Can You Do This?

Can You Do This? February 6, 2017
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by Long Thien
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by Long Thien

I read that anti-Pope Francis posters have appeared around Rome. I have one question for those responsible:

Can you do this?

This is a video of the Holy Father, performing an off-the-cuff exorcism while going down a receiving line. The Church has real power over satan, and that power flows through the Pope.

I can put up posters. I have put up posters. Many times.

But I can’t do this.

Can you?

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9 responses to “Can You Do This?”

      • Where in scripture does it say that the ten commandments are rigid and evil?

        What is scary is that I’m only Catholic *because* the doctrine has been rigid. If I wanted “whack a mole” theology, I’d probably be Pentecostal. Or Atheist.

        Every time the Pope attacks “the rigid” and claims that they are outside of the Kingdom of God, I get scared that the only thing the Catholic Church is good for, preservation of doctrine, is in deep trouble.

        • Ted, I’ve got to go to the doctor. When I get back, I’ll answer this for you. I understand that you have a greater need for rigidity than other people. There is nothing wrong with rigidity, and of course, the Ten Commandments are still non-negotiable. Don’t be afraid. The center, which is Christ and His Church, will hold.

  1. Can someone put up a poster to question Pope Francis? Yes, why not unless it is against the law or they leave their posters in a heap on the ground for others to dispose? People have doubts and wish to show their hearts to him and he should be welling and open to hear their concerns, he has always shown that since he was elevated. The average person can’t get an audience with the Pope to voice their concerns so this becomes their method of shouting. I’m sure if Pope Francis knows they are out there he will be willing to reach out.

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