Shark Attacked, Snake Bit, Bear Mauled: Is He Lucky or Unlucky?

Shark Attacked, Snake Bit, Bear Mauled: Is He Lucky or Unlucky? May 9, 2018

Shark attacked, snake bit, bear mauled, this guy is right to say “I don’t know if I’m luck or unlucky.” 

Evidently Dylan McWilliams puts up a good fight once the bear or shark has him in its mouth, even if his ability to avoid such situations seems a little lacking. He kicks, gouges, and otherwise discourages the beast into seeking easier prey elsewhere. 

Grizzly. Photo Source: Flickr Commons by Denali National Park and Preserve

Mr McWilliams has lived through everyone’s nightmare, times three. He was on a camping trip when he was attacked by a bear while he was sleeping. The bear drug him out of his sleeping bag by the head. McWilliams countered by punching the bear and “poling” it in the eye, which was evidently sufficient to get the bear to let go. 

Diamond Back Rattlesnake, photo source: Flickr Creative Commons by Michael Frascella

Our intrepid outdoorsman was bitten by a rattlesnake while hiking in Utah. He said the bite was “not severe” and he was only sick for a couple of days. I assume that means that the snake didn’t inject much venom with the bite. 

Tiger Shark. Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by NOAA Ocean Exploration

Then, a couple of weeks ago, he was surfing in Hawaii and was attacked by — you guessed it — a shark. Once again, he kicked the shark and discouraged it enough that it went away. He then swam for shore. The shark bite, like the snake bite before it, was relatively mild, at least considering what it could have been. 

The real irony to this story is Mr Mr McWilliams’ occupation. He’s a survival trainer. 

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