing Republicans. 😉

  3. I have given up talking to either Merkley or Wyden on life issues, both are genocidal when it comes to the unborn. Do not look for votes from Cascadia on this issue, here pro life is very much in the urban/rural divide, and the anti life urban folks have the votes to pressure everybody else.

  4. I understand your logic, but my experience has been that when Rs get in complete control, they shift the money of government to corporatists, do way with retirements, attack working people and pat pro lifers on the head in much the same way that the Ds pat organized labor on the head.

    In short, the Rs take pro life people for granted when they are in office and play them for votes in elections. They actually serve their corporatist masters who paid for their campaigns.

    I think we need a strong pro life voice in both parties. That way, they will push one another. Again, from my experience, the Rs are pro life tigers when they’re fighting for power, especially and in particular when there are pro life Ds to push them. Once they get the power, not so much.

    That is not in any way to say that the Rs are not the party which has taken on the mantle of pro life. Their witness in this area has kept the flame alive in politics. I also appreciate their witness in other issues, such as freedom of religion.

    I am also not denying or minimizing the turn to cultural nihilism that has become the Ds. I’m ashamed of what the Ds have become, but, if I was a Republican, I’d be ashamed of them for their corporatism which I see as evil.

    As you know, my Yankee friend, I’m not saying you should be an R. I’m saying that you should hold their little footsies to the fire. I also think you should give a second and a third and maybe a fourth look at their corporatism. That is not conservatism, anymore than the nihilism the Ds have fallen into is liberalism.

    I think pro life Ds have got the job of converting their party — which is huge. But I think that pro life Rs have the same job — with the same difficulty — in front of them with their party.

  5. We held our WomenBetrayed rally in front of Senator Donnelly’s office here in South Bend. I don’t know how much impact it had, but I think it’s likely his local staff let him know how it went. I pray he will vote to defund. I read today that Deleiden said that the reason Stem Express wanted the injunction is that they talk about receiving completely intact fetuses, which implies that the babies were born alive and then killed for their body parts. Via Molly Hemingway at the Federalist. She has a video of him talking. And when that becomes very public we may have the votes.

  6. Thank you for participating in the demonstration Sue. Also, let’s pray that video comes out soon. Even if we don’t have the votes on Monday, that does not mean there can’t other votes in the future.

  7. We need both parties to take up the pro-life issue. That will be progress. Of course I hold their feet to the fire. Pro-life legislation has been passed in the states by R’s across the country.