Trump is Unfit to Lead America

Trump is Unfit to Lead America August 16, 2016
Is Vladimir Putin helping Donald Trump win the race for President of the United States? This caricature of Donald Trump was adapted from Creative Commons licensed images from Michael Vadon's flickr photostream. This caricature of Vladimir Putin was adapted from a Creative Commons licensed photo from the Russian Presidential Press and Information Office available via Wikimedia. This background was adapted from a Creative Commons licensed photo from Jeff Ruane's Flickr photostream. The Russian symbol was adapted from a photo in the public domain available via Wikimedia. This bodies were adapted from a Creative Commons licensed photo from The U.S. Army's Flickr photo stream. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license. Source:
Is Vladimir Putin helping Donald Trump win the race for President of the United States?
Photo Source:  Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license. Source:


The New York times broke a story yesterday that fits the pieces of Donald Trump’s bizarre foreign policy together. It also makes this election about a lot more than issues. It raises an ugly and unthinkable question: Is Mr Trump a Manchurian candidate of sorts?

Let’s talk background. What “pieces” am I referring to?

1. Mr Trump fired the campaign manager who had brought him successfully through the primaries and replaced him with a “professional” campaign manager of the right. This new campaign manager has a well-known background of working for campaigns in the Ukraine.

2. Mr Trump has said that he will truncate our NATO allegiances in favor of allying this country with President Putin and the Russians. Think about that: He’s talking about changing our historic alliances with Great Britain, France, Germany and Italy, and switching — willy-nilly — to allying this country with Russia, presumably at least somewhat against our former allies.

3. He’s blathered so much about his favorable feelings for President Putin that the press has talked about a “bromance” between the two men.

4. Now, according to yesterday’s New York Times article, he fired the campaign manager who successfully brought him to the nomination and replaced him with one of the most dubious of political hacks, who, it turns out, may have been given millions of dollars in cash from — you guessed it — the Russians.

I’ve been appalled ever since I first read about it about his his constant hinting at an incestuous relationship with his daughter, the fact that he put his wife in porn photo shoots, and the way he talks about women.

Christians need to be very careful about endorsing Mr Trump. Other people judge Jesus by the things we do and say, and they will inevitably conclude that our faith is worthless if we excuse behavior like this for political expediency.

There are certain levels of misogyny that Christians can not align themselves with, even indirectly and for what seem to be noble reasons such as the right to life. If they do so, they destroy the integrity of their witness for Christ and besmirch the causes they hold dear.

A man who hints at incest with his daughter and who puts his wife in porn photo shoots and who talks about women the way Mr Trump does has to be an example of one of them. His behavior is anti-Christ and we may not condone it, even indirectly.

Having said that, I want to go back to the points I made about Mr Trump’s foreign policy ideas and his campaign manager’s possible money ties to Putin. The question which comes to mind is simple and straightforward: Did Mr Trump sell this country out to Putin? Is he a Manchurian candidate?

If this story turns out to be true, it raises questions that are even uglier than the questions about Mr Trump’s hatred of women and use of them as sexual things. It raises questions that are worse (if such a thing is possible) than the degradation this nation will suffer if we elect a president who jokes about incest with his daughter and has put his wife in porn photo shoots. The question is, quite simply, is he a traitor to this country?

Is he talking about changing our foreign policy in draconian ways to the harm of this nation because of some nefarious money connection between him and the Russian leadership?

I want to emphasize that I don’t know that this is true. But the story in the New York Times, if it turns out to be true, points toward that being a possible explanation of Mr Trump’s outlandish foreign policy ideas, as well as his “bromance” with President Putin.

I do know that Mr Trump is not only unfit for the presidency, he is unfit for the endorsement or support of any Christian organization. I include in that organizations that are not specifically Christian but which hold Christian ideals.

I understand what I am saying. I know full well the debacle many of our causes face if Secretary Clinton wins this election.

But I am an American. From the top of my fuzzy hair, to the soles of my Okie feet, I love this country.

Mr Trump is unfit at any level to lead America.


Note: This post originally contained references to lawsuits filed against Mr Trump alleging that he held sex parties with teen-aged girls. A Public Catholic reader brought this story to my attention, calling that into question. For that reason, I removed references to the articles I had read from this post.

