PP Videos: Another Excuse Bites the Dust

PP Videos: Another Excuse Bites the Dust September 29, 2015
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by kambodza https://www.flickr.com/photos/49507393@N08/
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by kambodza https://www.flickr.com/photos/49507393@N08/

Planned Parenthood has wiggled and wormed its way around the hideous truth revealed by the videos of its executives, contracting to sell the body parts of babies it has murdered.

Among other things, it has claimed that the videos were edited to change the truth of what was said. It has persisted in this lie despite the fact that each time a new video came out, the entire and unedited version of the same video was released along with it.

Another lie they’ve tried is that the videos were altered. But a forensic examination of the videos show that they have not been altered at all.

I guess Planned Parenthood is going to have to think up a new lie to replace this one. Or maybe, they’ll just keep on repeating the old lie. That is, after all, their way.

From LifeNews.Com:

A new forensic analysis of the 10 videos the Center for Medical Progress released exposing the Planned Parenthood abortion business apparently illegally selling aborted babies and their body parts for profit finds “no evidence of manipulation” despite claims from the abortion company and Democrats that they were heavily edited.

The multiple videos have horrified millions of Americans and the most recent video catches the nation’s biggest abortion business selling specific body parts — including the heart, eyes and “gonads” of unborn babies. The video also shows the shocking ways in which Planned Parenthood officials admit that they are breaking federal law by selling aborted baby body parts for profit.

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Now, a legal group Alliance Defending Freedom has obtained the services of cybersecurity and forensic analysis company Coalfire Systems to examine each of the 10 videos CMP released to determine if they were manipulated in any way.  According to a news report, the answer is no and the only edits in the videos consisted of bathroom breaks and time eating meals …



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23 responses to “PP Videos: Another Excuse Bites the Dust”

  1. This seems to miss the whole point of the opposition. The short versions that most people watched were edited from the longer versions. Most people did not watch the longer versions which included exculpatory information. Claiming that the longer versions were not edited does not change the fact that the short versions were necessarily edited versions.

  2. Why aren’t Deb Nucatola, Mary Gatter, Melissa Farrell, Savita Ginde, Cate Dyer, Ron Berman, Ben van Handel and the other abortionists/researchers being called to testify?
    Are there any politicians who really want to get to the heart of this issue and end it?
    The nooz media,the camera and politicians love Cecile Richards.
    She can draw this out as long as necessary.
    Why aren’t the politicians calling on the people in the videos who have admitted
    that they’ve committed crimes?
    Bring each of them forward and ask them to explain exactly what they meant.
    Cecile Richards is paid to spin. They aren’t.
    This is politics as usual. Give us a good show then everyone can go home feeling good about themselves…or they can go home, shower and think about who they’ll vote for in the next election. It should be easy. Pick a party, any party.
    This is truly pathetic.

    • Why aren’t the politicians calling on the people in the videos who have admitted that they’ve committed crimes?

      In part, because apparently the majority of current abortion opponents holding office in Congress are a pack of incompetents who can’t run a circus properly.

      In part, because due to some critical details of the law, what has been admitted to isn’t currently a crime. (The question of whether or not it should or shouldn’t be is a slightly separate one.)

      In part, because those current abortion opponents holding office in Congress who are not part of the pack of incompetents are either not on relevant committees for such investigations, or are aware that the first two factors in combination would likely result in the testimony being exculpatory, the presenting of which risks undermining the anti-abortion agenda.

      There may be other factors.

    • Who are these people in videos who admitted to committing crimes? No evidence has yet been presented that any crimes were committed at all.
      And yes, there are politicians who want to end Planned Parenthood. We saw them already, making fools of themselves in the hearing.

      • Deb Nucatola admitted that she changes the position of the fetus so she can adjust the way in which she kills it in order to get parts that are more intact so TPO’s and researchers are more likely to want them. This is illegal.

        Savita Ginde stated to the procurement techs that she would rather do a per item thing, so they can see how much they can get out of it. This too is illegal.
        She also admitted that sometimes the woman delivers before the abortion is performed, which means it’s very likely the child was alive. What do you think they do with them?
        She said that she’s advised other clinics who were considering doing tissue donation to be careful especially if they’re in an “anti” state so they don’t get caught. Why worry about getting caught doing something that’s perfectly legal?

        Melissa Farrell admitted that tissue donation is a way to diversify their revenue stream. Once again, illegal. She also stated that some of their abortionists use the “tissue” they’ve aborted for their own research. That’s a huge conflict of interest.
        She also admitted that they deviate from their protocol in order to obtain intact tissue.

        Cate Dyer of Stem Express made it very clear that the intact “cases” they’ve done a lot of were whole fetal cadavers. Later, she claims she was talking about livers, but it’s very clear from her statements and the statements of the other abortionists that a case is the term for the entire abortion.
        Why would a lab tech freak out, have a melt down over seeing a liver?
        To make things more interesting, Dr. Ron Berman, an abortionist for PP is the medical director for Stem Express. Conflict of interest, maybe?

