They’re Opening an Abortion Clinic Next to My Parish Church

They’re Opening an Abortion Clinic Next to My Parish Church August 24, 2016

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons, public domain
Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons, public domain

An abortion clinic is opening just a couple of blocks from my church. I wrote about it for the National Catholic Register.

An abortion clinic is opening two blocks from the parish where I go to encounter the Risen Lord in the Holy Eucharist.

Parents will drive the children who attend our parish school past the abortion clinic on their way to class. will drive past the abortion clinic on my way to Mass, as will most of my fellow parishioners. Our parish priests will sleep in a rectory that is a stone’s throw from a place where children die horribly and in great numbers.

This, like just about everything else in the larger world, is all fresh news to me. Everything that was happening outside my circle of illness slipped past me in the long period when I was underwater with cancer and its treatment. I didn’t know much about one of our candidates for president. Then I woke up to discover things that left me aghast and demoralized by the Sophie’s Choice that is forced upon us.

Ditto for this abortion clinic. It happened without me knowing about it. I didn’t watch or read the news during that long convalescence. Once in a while a mass murder would break through to my awareness, but I remained blissfully unaware of the imposition by the laws of commerce of this mass murder on the doorstep of my own church home.

Now that I am aware, my primary fear is that the parish will be overcome by the evil. The satanic influences in our society today have become ubiquitous. They have infected and even taken over some of major social and cultural interactions and events. (Read the rest here.)

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19 responses to “They’re Opening an Abortion Clinic Next to My Parish Church”

  1. Is the clinic only for that purpose or is it a clinic that offers women’s health services too?

  2. I put this on Facebook- but if I may, I’ll post it here, too.

    In the 1890s, our cathedral was across the street from a bawdy house. The cathedral is still there. A gay bar was across from my parish for awhile, but it’s a mother’s milk depository now. God will deal with your situation. In fact, for my money, the only place better for the abortion clinic would be across from the front of your parish. Everyone sees everyone, and the love coming out of the parish church may do miracles you’ll never see.

  3. I believe it’s only for abortion. I read in a local paper that the clinic owner plans to fly docs in from around the country to do the abortions.

  4. Flying doctors in from around the country? How stable a clinic is that? Sounds like a bad movie plot. I’m sorry that it is opening so close to your church. No secret that I’m pro-choice before the end of the 3rd month, but I’m not sure I’d trust a place that had to fly in doctors to do this, not have a regular “staff”. Poor choice of locations, but obviously the owner wasn’t concerned with the feelings of those around the building. Perhaps the knowledge that your church is there will help some women change their minds—or hopefully the clinic will offer alternatives so that fewer procedures will be performed.

  5. I’ve read that the owners of the clinic also own other clinics in Kansas. The woman who appears to be the primary owner (based on news stories) indicated that she routinely flies in doctors to do abortions. I doubt very much that they will do anything to discourage their customers from going through with abortions once they get there, including offering alternatives. I passed a bill when I was in office that requires clinic owners to give women written notice of the alternatives (including organizations where they can go.) This is a pamphlet. But I imagine that this is all they will do, if they actually follow through and do that much.

  6. How does one run a business without a permanent staff? That just seems strange. I sincerely hope they follow the law about giving women written notice of the alternatives and organizations they can go to get help. (good for you getting the bill passed!!!!). Unfortunately I have to agree with you that they will not do anything to discourage the women. Sounds like they are in it for the “money”. That makes me very sad.

  7. Abortionists are, in the end, only interested in two things…performing abortions and making money. They are not interested in alternatives to abortion, because people might utilize those alternatives and not have abortions.

    I know that as someone who was once radically on the other side of the argument, you know this on some level, Rebecca…

    But there is also the other side to this…you are right about the possibility of Satan using this to get good Christians to use evil means to end this evil, buying into the age-old lie that the ends justify the means…

    Just like many of the abortionists have deluded themselves into believing that there is right in what they do….

