As the World Gets Crazier and Meaner, Follow Jesus Christ

As the World Gets Crazier and Meaner, Follow Jesus Christ August 5, 2016
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by Daniel R.
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by Daniel R.

I wrote this post for the National Catholic Register a few weeks back. Since then, the United States Supreme Court has stayed action on forcing girls in public schools to go to the bathroom with boys who identify themselves as transgendered. What this means in the long run, I can’t predict. I will say that unless we convert the culture, we are ultimately doomed to fail in the courts and legislatures.


Peoples is crazy. And they are getting crazier.

They are also getting meaner. And more deadly.

California’s euthanasia law locked on recently, allowing medical murder. The support for this law comes from claims that killing people is actually a kindness to them, and those who opposed this killing lack compassion.

New York City’s Commission on Human Rights recently released a “guidance” for employers and landlords, requiring them to learn a new language or be fined $125,000 for accidentally saying the “wrong” thing, and up to $250,000 for saying the “wrong” thing on purpose.

What does it take to fall afoul of this newness in employment behavior? Well, if you accidentally refer to a man who thinks he’s woman with the pronoun “he,” ka-ching! you’re out $125,000. If you do it on purpose, the cost will be $250,000.

However, it’s even a bit more complicated than that. You can’t settle the case by just calling “him” a “her.” There is what amounts to a new, legislated, language to be learned here.

It seems that men who say they are women, or women who say they are men must be addressed by such arcane pronouns as “ze,” and “hir.” Ze is supposed to be the third person singular, while “hir” is the third person possessive.

Also, if you have a dress code that differs between men and women, requiring, say, men to wear a tie, then you’re in for another $250,000.

Employers are required to provide health benefits for “gender affirming care,” and to make “reasonable accommodations” for “individuals undergoing gender transition.”

Then, of course, there’s the bathroom dealio. It appears that women employees in NYC need to adjust to going to the bathroom with any man who decides today that he is, in fact, a woman.

Meanwhile, the United States Departments of Justice and Education have issued a joint letter to public school administrators threatening them with loss of Title IX monies if they do not require little girls to share their bathroom and shower facilities with any boy who says he’s a girl. They are also required to destroy girl’s sports by allowing any boy who says he’s a girl and who wants to play on the girl’s teams to do so.

This little list doesn’t come anywhere near compiling the craziness afoot in our fair land. We all know that the two political parties have coughed up turnips in their presidential nominating process and that Congress has abrogated its duties in what appears to be a permanent commitment to partisan rabble-rousing.

We are aware that our elected officials don’t seem to care about this country except when they are campaigning for re-election, and even then not much. Our political campaigns have devolved down to myopic discussions of nonsense that are almost as crazy as the New York employment rules.

So what are we to do? How do we combat this fall into enforced nihilism, narcissism and flat-out reality-bending from our government?

Here’s how.

We stay the course.

What does staying the course mean?

It means, first of all, that we pray. I think it would be a good thing if we all started praying the Rosary every day. I try to do that, and it helps me a lot.

Then, we read Scripture, go to Mass and go to confession.

However, do not mistake any of those things for action. They are simply putting on the armor of faith so that we can take action.

Action, in a society as fallen as this one, means two things.

Read the rest here.


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6 responses to “As the World Gets Crazier and Meaner, Follow Jesus Christ”

  1. Just a quick note that the school locker-room thing is not an actual problem. Schools don’t have kids shower after PE any more and no one is naked. But beyond that, in order to be able to use either gender lockerroom, the student has to be living as that gender. There are too many social consequences for a student for them to pretend to be that gender just to get a peek of underwear. Neither of the two students we’ve had with gender issues since the law went into effect in CA has wanted to use the locker-room of the other gender. What they wanted was to use no locker room at all and to change in our gender neutral nurse’ office bathroom. (also, they were both students of XX chromosomes, we have had no students of XY chromosomes with lock room issues.)

    • My daughter’s good friend has changed their gender. What you said about the locker room and PE is the same in our school district. No one showers. The kid went to the nurse office to use the bathroom. He now has a single dorm room at college and uses the men’s bathroom. If he used the ladies room it would cause outrage as he looks like a man.

      We met this kid when he was 4. It has been an interesting experience watching what he and his parents are going through.

  2. Transgender is either a medical condition or a mental illness. Men going into women’s areas should have a medical diagnosis and not a self referral. That needs to be fixed.

    Apart fron that, I don’t get excited about the bathroom wars. Fort Worth ISD managed to craft a policy that provides for the 10 trans kids in the district. They will have access to a single user restroom and shower facilities when other kids aren’t around.

    We can discuss what transgender is. But we must treat these people gently, with kindness. Their suicide rates suggest terrible confusion and suffering. They are God’s broken children and need His love that we can bring.

    Our school policy passed despite the interference of the Lt. Gov, whose appetite for attention is impressive. My point is this: the politicians, the media, and the advocates need to be pushed away, and we need to focus on the trans people.

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