        Deb Vanderhai stated that they don’t like to talk about their handling of tissue donation on e-mail. Why not, if they’re not doing anything wrong? Why avoid a paper trail if everything’s on the up and up?

        Vanessa Russo very enthusiastically and derisively voices her opinion that the laws governing tissue donation are ridiculous and, that the outright sale of parts of aborted babies should be legal.

        Deb Vanderhei emphasized the point Roger Evans, PPFA’s Senior Counsel, Law and Policy, made to the conference attendees, that it’s a good thing and to be encouraged.

        Dr. Ben Van Handel of Novogenix said over the phone that sometimes after the procedure, the heart is still beating.

        So, if the people featured in the videos were misinterpreted or misrepresented, have them come forward and explain exactly what they meant, especially if they haven’t done anything illegal.
        Have them hold a news conference with PP and explain in detail the misunderstanding.

        Ain’t gonna happen. PP will keep them in hiding, stonewall and deflect with generous help from the media and the entertainment industry and lie, lie, lie, hoping that this too will pass.

        • It seems very clear that all of the criticism coming at Planned Parenthood is from people who opposed it before the deceptive videos were published. You’ll forgive me if I can’t be bothered to take a laundry list of allegations coming from people who consider Planned Parenthood to be a nest of evil baby-killers seriously.

          What would impress me is if independent investigators were to find that Planned Parenthood had acted illegally. Fortunately, we can see from http://mediamatters.org/research/2015/08/24/growing-list-of-planned-parenthood-investigatio/205116 that a number of investigations have been launched and have all concluded that Planned Parenthood has been and is in full compliance with the laws.

          This should, of course, be good news for everyone, but it isn’t for the pro-life people attacking Planned Parenthood. They already believed that it was evil; all they wanted to do was find an excuse – any excuse – to attack it.

          • This is typical of pro-abortion people. They don’t want to address specific charges because they know they’re true. Just attack with generalizations.

          • I’m other words, you got nothing.

            The investigations were conducted in states where body parts are not being trafficked.

            My question has been why folks like you have this fanatical devotion to PP. Theoretically, public monies aren’t paying for abortions, and the non-abortion services are substandard and completely available through much superior community services. Nothing is lost to women’shealth by defunding them. I get your devotion to abortion, but not to Planned Parenthood

            • None of that is true in the slightest. the loss of Planned Parenthood would be a great blow to women’s healthcare. Why bother denying it? After all, if they are evil baby-murderers, what would that matter in comparison? Would you avoid shutting the Nazi concentration camps if they had also provided healthcare for German citizens?

              The answer is, because the opponents of Planned Parenthood are fundamentally dishonest, as we saw in the recent circus of inquiries led by Republicans with their lying graphs.

              • What a set of suppositions!

                First, of all, how is moving government monies that to go to PP to other agencies which will provide the same services a blow to women’s health?

                Second, how does the loss of government monies from PP’s budget mean the “loss of PP”? PP existed long before the massive infusion of government money into its coffers by the Nixon administration.

                Third, you claim that “opponents of PP are fundamentally dishonest.” All of them? Everyone who opposes PP is “fundamentally dishonest”??? That’s a rather sweeping claim.

                • I’m kind of amazed that my comments have lasted this long without being deleted, to be honest. Perhaps I’d better not push my luck.

                  • Rebecca routinely allows contradictory viewpoints if they aren’t abusive. To my eye you haven’t gone beyond smug and snide. 😉

              • Your devotion is noted, but sadly misplaced. Public health clinics can and do, provide health care of at least the same quality as PP. Cheaper or free; by some accounts contraception at PP costs more than the drug store.

                Abortions are theoretically not paid by government money, so taking away their grants (about 200 million) shouldn’t hurt that business. Although the governor of Texas has removed PP as a medicaid provider, I say let them bill their limited non-abortion services on the same basis as any medicaid provider, subject to the same rigorous inspections.

                  • The Mother Jones article raises more questions than it claims to answer. For one thing, they claim 655 PP sites, purportedly all with OB-GYN doctors on staff. PP has 2700 sites nationwide, so I suspect a bit of false comparison is going on. Also, I’m not sure how a doctor around prevents abortion. A general physician at the public health center can prescribe contraceptives. Again, PP has one site in a non-urban area of Texas, that being Paris, I think with about 50k population. The rest are in cities with an abundance of medicaid providers and various public potions. I recently checked for smaller Texas cities, and they also had medicaid providers doing pre-natal care. Which I understand PP doesn’t do, apart from encouraging women to have abortions.

                    Remember, I’m fine with PP being a medicaid provider, subject to the inspections of all medicaid providers. It’s the grant money that needs to be pulled, multiplied, and distributed to public facilities.

            • And by the way: PP does not “traffic in body parts”. As has been proven, they allow patients to donate fetal tissue to life-saving medical research, for which they receive remineration for transport and storage costs, making absolutely no profit.

  3. No one should be surprised at the lies PP tells. After all, how ethical can a person or group be who kills and dismembers a child.

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