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56 responses to “Trump is Unfit to Lead America”

  1. I live in Illinois. Since Mrs. Clinton will win Illinois with no problem, I am not voting for either major candidate. I don’t know whether I’ll write in or vote third-party, but I won’t vote for either of them.

    But if I lived in a swing state where there was a risk of Mr. Trump winning, I think I’d feel obligated to vote for Mrs. Clinton, as much as I don’t like her and as wrong as she is on abortion and so much else. I believe Mr. Trump is the very definition of Pope Benedict XVI’s “proportionate reasons” for voting for someone who is pro-choice.

  2. A number of other points.
    1) Melania Knaus is only Trump’s “wife” if we ignore Catholic categories. She is the third tall, leggy, blonde woman whom he has engaged for sexual companionship and the potential production of heirs, the first two having been dismissed with appropriate pay-offs when he grew tired of them. This is not marriage, it is long-term prostitution. While common among the very rich of our time, it cannot be said to have anything to do with family values.
    2) Trump is not only morally unfit to lead, he is technically a disaster in waiting. He is not even a particularly good businessman – four bankruptcies, umpteen lawsuits and the fact that he even failed at the casino business, where the odds are literally stacked towards the house, do not suggest that all that we hear about his great success should be taken at face value. One thing I would like to see is whether his tax returns even show that he is a billionaire at all, or in positive terms. But even so, Berlusconi was a much better businessman than he was, and I am certain that he is a much richer man. He was consistently successful in three separate fields, construction, professional sports, and television; and his entrance into politics was not, like Trump’s, a homage to his own ego, but the almost inevitable result of the collapse of the governing parties in Italy. Someone had to lead the centrist voters, and he was the only personality of some stature left with the ability and appetite for the task. And even so, Berlusconi was a disaster for the country, as bad as a lost war. The skills of the boardroom and the sales room don’t transfer to politics. Berlusconi could never draft a sensible legislative program, he was blackmailed by his allies rather than keeping them in line, and he was able neither to squash nor to square his enemies. Seventeen years of impotent drift is the basic summary of his time as Prime Minister. Trump would be worse.

  3. I could not agree with you more. The problem is that Hillary is no better. I think each of us has to face our conscience and make a personal discernment. I won’t vote for either.

  4. The choice is between Clinton and Trump. Clinton will give us as many pro-abortion Supreme Court justices as she can. Trump may not. That is enough for me. That is enough for me even given the very many lame and well-stretched disquallifiers you aver. Trump. Trump. Trump. The best candidate for Catholics.

  5. Really? Innuendo, by the NYT is your go to. Doesn’t matter, your mind was made up from the get go. I read it in The Enquirer.

  6. I think HRC is going to win in the biggest landslide we’ve ever seen.

    In my opinion Donald Trump started all this for free advertising of his brand. I don’t think he ever dreamed it would go this far.

  7. Good idea, let’s let Hillary and her abusive, lying husband back into the White House. Let’s reward their bad behavior and hand the presidency over to them. Your’re a Catholic? I kind of remember being taught the 10 Commandments as a Catholic School pupil. Hillary and Bill: Thow shalt not lie, shalt not steal, shalt not covet thy neighbors wife? Actually the only two they are good on is 5 & 6. And by the way she did a bang up job selling uranium to our Russian foes, read THIS NYT article “Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal” April 23, 2015. Hmmmmmm…..

  8. I know. I think we’re going to have to look past this election a bit and decide what we should do to be more effective for our causes. One thing is clear for those who are willing to look at things honestly: What we’ve been doing hasn’t worked out so well.

  9. I’m right there with you. I’m going to talk a lot more about how we need to win this fight in the long run, instead of focusing on this election. I think that’s our mountaintop.

  10. I’m going to let this go … mainly because I feel your pain. But Public Catholic is not a forum for this kind of nastiness. You need to learn to avoid name-calling and attacking individuals if you want to comment on this blog. Talk about the issues.

    Also, I think it’s past time for Christians to stop letting themselves be drawn into the sewer alongside politicos. Try expressing yourself intelligently and without getting personal and ugly.