    Oh, that abortuary has been put there purposefully…..

  8. It is a common practice for abortion providers to fly doctors around. I have read that it is partly for the safety of the staff. They face many threats to them and their families. Also there isn’t enough business to keep doctors busy 5 days a week at each location.

  9. So I offered you what I think is a reasonable suggestion in response to your dilemma: to ensure that the clinic has counselors on their staff to provide assistance to those who decide to keep their pregnancy.

    There is a precedent for it, set by Planned Parenthood no less. By their own ideology of being in favor of “choice”, they would be obligated to provide these counseling services on demand.

    Yes, talking about this portrays abortion providers in a better light. But isn’t this the kind of thing you’d want to spread far and wide? To make sure that everybody knows that its never too late and that even the abortion clinics themselves (should) have staff on hand specifically for the eventuality of people changing their mind?

    At this point I have to ask, what is the priority? To demonize abortion providers or to reach out to people you wouldn’t be able to otherwise?

  10. You quoted extensively from another blog giving a testimonial for Planned Parenthood. This blog is not a forum for second-hand testimonials for that organization. You are, however, free to discuss the whole issue. It has been done on this blog, including by people who support Planned Parenthood many times.

  11. Okay, fair enough. Oh and about the whole proximity to your church thing? I wouldn’t read too much into it. Demographics being what they are, odds are any viable location would end up being close to some church or another.

  12. Thank you for this article. I moved to a new place with a Planned Parenthood referral center across the street to the East. There’s also a Catholic Church, one block away from the apartment, to the West. I’m sort of sandwiched. I go to daily Mass and Adoration as much as I can.

  13. Blessings, my friend. Daily mass, adoration, daily Rosary, read the Bible each day, and go to confession often. This held me together when I was a pro life Democratic elected official. I think it’s the only way to survive being under attack for your faith, and these abortion clinics placed this way, do put us in the line of attack.

  14. Just an observation with 3 questions. You say you’re pro-choice before the end of the 3rd month, is there anything that would indicate a human life is not present before that and if not, what? Would you think an excited woman finding out she was pregnant before the 3rd month was a little, you know, whacked, thinking she’s carrying another human life within her womb? Knowing there’s a Church near wouldn’t change your mind, would it? My inquiry is not meant to be facetious, just trying to understand better, thanks.

  15. Perhaps it will help knowing all who associate in one form or another with the abortion clinic will have the experience of having to gaze upon a Catholic Church, hourly. I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers for a steady recovery.

  16. First, I’m not by any means promoting abortions. I most certainly wish that a pregnancy be carried to term, and if the woman/girl can’t or chooses to not keep the baby, put it up for adoption. Today a woman doesn’t have to wait to see if she is pregnant for one or two missed periods, like I did. Would I think a woman is whacked because she thinks she is carrying another human life? Of course not. There is always the question of “when does life begin?” That is a whole other subject. IMO, a woman/girl should always have a choice, but again, IMO, that decision should be able to be made before the end of the 3rd month. IMO, once again, there are sometimes circumstances such as rape and incest that to me should always have the option to terminate or not. By no means should it ever be an easy decision. The women I have known (and a couple were family members) have never regretted terminating a pregnancy. One had gotten ill with an illness known to cause serious birth defects. She got pregnant a few years later and had another child, her 3rd. Knowing there was a church near by probably wouldn’t change my mind, but then I personally never had to make the decision. My husband and I planned and had our 2 children. We made sure there wasn’t another pregnancy. I have no problem with your inquiry.

  17. As a side note, Fort Worth has a very robust public health system. There’s a central hospital with an ER, urgent care, and the usual specialities. We have a free-standing women’s clinic and cancer center, plus several regional clinics around the county. The result is that Planned Parenthood has closed its clinics, except for their abortion site.

    The point is that to really knock PP back, make sure women can get the services they need through more reputable sources. Not to mention that public health facilities are the last line of services that ensure universal healthcare.