Guess Who’s Coming to Our Election!!

Guess Who’s Coming to Our Election!! November 5, 2016
Photo Source: Fllckr Creative Commons by Jedimentat44
Photo Source: Fllckr Creative Commons by Jedimentat44

The American electorate has, in its concentration on the bread and circuses behavior of the two presidential the candidates and the press, pretty much ignored the single most important happening of this election campaign.

That happening is unprecedented in American history. It is also a clear and present danger to our democracy. It raises the specter of treason on the level of Benedict Arnold and a serious threat to the sovereignty of our nation and our freedoms.

The happening I am referring to is the on-going Russian interference in our election process.

I know that the behavior of the candidates, the press and most of our religious leaders would lead anyone to believe that what we are engaged in is an episode of Jerry Springer, but that is a reflection on them, not the business of a free people, choosing their government. Elections are sacred. They are the hallmark of what we are as a people and as a nation.

Elections, when viewed through the prism of direct Russian interference in the process, are as important as the soil on which we stand. This interference is an invasion of sorts, an attempt to seize control of our government and thus of our country. It is as hostile as a military invasion and has the potential to be just as destructive.

Yet We the People ignore it in favor of whatever endless dribble comes from the talking heads on whichever 24-hour news station happens to most closely reflect what we think. We are more focused on a sexting pervert’s latest outrage than we are on a direct and obvious threat to our nation that is as real as a military invasion.

There appears to be little doubt that Russia is behind the hacking of one of the political parties’ headquarters. There also appears to be little doubt that they have “probed” state election boards around the country.

Do you understand that?

A foreign power has interfered in our election in order to attempt to determine who wins. The same foreign power has been “probing” election boards in the various states in a run-up to the election. What are they going do with this ability to hack inside state election boards?

I understand that We the People have been battered into a kind of emotional and mental breakdown by the constant driving and flogging we have been subjected to by the various power brokers in this country. I also understand that supporters of these candidates have been attacked and belittled for doing what is their clear right: Choosing a candidate they believe best reflects their views and supporting that candidate.

I am absolutely appalled by the press characterizations of the people who support Mr Trump as crazy and stupid. They are neither. They are people who have just grievances which have been ignored for far too long.

They are people who have repeatedly overturned Congress from one party to the other, and who have seen that, no matter how they vote, nothing changes. They are the Americans who have paid the price for trendy social and economic tinkering. Many of them are supporting Mr Trump because they see him as the only hope they have of defending their deeply held beliefs in the sanctity of human life and our First Amendment Freedoms.

On the other hand, I am equally appalled by other characterizations of people who support Secretary Clinton as immoral monsters. They are not.

They are people, many of whom have been rejected and battered by our religious establishments to the point that they feel that God hates them. Almost all of them could be converted if we tried to do that instead of confining our interactions with them to fervently damning them to hell. Many of them are supporting Secretary Clinton, despite profound disagreements with her, for the sole reason that they see Mr Trump as a dangerous, possibly unhinged, demagogue whose election would represent a profound threat to the future of this nation.

I am equally appalled by the vacuous excuse for religious leadership we have been given in this campaign. These two candidates provide teachable moments on every single one of the Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes and the Sermon on the Mount. Instead of exercising their responsibility to teach and lead us in moral matters, most of our religious leaders have ham-handedly tried to use their severely tattered moral voice to drive the vote toward whatever candidate they favor. Instead of leading us through the deep waters, they have put their hands on the back of our heads and held us under.

All of this has contributed to the inability of We the People to sort the wheat from the chaff among the unending dirty, dirtier, dirtier-still revelations of this campaign. This campaign has not been a race to the bottom. It has been the bottom, and, due to the outrageous lack of religious leadership, Christians are wallowing there along with everyone else.

This situation is why we have been battered and bamboozled to the point that we overlook and ignore a threat as serious to our nation as the blatant and on-going actions of Russia to take control of our country by affecting the election. But ignoring it only makes it more likely to happen.

People don’t get bit by the snake they see. It is the snake that lies in the weeds unnoticed that injects its poison and kills.

We are ignoring a real and present danger to our nation. It is time we stopped flipping and flapping on the stuff and nonsense fed to us by talking heads and took the reigns of our own consciousness into our own hands. We need to stop this free-fall into blithering idiocy ourselves.

No one is going to help us. No one is going to lead us through to calm and centered thinking.

We must, each one of us on our own, do it ourselves.

I have said before and I will continue to say that following Christ is choosing sanity. The minute you take your eyes off the idols of this world and focus on Him, the fog begins to clear. We are not pawns of an outrageous fate that we cannot control. We are not little nothings that make up percentage points in polling. We are not bound to serve the whim of power brokers who own just about every word we hear and read.

We are eternal souls, made in the Likeness and Image of the living God. We are Americans who have the power to actually chose our own government. We are, of all the people on this planet, the most privileged and the most free.

Choosing Christ over the cacophony of cackling and crowing charlatans who want to influence and control us for their purposes and their gain is the single most freeing thing that anyone can do. It is sanity-making in an absolute way.

Perhaps the most difficult lesson of this campaign is that we must chose Christ on our own, without the leadership of our religious leaders. They have gone off after other gods, in search of political gain. Even though they couch their words in time-worn religiosity, their leadership is political, not moral.

They have ignored the great moral chasms of this campaign. They have not addressed the massive degradation of public morality and private understanding of moral behavior that these candidates have pushed on the people of this nation.

Our religious leaders have stood by while the amorality of this campaign has drug many Christians right down into the slimy pit along with it. In fact, many of these religious leaders have joined in and become part of the offal-slinging crowd themselves.

