Hyde Amendment Vote on House Floor Tuesday

Hyde Amendment Vote on House Floor Tuesday January 23, 2017
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by Ron Cogswell Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by Ron Cogswell Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by

I am forwarding this alert from national Democrats for Life. Just click on the link at the bottom of the notice to ask your representative to vote “Yes!”

Contact your Representative to urge a “Yes” vote
The U.S. House of Representatives is expected to vote on the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act” this week. Pro-life Democratic Congressman Dan Lipinski co-sponsored the legislation, along with Republican Congressman Chris Smith.
The legislation will make the Hyde Amendment language permanent and ensure that taxpayer dollars are not used to pay for abortion.
We urge you to contact your representative and urge him or her to support the legislation. If you do not know who your representative is, please click here and enter your zip code to find your representative.

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8 responses to “Hyde Amendment Vote on House Floor Tuesday”

  1. Justice requires that the Hyde amendment also provide that there will be taxpayer funding of maternity medical treatment and care.

  2. I wrote her, but I know for a fact Rep Suzanne Bonamici will vote against it. A large part of my despair is living in the People’s Republic of Death, aka Oregon. When it comes to the Senate Vote, it will be the same.

  3. This bill is worse than that. It would also prevent private insurers from offering abortion coverage and deny women who choose those plans any subsidies. Making it MORE expensive for women to obtain health insurance. Completely discriminatory.
    You just need to look at Texas for how NOT to be “prolife”. It has the highest maternal death rate of industrialized nations.

  4. Where are the accompanying bills to provide for extra support for woman forced to carry unwanted pregnancies?

  5. However, no one actually knows what’s causing this. It began in 2010, nationwide, when Obamacare should have been helping. Texas is just a bit ahead of the curve, possibly because of vast rural areas and an impoverished Rio Grande valley.

  6. Good news – science has figured out the cause of pregnancy!! If one doesn’t want pregnancy, it is quite easy to avoid it. If one takes part in the act which causes pregnancy, then one must take responsibility for that.