King of Jordan Warns of Third World War Against Humanity

King of Jordan Warns of Third World War Against Humanity November 21, 2015

King Abdullah of Jordan Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by Chatham House
King Abdullah of Jordan Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by Chatham House
Jordan’s King Abdullah II warned of a “third world war against humanity.” He described ISIS as “savage outlaws of religion.”

From Al Arabiya News:

King Abdullah II of Jordan warned Tuesday of a “third world war against humanity”, in the wake of the Paris attacks, describing the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group as “savage outlaws of religion.”

During an official visit to Kosovo, Abdullah said both Europe and Islam were under attack from the “scourge” of terrorism that could strike at any time.

“We are facing a third world war against humanity and this is what brings us all together,” he told a press conference.

“This is a war, as I’ve said repeatedly, within Islam,” he said, adding: “Groups such as Daesh (ISIS) expose themselves daily as savage outlaws of religion devoid of humanity respecting no laws and no boundaries.”

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8 responses to “King of Jordan Warns of Third World War Against Humanity”

  1. This is absolutely a war within Islam, and the good guys don’t all wear white hats. But we need to find the good guys and give them what they need to win the war.

    The face of resistance to the jihadis would be Arab, not westerners who the jihadis can call “Christian crusaders” and draw in more moderates.

  2. King Abdullah is a very good, tough leader. He is very astute and reasonable. If he judges this group and their intentions that intensely, I take him seriously.
    I believe we have to do everything to support Jordan that he asks for.

  3. What did I tell a while back Rebecca about the lack of American leadership and policing in the world? Did I not tell you that the normal state of the world is chaos if someone doesn’t enforce normalizing principles? Isolation doesn’t work. We have now seen the lack of American leadership. Frankly Obama should be impeached for his lack of direction. Today, if you haven’t seen yet, Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet. Call it a result of a vacuum created which let the Russians try to gain influence. More chaos. Now what?

  4. His remarks are even more poignant today with events heating up in the region. His remarks could also extend to other players who have been supporting ISIS behind the scenes.

  5. In the face of all that has been happening world wide, I want to wish everyone here a very Happy Thanksgiving. Perhaps we can temporarily push out the sadness in this world and be thankful for what each of us has. I hope you can spend the day with those you love. One of the many things I’m thankful for is the love and caring I have received on this site—-Rebecca and posters—-thank you.