North Korea Agrees to “Work Toward Nuclear Free North Korean Peninsula”

North Korea Agrees to “Work Toward Nuclear Free North Korean Peninsula” June 12, 2018

President Trump. Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by scarybiscuits7

The America/Korea Summit came and went in a flash. The result was a letter of agreement (which was obviously mostly drafted in advance) between the two nations. So far as I can see — and this is a very quick take — what we really gained was a better relationship with North Korea.

The major benefit to the American people in this agreement is that war is now off the table. The rest of it is a letter of intent with no enforcement other than the integrity of the North Korean government. North Korea agreed to work toward a nuclear free North Korean Peninsula, but there is nothing in the agreement such as a time-table or inspections to keep them honest.

President Trump has agreed to stop military exercises in the region, which is something China has demanded for a long time. Doing this leaves our allies Taiwan and South Korea much more vulnerable to China.

I’ve read comments that the real winner in this deal is China. In addition to noting that President Trump said that America would stop military exercises in the region, these commenters have specifically referenced this tweet by President Trump in which the president says that the United States is moving to protect Chinese jobs:

President Xi of China, and I, are working together to give massive Chinese phone company, ZTE, a way to get back into business, fast. Too many jobs in China lost. Commerce Department has been instructed to get it done!

Other commenters have said that this summit was a big win for Trump, but not for the United States. I see the concerns, but I think that the fact that the summit backs us down from war makes it a win, at least for now. Whether or not it will benefit America in the long term is something that we’ll know as time goes by.

I am very cautious about the way the whole thing lines up in the larger picture. It was preceded by a historic debacle at the G7 which damaged America’s alliance with virtually all of the Western democracies. The G7 mess was a wish fulfillment dream for Putin and China. It, as well as President Trump’s touching concern for protecting Chinese jobs, takes on the overtones of an advance payment for this letter of intent with North Korea.

There’s a lot here we don’t know, but can guess, and it looks like the deal-maker made deals with Russia and China before he got to the summit. I always thought we’d have to buy an agreement, but I supposed it would be with direct American cash in the form of some sort of support for North Korea. I didn’t think it would our alliances with the Western democracies and in the South China Sea.

The summit itself saw America cozying up to the Communist and Russian dictatorships. Seen in the context of the G7 Summit, it takes on the overtones of a serious change in American policy which could have far-reaching consequences for all of us.

If you want to read the agreement letter between North Korea and America, go here.


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24 responses to “North Korea Agrees to “Work Toward Nuclear Free North Korean Peninsula””

  1. Does it really affect military exercises down as far as Taiwan? I did not read that. Given the reaction of South Korea, I presume they consider denuclearization more than makes up for reduced military exercises with the US.

  2. You may be right. There is a lot of guesswork involved in interpreting how this thing will play out. I do know that Taiwan is a big deal to China and we are the reason that they still exist. In this instance, the fact that Trump is such a liar could be a part of the tactics he employs, which is amusing in an ironic sort of way. The decision to stop military exercises was a unilateral one made by President Trump, there is nothing in the written agreement that required him to do this, although it may have been part of an unwritten agreement. If he had to give it, it was a private deal. He’s making it a shaky thing to be our ally, you know. It’s looking better to be our enemy. That has consequences. We’ll see in time.

    I came back to add that I’m not rooting for military exercises or attacking the idea that this was an off-the-record thing we gave in exchange for the written agreement. That’s the way these things are done, and my only concern about the military exercises is how far President Trump is willing to go in the future to cozy with China et al. Abandoning military exercises does not preclude military intervention at any time, and anyone with half a brain knows this. I am far more interested in the G7 mess. I am, as I said, not opposed to even-ing the playing field on trade. I think we’re being bled. But I don’t like the fisticuffs and bashing of our allies. That’s dangerous business that could have long-range repercussions, and, more to the point, it’s not necessary. I think it may have been a down payment on getting this letter of consent from N Korea, and that this is a dangerous game to play.

  3. This meeting did one thing—IMO—stopped for the moment—another war in Korea. However I can’t stand the high praise DT continues to heap on UN. However DT needs to mend the gulf he has caused between our Allies and the US. When he wants help from them, he shouldn’t be surprised if they say NO!

  4. 3 things that are being reported WAY wrong in the media about this:
    1. This wasn’t the summit. That will come later in the summer when the diplomats have a chance to meet and Kim Jung Un comes to Washington DC.
    2. This isn’t the agreement. It’s an agreement to talk about the agreement.
    3. It isn’t “denuclearize the North Korean Peninsula” it is “denuclearize the Korean Peninsula”- including SOUTH Korean disarmament.

    I heard many people criticizing President Trump for doing that last- especially since he just gave orders canceling the August War Games. But to me, it’s the best thing I’ve seen a President do for this country and for the subject of world peace since Ford pardoned Nixon.

  5. Do you know the full story behind the “save jobs in China” stance the President took?

    For any other President it would be grounds for impeachment, treason even, but its Trump so its businesses as usual.

  6. This was a fantastic first step. The famous Reagan-Gorbechev negotiations had four meetings. The first couple had almost no accomplishments. This first Trump-Kim meeting had more than the first Reagan-Gorbachev. Of course that doesn’t prove they will have the same outcome but let’s put things in perspective. What was accomplished here was a luring of North Korea into the community of nations. Kim has actually put his toe into that sea. Donald Trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize if Kim follows up with openning his country, even a little.