  11. Hillary has this election bought, paid for, and giftwrapped, and has had for years. I anticipate the voter fraud is going to be unprecedented. I even expect my own parents will be on record as voting for her — although Mom was a Republican and Daddy was a pro-military life member of the NRA who would never have supported a Clinton — Oh, and they died in ’91, in case that part of it wasn’t clear.

    This is the election where we (1) use our vote as our voice, raised in protest of the political status quo. Donald Trump’s “candidacy” is the product of a do-nothing, promise-breaking GOP (2) which is dead on the table, now, and so we are going to be building up its successor and giving that now-minor party some serious traction . Don’t turn your nose up at the idea; the GOP did very poorly in its first general election, too.

    The thing is to vote intelligently and with a clear eye toward the future.

  12. There you go, presuming Trump will keep his promises. When he has already thrown the army, navy, veterans, firemen, the entire RNC, and his own marriages under the bus.
    We must look past the emotional responses to the con men who are experts in manipulating us, and decide what is really important as a nation.
    I am sorry for your heresy. Trump is not a Messiah. There is only One to whom we may render worship, and Trump is not Him.

  13. While I seriously doubt it would be possible to restructure the current political mess in less than a generation, it is very true that unless the work is begun, it will never be accomplished, not in 40 years, not ever.

  14. “It’s also why I say that no Christian can endorse Mr Trump.” And the polling findings are that Trump’s support is weak among Christians, but broad among those who are indifferent to Christianity or are on the fringes.
    I will dare to go further. In my view, if a person supports Trump, they are either very ignorant of Christ, or they do not follow Him.

  15. So calling Mr Trump incestuous, a purveyor of pornography, and a possible child molester isn’t personal. Wow ! I’d hate to see what you have to say when you do get personal.
    I would say if you want to write on this blog YOU should obey your own rules and drop the “nastiness”, “name calling” and “attacking of individuals”. BTW, did you read the article I suggested re: Russian Uranium ? Might enlighten you just a bit.

  16. Well … actually … what I did was provide links (there are dozens more) to Mr Trump bragging about how he wanted to “date” his daughter, about how Mr Trump pushed a magazine to take and publish porn photos of his wife, and about how Mr Trump has been sued — twice — for using thirteen year old girls at sex parties with other men, one of whom has been convicted of doing just exactly this. Also provided links to articles from reputable news sources discussing Mr Trump’s ideas about deep-sixing NATO in favor of an alliance with Putin, and what appear to be financial pay-offs to Mr Trump’s campaign manager from the Russians.

    That’s not name calling, It’s a recitation of what Mr Trump has said about himself, court cases, the reveals of reliable witnesses, and reportage of documents of the Ukraine’s political system.

    No, I haven’t read your article.

  17. Both are unfit to lead the country. But the evils we have to face won’t wait until 2020. So we have a supporter of intrinsic evil, an incompetent, and a bunch of minor parties who say “We can be more extreme than the majors”, and we have to try to limit evil.

    I’m undecided, but I must say I have problems with your claim that “no Christian can endorse Mr Trump.” There are Catholics I also respect (including priests who have ministries that defended life) who take the opposite view of you on where the way to limit evil lies. That indicates what a horrible choice we have in 2016. Even Archbishop Chaput has said he has not decided how he will vote.

  18. Thank you.

    As an Australian who has spent a good deal of time in America (though not since 2012), who loves America, and who has close American friends, I have been increasingly aghast at the Trumpophilia or rather Trumpomania prominent among leading American Christians in general and among leading American Catholics in particular. Obviously I shall not name names; we all know who they are. But I was beginning to wonder if the entire nation had been turned into Pod People.

    So I am grateful that at least you, Rebecca Hamilton, are able to write things like “There are certain levels of misogyny that Christians can not align themselves with, even indirectly and for what seem to be noble reasons such as the right to life. If they do so, they destroy the integrity of their witness for Christ and besmirch the causes they hold dear. A man who hints at incest with his daughter and who puts his wife in porn photo shoots and who talks about women the way Mr Trump does has to be an example of one of them. His behavior is anti-Christ and we may not condone it, even indirectly.” True. Yet how seldom is this pointed out!

