Swiss Catholic LGBT Money Targets African Bishops Ahead of Synod

Swiss Catholic LGBT Money Targets African Bishops Ahead of Synod August 22, 2015

Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by Marcel Grieder
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by Marcel Grieder


Politics of any sort runs on money, and the Church has its own politics. That’s a given.

The scandal — and it is scandalous — is that Catholic bishops are reported to be using monies raised from the faithful as part of Lenten almsgiving to put pressure on other bishops to accede to gay rights. I have said repeatedly — and I meant it — that I have no problem with homosexual priests. However, I have a major problem with insincere priests who do not hold an authentic faith in and followership of Christ.

It makes no difference to me if the priest is homosexual or straight. But they must be priests first.

I hope more details about this emerge quickly. If the Swiss bishops are mis-using alms in this manner, they need to be brought to heel. If they are truly engaging with outside groups to pressure other bishops to accede to external, secular, political agendas that run counter to Church teaching, that needs to stop, as well.

We need leadership in these times. This has the earmarks of self-serving misuse of power and mis-appropriation of funds that violates the trust of those who have given money to the Church. It also raises real questions as to whether the Swiss bishops are following Christ and teaching the Gospels, or attempting to lead the Church away from Him and His Word.

From The Catholic News Agency:

.- The Swiss Catholic Lenten Fund and a major U.S. foundation have helped fund an LGBT activist project intended to counter West African bishops at the Catholic Church’s Synod on the Family.

The Netherlands-based European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups originally planned to make a documentary film of self-identified LGBT Catholics in Ghana, Togo, Benin, Nigeria and Cameroon.

“Reacting to the extremely negative influence from bishops from Western Africa on the final document of the Family Synod 14, we found it important to bring the voices of LGBT Catholics from this region to broader attention,” the European Forum said in its 2014-2015 activity report.

The forum’s activities report said the project was funded by the Swiss Catholic Lenten Fund Fastenopfer and the Arcus Foundation. The wealthy U.S.-based foundation has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to LGBT activist groups to target the synod.

But Fastenopfer is a Catholic development organization. It traditionally raises its funds during Lenten almsgiving. Its Italian-language name is Sacrificio Quaresimale, which means “Lenten Sacrifice.”

Bishop Felix Gmur of Basel, Switzerland is president of the Lenten fund’s foundation council, which oversees the NGO’s directors group. Two of the nine members of the foundation council are named by the Conference of Swiss Bishops, with the rest being named by a separate body.

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4 responses to “Swiss Catholic LGBT Money Targets African Bishops Ahead of Synod”

  1. The sad part is that the Synod was called to decide strategies to strengthen Catholic families, an important need, in told. Unfortunately, it’s been hijacked by the degenerate west.

  2. I could be wrong (please correct me if I am), but after reading the full article, this seems to be about the dire situation glbt find themselves in in certain African countries that have passed laws that call for severe punishment for being out as gay. The fund is looking for ways to address the impact of the African bishops’ support of such laws and the harm it is doing to people. There was nothing about homosexual priests….

  3. It does not surprise me that the Swiss bishops would be involved in this. There seems to be a very superior attitude towards Africa and their brother bishops by a lot of the German-speaking bishops. Look at the comments from earlier this year by Cardinal Kasper.
    I don’t have much confidence that Pope Francis will take the Swiss on, but, I know, God will.

  4. I found this Brietbart article fascinating. You can go to the article for the hyperlinked

    shouldn’t be surprised. There have been
    identical twin studies of twins separated at birth, and you can read about here
    and read about the conclusions here. I’ve known about the separated twin studies for
    a while and came to the conclusion that there is both an environmental and
    genetic component to being homosexual. Identical
    twins have the identical genetic makeup and yet half of identical twins
    separated at birth are both homosexual.

    the YouGov study is a bird of a different feather. The separated twin study suggested that
    whatever the environmental factors are, there are ambiguous and universal. So the odds of one twin of separated twins being
    homosexual from one generation should be about the same as from another. The YouGov study shows something quite
    different. It shows that with each succeeding generation, the odds of being
    homosexual increases.

    what can cause that? The most likely
    variable here is the acceptance of homosexuality in the culture. Each succeeding generation has accepted homosexuality
    as normal and alternative. The greater
    the acceptance of homosexuals, it seems the more likely you are to consider
    yourself homosexual, or stranger still, partly homosexual.

    used to be an argument that one being homosexual doesn’t affect other’s children. Certainly the argument has recently been made
    that homosexual marriages don’t affect your marriage, or by implication the
    society at large. I don’t think that can
    any longer be accepted as true. It seems
    that the power of suggestion and acceptance has a subconscious influence on
    people’s psychology.
    (Sorry for the way the sentences lined up. Copy and Paste doesn’t work well here.)