  7. Manny,I hope you’re kidding about DT and the Nobel Peace Prize. DT is a horrible human being, with, IMO, no redeeming qualities. This meeting with UN was for DT’s ego. Hopefully it delays for awhile a threat from NK. Talking is always good, however NK doesn’t have a reputation for keeping its agreements. What DT knows about history of that country (or anything for that matter) could be put on the head of a pin.

  8. Nope. Totally serious. And he deserves it. He personally brought this US/NK summit together. Your hatred is blurring your objectivity.

  9. Folks, please be careful with this topic and treat one another with respect. I don’t want this discussion to deteriorate.

  10. What happened is what I expected to happen when Trump said he could size up Kim within a minute of meeting him. What really happened is that Kim knew exactly who he was dealing with. Smile at Trump, make nice noises, say he was pleased to talk to Donald, and Donald gave him everything he wanted right now. Experts who have studied that so-called agreement said it was nothing that NK hadn’t promised in the past and reneged on. And Trump gave him exactly what Kim and China and Russia wanted at the moment – an end to military training with SK and other allies – and Trump and the world got nothing new. Kim also heard an American President say that he (Kim) was a wonderful leader who really, really loved his people and that Trump was HONORED to meet and talk to him. My God! What I expect a president to do when meeting with an adversary is a sober greeting acknowledging that his opponent is the head of a nation with the capacity to kill a lot of his own people and others and a serious acknowledgement, when said president talked to us, that there were enormous differences that divided them and us, but a first step had been taken to hopefully benefit everyone. Instead, we got a fanboy (Trump) who gushed at meeting his idol (Kim) who deigned to give him his hand to kiss!

  11. Manny, I’m totally serious also. I have not always liked or agreed with the leaders of this country, but in all my years of voting (and that is a lot, never missed voting) I have never had the feelings toward them as I have with this wanna-be-leader. Whether he personally brought this meeting together or not, it has accomplished nothing but giving NK just what it wanted—-UN played DT , and DT fell for it. DT fawned all over UN. IMO, that was pathetic. DT has done nothing to earn my respect or recognition as the occupant of the Oval Office. We obviously disagree, but in this country we are still able to do that.

  12. OK we disagree. My point is are you repulsed over Trump because of his personality or over his policies? Here’s a comparison: Obama put out a policy where Iran had a path to nuclearization, and the meduia loved him, and I suspect you did too. Trump has put us on a path to de-nuclearize North Korea and the same media and you are critical of him. Now it may not wwork out. North Korea is unpredictable, and Trump has acknowledged that. Do people actually sit back and think about what is actually going on or do they listen and react to media? I guess I know the answer to that.

  13. Talk is better than war, especially when nukes are involved.

    My interests are 1. No war 2. The Korean people lifted out of starvation. 3. The prison camps emptied. We are going to need to peel NK off of China and become their new BFF. Can Kim be rehabilitated? I don’t know, but some 25 million+ need us to try.

    It’s true that the summit Tuesday was,a show piece. It was the cover of a book that may end up as fiction, or as history.

  14. I am “repulsed” (as you put it well) by DT AND I do not like his policies. He seriously has no idea what he is doing and I get the impression the only thing he cares about is boosting his ego. He has no sense of the past/history either in other countries, or ours and really doesn’t care about it. His goal seems to be to undo all the good that President Obama did—on all levels. I didn’t always agree with President Obama either because no one is perfect. Yes, DT got himself a meeting with a cruel dictator—-grandstanding is DT’s “talent”, but it really didn’t accomplish anything. Other presidents had the common sense to get things worked out before hand with those diplomatically able to do so, THEN papers were signed and the leaders met to do so. It is a known fact that NK doesn’t keep their agreements. I see what is going on—TV/radio has a way of showing that, and I listen (though it is hard to do so with DT–usually mute him) to commentators etc. Our country is divided more because of DT—-the hate filled comments from not only DT but others. This is personality, I know, but DT doesn’t even pretend to think before he speaks. He is a racist, he likes powerful dictators and seems to want to act like them. How does not working with our Allies (or now perhaps former Allies) help our country? As an aside, and you probably don’t care, but for the first time in my life, I have been in 3 protest demonstrations—-because of DT. He just isn’t worthy of the office he pretends to hold.

  15. I’m going to leave this because you may not understand how this blog operates.

    Please don’t insult other commenters. Also, don’t use memes or photos to insult them. Make your case and tell us your thinking about where we’re discussing. But don’t belittle the other people who comment here.

  16. Do you think that countries don’t need assistance from other countries to keep this mixed up world running as best as it can? This planet is very small and getting smaller daily with the ability we have through the use of all our electronics. Nothing stays hidden for very long regarding incidents etc. all over the planet. Insulting and denigrating other countries that DT does almost daily doesn’t bode well for making or keeping allies.

  17. Well, that didn’t take long, did it? Love-fest is over. NK is back on the nuclear threat list! Color me NOT surprised!

  18. No surprise—but DT “made things all better” by meeting with one of his dictator hero’s.