  19. Trump will start wars to prove his manhood, kill the families of terrorists, carpet-bomb the Middle East, and make life even harder for those of us not in the 1 percent (or even 0.01 percent), not least of all our children and our unborn.

    How bloodthirsty does a “pro-life” politician have to be before conservative Catholics say “enough is enough”?

    Before you realize that you *have* to vote for Hillary?

    But of course that’s impossible, right? Even though her policies would result in fewer innocent lives lost? And fewer abortions?

    Conservative Catholics might love Jesus, and might love the unborn . . . but that love is overridden by the vicious, seething, all-consuming Hatred of Hillary.

    At least that is the picture I get from reading these comments.

  20. He is a Manchurian Candidate- but Putin is not who has his ultimate loyalty, but rather Hillary Clinton. Who is also unfit to lead.

    I fear it will cause a civil war if either is elected. The first shots in that civil war have already been fired between the police and the Black Lives Matter protesters. The violence is already ramping up- and rather than trying to quiet it, both sides are encouraging the violence.

  21. There was a little discussion about this at the beginning of the primary season. Its a ridiculous notion but it makes sense!

  22. As fun a notion as this is, it requires a little bit of willing suspension of disbelief. Remember, no one predicted when Mr. Trump entered the race that he’d win the primary. So if Mrs. Clinton did such a thing, it would have required foresight that virtually no one else had.

  23. Yes, this is the ultimate test of just voting for anyone who claims to be against abortion. I don’t think anyone when they were laying out hypothetical situations on how to vote ever saw this disaster coming. It was always with the concept, at least in my mind, that everything was fairly equal in terms of candidates. The only thing equal in this election is that both candidates are horrible.

  24. I’m reading a book about Evel Kinevel and he was just some guy who did jumps on small local auto shows and crash up derbies. In order to get publicity he started telling people he was going to jump over the fountains of Caesar’s Palace. This was absurd he just said it to get people to pay attention to him. He became so famous that he actually got the chance. An hour before the show he took the owner of the Palace to the side and told him he can’t do the stunt. The owner became furious and threatened him so he got on his bike, jumped over the fountains and landed in a heap. Fortunately, he survived but every time I see Trump talking he looks like he’s supposed to jump the fountain and knows it won’t end well.

  25. I’ve done a lot of soul searching lately about this election and when I look in my heart I can see that I’ve replaced God with politics in many areas of my life. I’ve put my faith and hope of the future in politicians instead of God. Unfortunately, with any sin it has consequences and it has come in the form of this election. I won’t bother going over why both these candidates are so awful but I would recommend spending some time in prayer to see where God could be directing us in the future. For the present I’m going to hand this over to God and pray for some type of guidance in how I should move forward as a Catholic voter. It’s been my experience that when I really hand a situation over to God, no matter how bad it looks, he always comes through and many times it’s the least expected outcome.
    More important than this election is Rebeca’s health. I’m glad that God gave you the strength to post this and I will continue to pray for many, many more postings in the future.

  26. Beautiful comment Ken, and thank you. This election is being run by the devil. I’m certain of it. People who try to deal with the great evils coming at us from both parties through their own understanding and their own righteousness are easy pickings for the enemy. They become self-righteous, mean, hateful and irrational; two-legged “christian” weapons satan uses to drive people way from Christ. But people who approach it with your attitude of humility and trust before Christ are beyond satan’s reach. Wrap yourself in the Holy Spirit and trust Jesus. That’s the only way.

  27. I have nothing negative to say about anyone who has made a different discernment, but for me, I will not only be voting for Mrs. Clinton but volunteering with her campaign. As a volunteer, I intend to be a witness to other volunteers and campaign staff as to the fact I am supporting her because of certain values and in spite of certain other values. I think that witness is far more important than a single vote for or against.

  28. It has been disheartening as hell to watch long time friends and family who are normally as faithful Catholics as anyone fall behind Trump purely on abortion, or in other cases, behind Hilary on other issues.
    No hemming or hawing about it, it’s just they’ve always voted that party line or another because of their faith and they simply cannot stop and think through what they’re proposing or use any critical thinking to process exactly who and what these candidates represent.