Meanwhile, our nation itself is facing a cyber invasion that threatens the integrity of the core activity that defines us as a democracy and that ensures our freedoms: The electoral process.

If a foreign power can use computer hacking to jack-hammer itself and its interests into our elections, then we cannot remain free. This country cannot be a sovereign nation if it is taken over by foreign interference in our elections. Any candidate or person who cooperates with this is committing treason. They are throwing our Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the blood of our fallen soldiers in the dirt.

I know that I am, once again, treading on ground that will immediately get me labeled as an advocate for one or the other of these candidates. My advice to you is to get over that. The fact that the mention of treasonous alliances with foreign powers brings this election and its candidates to mind is a symptom of just how sick this campaign has become and how horrible these two candidates are.

We are bereft of leadership, sheep without shepherds, standing on the abyss of who knows what. But we can choose to back up from the abyss and use our powerful reasoning capacities to think clearly. We can chose to follow Christ and ignore the crowd. We can chose to take a fearless look at the threat we face with this Russian invasion into our electoral process. We can demand an end to the crazy talking-headism that is not news by the simple expediency of switching them off.

We can think for ourselves. We can be sane.

It begins with one simple act.

Chose Christ.

Ignore the rest.

Chose Christ.

Your mind will clear when you do that.

If enough of us do it, we just might save both ourselves and our country.

To read the joint statement of Homeland Security and the Director of National Intelligence on Election Security about Russian hacking to interfere in our election, go here.

To read about Russian “probing” of state election boards, go here and here. Notice that this is old news. I don’t know how many more state election boards have been hacked since these stories were published.

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17 responses to “Guess Who’s Coming to Our Election!!”

  1. Like you, I live in a state that will go for Trump. I have voted my conscience and encourage people in all fora to vote theirs. But let’s face it, neither my vote nor yours has much effect on the outcome. My integrity, however, comforts me and might even help me be a better citizen.

  2. Rebecca, you may be right, but I’m having a hard time believing anything from some of the federal agencies. I do not want the federal government in charge of elections. I do not trust most presidential appointees. I do not believe many of the heads of federal agencies, what they claim or the way they do their jobs. They ignore real threats and further their own interests and pet projects. The DOJ and IRS have been more corrupted than at any time since Nixon. Homeland Security did not exist then or that would have been included in the mix.
    I don’t know what to believe about all this Russian report. I do know who has negotiated with them, let them invade other countries, kill scores of people, while making business deals with the Russian government, though.
    Fundamentally Change America comes to mind.

  3. I live in FL., which may vote Trump, but it is close at the moment. I have already voted, by mail and voted for the person I hope can get us out of the mess we are in. I don’t mind saying it wasn’t for Trump. In my voting years ( lots of them) this is the only election I can remember when things have been like they currently are. Truly sad. I will be glad when Nov. 8 has come and gone. Then we can at least not see or hear political ads any more! I mute them. Unfortunately I don’t think things will be smooth after the new President is in office, no matter which candidate wins. As for Russia? Wish I was surprised, but I’m not. I sincerely hope everyone gets out and votes—-it is a right many countries do not have.

  4. Our prayers will make a bigger difference than our votes. I’m fasting a lot these days, too. Back in Jan. I joked with a friend that my voting strategy was, “Candidate least likely to start WW III.” It doesn’t seem like a joke now.

  5. You rightly stress that the Russians are interfering in this election but conveniently forget to mention that it is in favor of Trump. The constant drumbeat of Russian-hacked Democratic e-mails designed to hurt Clinton. The refusal of Trump to show us his tax returns. The refusal of the FBI to seriously investigate Trump.

    Trump could actually be on the payroll of the Russian government, and we’d never know.

  6. I have no idea who my state will go for, and I don’t think it matters. Both major candidates are, to my mind, unfit for the office they seek. Here in Indiana we are blessed to have paper ballots, so they can always be pulled out of the machine reader and recounted. I’m much more concerned about non-existent people who are still on the voting rolls showing up to vote. Readers Digest had an interesting article in the early 70s about how Nixon sent in people to clean up Chicago’s after he was elected president, and they found, among other irregularities, a vacant lot on the site of what was supposed to be a 35 story apartment building full of registered voters. The Russians have home grown competition.

  7. It is quid pro quo. Obama and Clinton interfered in the 2011 Russian Election. We did it to them, now they are doing it to us. Let their efforts be as ineffectual as ours were.

  8. We’re at a tough pass Anne when we can’t believe anything, including a statement on something as profound as this. I understand your feelings. I believe this report because it makes sense and squares with everything else I’m seeing. There is a lot of smoke for there not to be a fire. I think the Russians are interfering in our election.

  9. According to a study about 3 years ago, I think it was Pew, but not sure, Chicago a daughter Illinois were the most corrupt in the US. Pennsylvania may be in the running as in 2012 Obama won only 14 if, I think 43 counties. In some precincts he won by 114%. So, yeah.

  10. The Clintons do have a long history of doing favors for Russian oligarchs, friends of Putin. That’s why I’m skeptical of any of this.

  11. The candidate who started WW III was Bill Clinton, or rather, he reacted to the start of WW III which was the bombing of the USS Cole. The fact that we haven’t responded adequately to WWIII is why 18 years later, we’re still in the thick of it.

  12. Agreed! My state (IL) will go to Clinton. I, too, voted my conscience and felt better than I thought I would leaving the polling place. At least I can look at myself in the mirror and sleep tonight.

  13. Clinton wants to burst the third world war (nuclear)
    Trump wants to restore friendly relations with Russia and China

  14. Folks, I just tried to approve a number of comments and I can’t get Disqus to cooperate. I also tried to published a post and that failed, too. I’ll try again later. Apologies. Rebecca