My First Wobbly Post Cancer Post, and It’s About Little g gods.

My First Wobbly Post Cancer Post, and It’s About Little g gods. April 29, 2016

Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by Daniel R.
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by Daniel R.

This post for Catholic Vote was the first post I wrote after being away so long. I felt like someone trying to ride a bicycle for the first time in years; all wobbles and uncertainty. So, I went with something I believe to my core and have written about many times before: Many Christians on both sides of the political spectrum have made a false god of their political parties. They trim their faith to fit their politics.

I knew when I wrote it that people who are deep into this form of idolatry would become enraged and call me names. Satan is in control of them, and they don’t know it. When someone confronts them with their sin, they attack and vilify that person for telling them what they don’t want to hear.

It’s interesting that not one of these folks had the brains or ability to support their views with actual facts and arguments.  They simply went to the lowest sez-you, you’re-this-or-that denominator. In short, they reached for abuse and a ham-handed attempt to use the combox to commit calumny to support their position.

I knew this would happen. But I’ve been away from the internet, and I was, even after my years of dealing with this particular form of spiritual death, surprised by the vehemence of some of those who have fallen into it. I’m not mincing words here. I am calling the political heresy what it is: idolatry, satanic, sin, spiritual death. The combox viciousness is merely a symptom of how sin sick and lost these people are.

Someone said, You cannot serve two masters, and He was right. He also said, You cannot serve God and Mammon, and He was right again. I believe that Mammon refers to more than money; it is the entire worldly edifice. You cannot walk the Narrow Way that leads to life, and the Broad Way that leads to perdition, both at once.

These people who follow their politics instead of Jesus are, well, not following Jesus. They have become followers of another god, and it is the most pernicious and deadly little g god of them all: Their own vaunting self-righteousness.

I made a list of the worst actors in this regard and I am praying for them. I also pray the St Michael prayer every day for our sin sick nation. This country needs an exorcism, beginning with those who call themselves Christians but put the little g gods of this world on the altar of their hearts, instead.

Here’s part of what I wrote for Catholic Vote:

I have said this many times, and I expect I will say it many more: You cannot follow Jesus Christ and follow either of the two political parties.

This election season has demonstrated in an obvious way that both our political parties are morally bankrupt. It has shown us, if we would allow ourselves to see what is directly in front of us, that this great nation, founded as it was on the idea that all human beings are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, is in danger of being brought down, not by enemies from without, but from the craven manipulations and lies of our political parties.

We will destroy our country if we do not cease and desist from the self-destructive nihilism and corporatism that our political parties are pushing on us.

Far too many people, Republicans and Democrats alike, have made false gods of their political affiliations. They feed this idolatry by hating the sins of the other party without acknowledging the sins of their own party.

In fact and in truth, there is enough fodder for that gun in either party’s behavior. Read the rest here.



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13 responses to “My First Wobbly Post Cancer Post, and It’s About Little g gods.”

  1. I clicked over and read the article and the comments. For the life of me I couldn’t connect the critical comments to what set them off in the article itself (for example the person who said they liked it till the got to the end of the article and then were offended on behalf of Ted Cruz, or the other person who said the end of the article made it clear you were secretly promoting your own party). People find offense where they want to (and usually where they are hurt to begin with). I know a LOT of evangelicals and Catholics in all parts of the country – and what I hear from them doesn’t reflect at all what I see in the media. Most of them are now officially checked out – sickened by both parties and their choice of candidates and I think your words here would resonate with them. I work in DC with two of the three branches, and I’m sickened and ready to check out, for goodness sake! Articles and words like yours are an encouragement that we don’t have to check out – but rather get on our knees and seek Christ. Thank you.

  2. Well I certainly hope you’re not including me as one of the members of the army of brainless satanic puppets that were foaming at the mouth while languishing in spiritual death.


    There is one thing that occurred to me about your exhortation to follow Jesus over political parties and ideologies: Jesus isn’t running for office.

    Now, I get why Catholics that embrace the Church’s social teaching in its entirety might opt for going the route of the MacIntyre Vote, but for those who do decide not to abstain from from the electoral process there’s no simple and clear alternative.

    Case in point, I’ve seen multiple blog posts on Patheos Catholic that stop just short of outright endorsing Bernie Sanders, one where the author holds their nose and votes for Cruz, and even one author that makes the case for Trump being a viable candidate whose policies are consistent with conservative principles.

    However, one thing I’ve seen throughout is that rather than explicitly telling people for whom to vote, the focus tends to shift around telling people how by analyzing why.

    So, beyond platitudes, what does following Jesus instead of a political party actually entail? What goes through your mind when you evaluate candidates for public office? Are there any other ways you think people should get involved in public policy?