    It’s done a number on my faith life.

  29. I know how you feel it’s been very frustrating on many levels. I’ll pray for you and please pray for our country. If just the two of us pray to God for this election God can do something amazing. The only thing that we can’t do is give up. If we do that God can’t do anything. Please don’t give in to despair.

  30. Most people don’t think carefully about the issues. They just choose sides based on who they’d rather hang out with.

  31. Questions for those supporting Trump purely on the issue of abortion (and I speak as someone who is neither from the USA or a Catholic, but is very definitely pro-life):
    1. Is it at all likely that Trump will successfully prevent all or substantially all abortions in the US if he wins, given there have been a whole string of better and more reliably pro-life Republican Presidents before him who have failed to do anything material on this issue at all?
    2. Assuming, as experience suggests is the case, Trump wouldn’t (or couldn’t) isn’t abortion going to remain legal (or broadly so) in the US whichever candidate gets in?
    3. So isn’t voting Trump just futilely making a point to show yourself you kind of tried?
    4. That being the case would it not be better to vote for the candidate most likely to reduce abortions in other ways?
    For example you could ask which candidates policies are likely to leave fewer families in poverty, which do most to help women with pregnancy and childcare, which make it easier to support the extra mouth, which protect women in employment from losing their job through pregnancy, which improve education which leads to fewer unplanned pregnancies.
    A useful thought – the abortion rate in Western Europe is half that in the US, despite often quite liberal abortion laws, and the Netherlands (through such policies) has one if the lowest rates of abortion in the world despite some of the laxist abortion laws, whereas some countries where it is banned have some of the highest. There is more than one way to skin a cat, as they say.

  32. Thoughts on this election: 1) Pray the rosary daily for this country. 2) If you believe as I do that neither of the major party candidates is fit to govern, check out the American Solidarity Party. Its platform is based on Catholic Social Teaching on all the issues. It’s not going to win this election, but if it makes a strong showing that will help in the future. Both major parties are disintegrating, and we need to do our best to see that replacement parties will support what we believe. 3) Be sure to vote for the other races on the ballot. We need to have strong Representatives and Senators to stand up for the country regardless of which of these candidates becomes President. 4) Pray even more.

  33. As usual, Rebecca, you have hit the nail directly on its head! First I was amazed that he turned out to be the GOP candidate to begin with, as I had been totally turned off by his first “debate”. (never was a “fan” of his to begin with). It continues to amaze me that anyone at all supports him. He is a very scary person, and the thought of him in the Oval office is something I do not like contemplating. I think the world is as stunned as we are that he is the GOP candidate. (except Russia perhaps?)

  34. It takes a special filter to see an anti- Trump article and comment thread as an anti- Hillary screed. The consensus here is pretty much that neither candidate is fit to lead, but the focus is on Trump.

    There’s no “hatred” for Hillary. I don’t hate her. I do believe her actions disqualify her and that if the Rs had sent in any other candidate, she would lose.

    Nevertheless, this is about Trump, not Hillary.

  35. The party supports the right to life from conception until natural death, the definition of marriage as between one man and one woman, providing help to members of the community when they need it, a single payer health system run by the states, subsidiarity and distributism.

  36. I believe he said his daughter has a nice figure – and that if she wasn’t his daughter, he would maybe date her….there is a difference. Neither of which do I care to think about – but you should be more careful with your posting.

  37. He said his daughter had a “great body” and that if she wasn’t his daughter, he’d “date” her. Normal men don’t say things like that. They certainly don’t say them over and over and over. He was implying an incestuous interest in his own daughter, and he wasn’t joking about it. Reminds me of Woody Allen.

  38. I don’t disagree with you – it gives me the willies. But there is no need here to misstate…he did not say “how he wished he could date” his daughter. Likewise I do not know that he was ever accused or sued for having sexual relations with a minor (which is a criminal, not a civil matter). I completely agree Mr. Trump has very serious character faults – I would never vote for him – but accuracy still matters.

