What are the Top 5 Issues Congress Won’t Touch?

What are the Top 5 Issues Congress Won’t Touch? June 5, 2018

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So while Congress is positioning itself for the next election, what has it done about the problems of this country? Here are 5 urgent problems it has not addressed. 

What has Congress done about …

1. School safety. Remember the school shootings? What, besides yip and yap about gun control, which doesn’t address the causes of the problem, and would do nothing to keep kids safe, has Congress done about school safety? We need to keep the kids in our public schools safe. That is a public trust which the government is violating when it does not address the immediate question of how to literally and absolutely stop these shootings. 

Has Congress even so much as discussed, in a thoughtful way, measures that might ensure school safety? 


Has Congress floated ideas for legislation (other than tear at one another and posture for election about “gun control,”) to ensure school safety?


Has Congress — heaven-help-us — tried to work together in a bi-partisan fashion (you know, as if this was their job) to protect our kids?


Do you think they will?

2. The run-away Imperial Presidency. Congress created the Imperial Presidency by refusing to act on politically hot issues. It was Congressional dereliction of duty that set the Imperial Presidency in motion. 

We have a president who is evidently floating the idea that he is, in himself, the embodiment of the law, and, as such, it is impossible for him to break the law, since, after all, he is the law. 

That’s the meaning of all this blather saying that the president can’t be subpoenaed, the president can pardon himself, etc. 

However, our presidents are inaugurated, not coronated. The president is not the nation, and he is never above the law. 

Has Congress done anything to protect our democracy from the Imperial Presidency?


Do you think they will?

3. Meaningful pro life legislation. The same Congress that managed to pass a massive tax cut in a presto-chango fashion just can’t seem to pass pro life laws. 


Well because they use votes on pro life legislation as a set-up for the next election. I’m sure there are sincerely pro life people in Congress. But, based on their bill-passing behavior, most of the “pro life” people we have in Congress see abortion as a “wedge issue,” a tool to be used in elections, and not an evil they hope or want to end. 

Do you think they will pass meaningful pro life legislation?

4. Foreign influence on our elections. Has Congress passed laws to protect our elections from foreign influence? 


This is a classic case of Nero fiddling while Rome burns. Our Republic is under attack by hostile foreign powers, and the President is denying it while Congress is doing nothing. This is beyond disgraceful. It is the behavior of traitors. 

5. Direct foreign interference in our elections. Has Congress taken action to ensure that all elections in America are safe from foreign tampering?


Congress is not the Toastmaster’s Club. They do a bit more than give speeches for the cameras. Or at least they should. 

Congress is a whole separate branch of government which has been completely useless to the American people for decades. This Congressional dereliction of duty created the Imperial Presidency. 

Each succeeding president behaves a bit more like an elected dictator. The president we have now is pushing the envelope on that to the point that he is making statements that Henry VIII would have backed away from. 

Somehow, he’s moved from dictatorial statements and on into something that sounds suspiciously like claims of the divine right to rule. 

Where is Congress in all this? 

They are positioning themselves for the next election, while helping their political party position itself for the same. 

And doing nothing much else. 

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23 responses to “What are the Top 5 Issues Congress Won’t Touch?”

  1. You are the only blog at Patheos I regularly comment on anymore. The intense popup advertisements quite often use so much bandwitdth that Disqus can’t load.

    1. Not a chance. We protect our president with guns. We protect our congress with guns. We even protect our Pope with guns. We protect our school children with a sign “This is a gun-free zone” and maybe a ratio of one safety officer to 2000 students.
    2. Every President in my lifetime has been worse than the one before due to this topic. And sadly, I don’t see Donald Trump as the bottom of the barrel. When we see the courts roll over and also rubber stamp everything the President does, that’s the time to get anything that will float, head out 12 miles into the Pacific, and catch the current to a safer country like Ecuador.
    3. I’ve just about given up, because I’m convinced that the only thing that will make a difference is a constitutional amendment defining personhood, and many pro-lifers are even against that.
    4. There are two prongs to this and I’ll address the first one here. No bloody way should we be allowing people to use the Internet we built against our democracy. Freedom of speech should not include freedom of access to the internet; I say next election, let’s raise the firewalls and shut down all external to the United States internet access on Port 80.
    5. The real problem is a lack of trust in our voting machines (on one side) and in who votes (on the other). The clear answer is paper ballots and voter ID. And in #4 and #5 together, Congress is actively paying for foreign influence, whether it be by bringing in illegitimate voters of various stripes to swing a precinct, advertising on social media, or hacking voting machines, the hackers are being directly paid by the politicians who will do anything to win. The collusion is right there in Congress, and they don’t want it stopped.

  2. Here’s my quick reaction to your five issues, each number corresponds to your issue number.

    1 – There’s no consensus on what to do. Can’t pass anything without some small consensus.
    2 – That’s been going on since FDR. Wasn’t poor Herbert Hoover hounded out of office because he wasn’t assertive enough? What can be done? It’s not clear what you want to do about it.
    3 – I can swear they passed something earlier this year. Didn’t they pass something around the March in DC time?
    4 – The investigation isn’t over yet. Don’t we have to wait for that?
    5 – I thought the report was that no physical tampering was discovered. Why would they need to do anything? And aren’t election security states responsibilities?

  3. Unfortunately you are so right in your 5 things—-I’m so not happy(to put it mildly) with our current political situation. Our Federal government is in my opinion, pathetic!! I know this is redundant, but HOW did that person get in the Oval Office?? I really don’t expect an answer—-I”m just frustrated.