  3. Interesting questions. First of all, following Jesus instead of political party means that when your political party comes up with something that contradicts the plain teachings of Christ, you do not accept this, and you make that plain, by means of letters and whatever participation you are called to. I am basically talking about a renewal of faith among Christians, a re-orienting of self away from the Political Heresy and onto the Narrow Way of following Christ that leads to eternal life.

    Both Republicans and Democrats have gotten so deeply into this hate-off that our elections have become that they’ve become what appears to be mentally and spiritually ill. I am suggesting that they stop and think about who they are and Who they follow. It is not the R or the D. It is Christ. If they will do this, the R and the D will follow. They will have to.

    More to the point, genuine conversion will lift this nation out of its pit. It is the mustard seed, leaven in the bread of the culture. It has done this for 2,000 years. What is wrong with our country is that Christians have allowed themselves to be converted to the evil that dominates it while telling themselves that they are following Christ.

    As for who you vote for, knock yourself out. I don’t care. In fact, I don’t think it matters. With choices this bad, we’re in big trouble, no matter who wins.

  4. I consider this political season to be a victory for liberal east coast capitalism and all of its errors of materialism and anti-human behavior. Unless something happens at the Republican convention, both candidates will be pro-choice, pro-centralized ownership, pro-market liberal elites who want to concentrate power and ownership within 500 miles of New York City. And who don’t believe that the rest of us have the right to breed, which is why they’re pro-contraception and pro-abortion.

  5. If I was truly following Christ, though, then I have no use for voting. I want a king picked by the Vicar of Christ, because Christ is the Once and Future King of Kings. The Church is a monarchy, and government should be subserviant to the Church, not the other way around. Americanism is a heresy after all.

    With all the hate in politics today, remember to write in Viva Christo Rey!

    As it is, because I’m fighting my despair on this, my wife’s 44th birthday, I’ll likely vote for Cruz in the primary in 15 days to thumb a nose at Trump, and for Castle in the general election next November just to keep the Constitution Party alive in case Toqueville’s Exceptional America ever comes back from being a zombie. It’s the only vote I can sleep with.

    After nearly 6 months unemployed and the hatred of this political season, I can do nothing else.

  6. I think this could be applied in a broader sense. Political parties are supposed to be a means to an end, a way for people with similar ideologies to come together and effect public policy. So with that in mind, a voter’s loyalty should be towards the ideals the party is supposed to represent rather than the party itself. And when our elected officials fail to uphold those ideals, they should be taken to task.

    I’m not sold on the idea of trying to convert this nation to Christianity, or any other religion for that matter. The whole idea of our country was to break away from the regimes of old, where governance and religion were completely intertwined. Besides, isn’t there a saying somewhere about your kingdom not being of this world?

    I think that by focusing too much on the religious aspect you’re missing out on the larger picture. If somebody is a pro-life advocate, does it matter if they’re an atheist? If someone fights for religious freedom, does it matter if they’re a Jehova’s Witness? I think we should prioritize shared values over religious labels.

    Well, I think I’ve rambled on for long enough. I’m glad you’re feeling better.

  7. This electoral period is just horrible—and I’m still amazed by it. I cannot believe that the choices we have are, IMO, the poorest in many, many years. However, I will vote—and do the best I can to choose hopefully the next president of this country. I’m not affiliated with any political party—I vote for a candidate—-but this time I can’t even consider anyone in the GOP. Trump, quite honestly, makes me cringe. What is unfortunate, I’m very afraid he will be the GOP’s person–but then the other 2 don’t do anything for me either. ‘Tis a total mess.

  8. So good to “see” you Rebecca. You have never been far from my prayers.

    I’m a political independent and will remain so, wishing for anow alternative to the two- party system. The moral aspects of an issue (say health care) are non- negotiable. The means of enacting those moral aspects are negotiable. I’ve spent a fair amount of time lately on a site where that distinction isn’t recognized, and where deviation from the party line – either party – gets you called a variety of spicy names. But the truth is that I’ve interacted with a few good folks on the left and a few on the right. Maybe that’s the good we can make of politics.

    And learn to giggle at the stinkers. 🙂

    It really is good to have you back.

  9. btw, I didn’t “get” your comment about you hoped I didn’t mean you because it was so far from my mind. Thanks for wishing me welcome on CV.

  10. Ah, I was just poking a bit of fun, but yeah, some of those other comments were over the top. I guess nobody likes it when their sacred cows are tipped.

  11. Welcome back to the cyber domain.

    It is difficult for Christians to follow Jesus because they have been convinced that Jesus was more like Caesar than like Jesus.