  39. He was accused of sex parties with thirteen year old girls. I deleted it after I learned that court cases about this didn’t move in the courts. As for the question of how he wished he could date his daughter, what I said was accurate and can be verified over and over again. He said how he would like to date her (always with the caveat “if she wasn’t my daughter”) so many times in so many forums that there’s no legitimate way to deny it. In my experience, and I’ve had quite a lot of it from a professional perspective, men who do things like this are bad, bad news. He said it. And he’s said it repetitively, on television, in interviews to various publications and just about anybody with the stomach to listen and stupidity to let him say it and not tell him to shut his vile mouth.

    It is my opinion that he meant it and everything it implies. I can have an opinion without that opinion being a provable fact. That’s why it’s called an opinion. I have no idea why anyone would defend Mr Trump’s personal sexual morals. I don’t know if it’s because they can’t tolerate the thought that a man like this might end up president, or if it they have problems of their own (not talking about you or anyone specific) or what. If he is elected, there may be a lot of really ugly things that we have to deal with as time goes by concerning his libertine ways.

    It’s really hard for me to accept that so many Christians are so willing to accept and defend Mr Trump’s depraved behavior. I have no idea how they can do it and then turn around and claim that they believe Christian teaching really matters to them. If they vote for him because, in spite of all this, they think it’s what they must do, I understand that. Our choices in this election are demoralizing to all of us. But excuse and defend this kind of stuff and claim that it’s ok? ugh.

    If he is elected, I predict that going to bats for Mr Trump on these kinds of issues will be used to attack Christians and their fealty to Christ by Christian bashers.

  40. Seeing all the Catholics flocking to and defending Trump on the Fr. Z site makes me think that politics has become the new religion in the U.S. It’s as if people’s critical thinking skills have simply been put out to pasture in favor of simply voting for someone because they have an R or a D after their name.

  41. Donald Trump is minimally qualified to be president. He is a US Citizen by virtue of being born in the US and he is over 35. Hillary Clinton is minimally qualified as well. That is the only qualification either has.
    Hillary is a known known.
    Donald Trump is a known unknown. We know that Hillary will continue the behavior she has practiced her whole adult life. She is greedy, lies when it would be easier to tell the truth. She has no regard for the law because it does not apply to her. She has repeatedly obstructed justice and she has no moral foundation.
    Donald Trump has probably cheated in business as we know he has cheated in his private life. His morals are suspect and he is unchurched.
    I will vote for Trump because I do not think Hillary’s anatomy is important enough for me to forget that she cooperates actively in destroying the unborn with no moral compunction.
    I’m disappointed that I really cannot understand your post, Rebecca.

  42. I’m not endorsing Secretary Clinton Anne. But we need to be honest with ourselves about what Mr Trump is. Given the choice, I certainly understand how people would come to the conclusion that, bad as he is, he’s a better hope than her. But he is a moral libertine who may very well have sold this nation out to the Russians. He has hinted repeatedly at incest with his daughter, and clearly indicated that he has an incestuous interest in her; he put his wife in a pornographic photo spread having sex with another woman, and I believe there is real question about his ties to Russia which raise other questions about his loyalty to this nation.

    Vote what you think is best Anne, but don’t fall off the wagon and start trying to whitewash this man. I think he’s a monster. I also think that if he wins this election, more terrible things will come to light about him.

    As for Secretary Clinton, her pro abortion attitude is well known. I don’t delve into it for the simple reason that there’s no danger of pro life people dirtying their public persona by trying to whitewash her. They’re both liars, and greedy, btw.

    The trouble, and it’s a huge problem, is that a number of Christians are jumping the shark by trying to justify his libertine behavior, They almost always go straight to how terrible Secretary Clinton is That is certainly a reason to vote against her, even if it means voting for a monster like Mr Trump. But nothing she does justifies his behavior, or vice versa. We have a no good choices.

    After November, we’re going to be faced with a bad situation, no matter who wins.

  43. Am I the only one thinking that Donald Trump could be saying he is pro-life just to get elected? If elected I feel like its very possible he will say “haha you fools, I am the most pro-choice person around. In fact, I will make all abortions free for all. Hahahah still can’t believe people bought my hogwash”.

    It sounds snarky but I honestly don’t mean it as snarky. I think that’s a possible scenario.