  4. 1. There’s no DISCUSSION on what to do. Just grandstanding on both sides and positioning for the next election about gun control. School safety? I haven’t even seen them raise the issue.

    2. I agree that the Imperial Presidency has been getting worse with each succeeding administration, but it’s being fed by the dereliction of duty of Congress. The reason the prez has so many powers, is that most of them were given to him by Congress when they didn’t want to handle a hot potato.

    3. They tried to pass the 21-week ban, but it went down — as everyone knew it would — when all but one or two Ds (can’t remember exact #) and a couple of Rs voted against it. The Point: They passed the tax cut that their money people wanted, and they could have passed this, if they had had the same motivation.

    4. Nope. You’re mixing criminal court action and legislative initiative. Two different things.

    5. Fantasyland Manny. We were attacked as a nation and our sovereignty was directly damaged, and it’s become a political football because the partisan hatred is more important to a lot of people than America itself.

  5. 1 – What’s to discuss? If there’s no consensus, and this isn’t a brand new issue, it would be a waste of time.

    2 – That has become the nature of Congress in the last hundred years. The president has the media, and so can control the issues.

    3 – Oh yes.

    4 – OK. What do you want done?

    5 – I wouldn’t call that an attack. It appears every country is playing games on the internet, including our own. This is more like espionage.

  6. Discussion is how you work to consensus. It’s also a way of looking at the problem. Ignoring the problem is — and I repeat — dereliction of duty. These are Congresspeople Manny. The governance of this nation is their job. By ignoring this, they are failing to govern.

    Also, you don’t start at consensus, ever. Not. Ever. You start with facing a problem and beginning the process of thinking, What can we do?

    In truth and in fact, they could do a great deal. In fact, they could make the schools safe. But they are ignoring their responsibilities.

    What do you think happens? Do you think ideas for solutions and consensus just ride up on a horse and present themselves? Or do you — as so many of our failed Congresspeople seem to believe — think that Congress’ only job is to “handle” legislative ideas supplied to them by special interest think-tanks?

    These people are in office because they told voters that they “wanted to make a difference” or “be an instrument for change” or something of that ilk. But what they are is do-nothing cyphers who are ignoring their responsibilities to the people they represent. You do realize that the kids in these schools are their responsibility, don’t you?

    It’s fascinating to me that Congress has been so derelict for so long that someone as intelligent as you are doesn’t understand that this is their job an they are not doing it.

  7. 2. That is a really odd attitude Manny. I don’t think you’d say that if Obama was still the president. It’s also not accurate. Congress has enormous power and can control just about anything it wants. It’s not a paper tiger except that it chooses to be. As I said about the schools, Congress is derelict in its duties. This has led to a terrible imbalance of the balance of powers, and not only between the Executive and the Legislative branches. it has also led to the Judicial branch overstepping.

    I don’t think you really get just how much power Congress has, and is refusing to use. Not by a long shot. All they do is position their political party for the next election. The country is nothing. The people they represent are nothing. It’s all positioning for the next election. That’s — here it comes again — dereliction of duty.

  8. 4. There are a number things they could do that I can think of, but probably far more than they could think of, if they actually worked together.

  9. I heard the same thing from the conservative side during the Obama years. Shut the government down was the mantra, over spending, judges, Obamacare, military spending, and a whole host of other issues. Don’t let Obama get his way; control it through the purse strings. Well who ultimately gets blamed with a government shut down? it’s almost always congress. The president has the bully pulpit and so controls the issues and the perspective. So why would Congress fight such an overwhelming opponent, especially when it’s been shown through past shut downs congress loses? It would be like charging at windmills.

    So what does congress do? They get their view inside the details of the legislation. That’s why legislation is thousands of pages long. Congress asserts its authority through control of the details. It may not make news headlines, but it’s probably a bigger impact than one realizes.

    Anyway, that’s how I see it.

  10. OK, but I think they see the possible options as all being feable. There’s no real solution that I can see here.

  11. You just don’t understand the things that Congress can do. Shutting down the government is just grandstanding. Their powers are gi-normous. I know, I spent years in a similar position on the state level.

  12. I didn’t realize that there was the feeling of learned helplessness in the face of challenges. When did Americans slip into that ? It’s not true, you know.

  13. Well this issue of crazed kids shooting up schools doesn’t seem to have a legislative solution. The schools have to identify these potential kids before they do something and even then what do you do?

  14. I didn’t mean to sound like that. Apologies. I just know what the responsibilities of Congress are, and that they are doing great harm to my country by their failure to execute them. I really love this country Manny. I know you do too.

  15. Unfortunately it can be very difficult to identify possible “shooters” in schools, among the students.

  16. Did I overlook a mention of Immigration Reform? The way we deal with undocumented immigrants, especially the DACA population, is scandalous not just for their sake, but for our best interests as well. Double that for refugees. That system is not just a scandal, but a disgrace.

  17. No apologies needed. I was serious and sincere. You know way more than me on this. I defer to your expertise.

    Plus I don’t want you to ban me too. LOL. I’m kidding. 🙂

    Peace my friend.

  18. I’m not talking about identifying potential shooters. That is a fool’s errand. It would be much more effective to institute general security controls. As I said in another comment, that would be unpopular, but it’s far better than dead kids.

  19. Manny made the comment about identifying kids with the potential for causing problem. I was trying to respond to him. I agree with you that it would be a fool’s errand.